[Stained Radiance, Gods in Glass]
Thirteen stained-glass windows are carefully placed around the room, artistically arranged to catch the daylight or lamplight and to show their brilliant colors to best advantage. The subjects of the windows lend an air of solemnity -- almost of reverence -- to the shop. A prominent sign hangs on one wall. You also see a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

A prominent sign reads:
             ----- HOMEOWNERS -----
 To view the windows, just LOOK (GOD's NAME) WINDOW.
Our windows honor Kertigen, Hodierna, Meraud, Damaris,
  Everild, Truffenyi, Hav'roth, Eluned, Glythtide,
    Tamsine, Faenella, Chadatru, and Urrem'tier.
    We provide free delivery and installation
     of any window purchased from this shop.

#     Price Item
1.   150000 a stained glass Kertigen window
2.   150000 a stained glass Hodierna window
3.   150000 a stained glass Meraud window
4.   150000 a stained glass Damaris window
5.   150000 a stained glass Everild window
6.   150000 a stained glass Truffenyi window
7.   150000 a stained glass Hav'roth window
8.   150000 a stained glass Eluned window
9.   150000 a stained glass Glythtide window
10.  150000 a stained glass Tamsine window
11.  150000 a stained glass Faenella window
12.  150000 a stained glass Chadatru window
13.  150000 a stained glass Urrem'tier window

To order, type ORDER .

Within borders of rose and gold, the vivid glass of the window forms a picture of a Dwarf of heroic stature. On his wrist is a raven who peers into the sack of coins in his hands, while a welkin and a raccoon gambol at his feet. Beneath the figure is the legend "Kertigen".

A woman in a spotless white gown rides an equally unblemished unicorn through fields of grain. A cow grazes nearby, its hooves not far from where an adder waits beneath a bush. At the bottom of the window is the legend "Hodierna".

A figure cloaked in midnight black stands with one hand resting on the shoulder of an equally dark wolf. On the figure's shoulder sits a grey horned owl, and a shrew peeks out from beneath his cloak. Below is the legend "Meraud".

Is it a black panther or a god? The artist has endowed the window with a teasing ambiguity, and the face, divine or animal, looks out of black eyes without pupils or white. A barren tree in the background has a nightingale on one branch and a shrike on another. Below is the legend "Damaris".

Bits of glass in vivid blues and softer grey and silver form a triumphant warrior with a wild boar on his shield, surrounded by a band of wild youths and maidens. A rampant wolverine and a centaur stand column-like at each side of the window. At the bottom is the legend "Everild".

A fatherly figure with a look of mercy -- perhaps a Human, perhaps a Halfling -- stands in a green and gold pasture. One arm rests on the back of a stalwart ox, at whose feet a magpie and a weasel are playing. The legend below reads "Truffenyi".

Bits of violet glass add depth to the tans and ochres of a desert scene. A giant S'Kra Mur strides through the waste, and gold ore gleams where his feet have touched. A cobra, a king snake, and a viper encircle the picture, and at the bottom is the legend "Hav'roth".

Glass in every shade of blue from the palest cerulean to the deepest indigo paints the watery world where a goddess riding a dolphin stirs the waves with her hand. An albatross skims effortlessly through the sky, and below, just above the legend that reads "Eluned", swims a great grey shark.

A Halfling in royal garments is seated at a tavern table strumming a lute. He laughs at three servants, a ram, a donkey, and a coyote, who try to catch the red wine flowing endlessly from a giant keg. At the bottom of the window is the legend "Glythtide".

A hearth fire pieced from red, orange, and yellow glass lights a handsome woman seated at a spinning wheel. At her feet is a great tabby cat that looks up to a dove perched on the mantle above the hearth. The dove in turn watches a black widow spider who is spinning a thread of her own. At the bottom is the legend "Tamsine".

A slender Elven woman with brown hair and bright green eyes plucks a harp and dances at the head of a caravan of all kinds of fae -- dryads, sprites, and nyads among them. Overhead wheels an odd trio of birds: a wren, a phoenix, and a heron. The window bears the legend "Faenella" at the bottom.

A kingly man with a cloth bound over his eyes holds a sword in his right hand and an olive branch in his left. A lion at his side looks to him as a dog might to its master. A mongoose and a goshawk are pictured to either side, and at the bottom is the legend "Chadatru".

Subtle shades of red, scarlet, and crimson glass compose a vaguely edged shape that might be either god or demon. Around it a scorpion lifts its poisoned sting, an open-mouthed jackal slinks, and a vulture spreads its wings and waits. At the bottom is the legend "Urrem'tier".