[The Strawberry Patch, Front Room]
Creamy white panels make up the walls of this tent. Strawberry patches with plump fruit and bright green leaves have been painted randomly along the panels. In each corner strawberry and leaf shaped pillows have been placed haphazardly. Chests and boxes are scattered about with merchandise placed artfully to continue the illusion of being in a strawberry patch. You also see a dress form with some stuff on it and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the dress form you see a red and silver brocade gown with a ruby silk underskirt and an ivory satin cape with embroidered strawberries along the hem.

On the oaken chest you see a silver strawberry plant with ruby berries and green sapphire leaves and a small bowl that has green strawberry leaves painted on the whole surface and interior.

On the mahogany chest you see an ivory spidersilk wrist purse embroidered with strawberries, a pair of embroidered satin slippers with soft leather soles, a cotton apron decorated with painted bowls of strawberries and cream and a circlet of crimson glass strawberries woven through braided green ribbons.

On the brown box you see a canvas knapsack embroidered with garden implements and a strawberry-shaped backpack with vines embroidered along the straps.

On the green pillow you see a diamond-dusted cambrinth strawberry with green sapphire leaves, a delicate brushed gold anklet with dangling cambrinth strawberries, a delicate white gold anklet with dangling cambrinth strawberries and a delicate silver anklet with dangling cambrinth strawberries.