[Some Things Amiss, Curio Shop]
The room is huge beyond reckoning with the tent's exterior. It is the epitome of disorganization. The impression is that of a very large pawnshop exploding on the spot, and a tent set over it to mask the mishap. All manner of curios lie scattered about. Several gaethzen spheres hover high above and provide barely adequate lighting for exploring. The center of the tent is nothing but a featureless grey mist. You also see a very large and important-looking sign, a wooden door set into the mist, a couple of bored-looking salesclerks, and a stuffed troll head with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest, out.

A large sign reads:
Please do not knock. I will invite you in when I am prepared. DO NOT ENTER UNINVITED! It's a long walk back from the Keep. Amiss.

On the troll head you see a pickled goblin canape, a milky green tidbit and a cracker spread with black gel.

Several items are rather eye-catching, including an oak barrel, a burlap sack, and a hat rack.

On the hat rack you see some rainbow striped socks and some rainbow striped hose.

[Some Things Amiss, Curio Shop]
This area of the shop is scattered with items of scholarly interest. Piles of unlabeled mouldering books make up the bulk of the merchandise. To one side of the clutter is a chipped marble pedestal, and some rumpled clothing is tossed over a wicker hamper in the corner.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast.

On the marble pedestal you see some spidery silver-rimmed spectacles, some horn-rimmed spectacles, some thin platinum spectacles and a polished silver monocle.

On the wicker hamper you see a flowing black seer's robe, a deep blue silk robe embroidered with silver constellations, an ivory scholar's robe shot with gleaming copper threads and an elegant sky-blue robe of transluscent gauze.

[Some Things Amiss, Curio Shop]
The backside of the tent is taken up by a display featuring divination tools. A couple of unpacked crates are stacked to one side of the displays. You also see a silverwood crate, a mahogany crate, a rickety ironwood table with a broken leg with some stuff on it, and a crystal display case with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

On the ironwood table you see a set of yellowed gidii bones, some grimy rat bones and a set of skeletal pirate bones.

On the display case you see some amber divination bones, some ruby-inlaid bones, some diamond-inlaid bones and some lapis-inlaid bones.

[Some Things Amiss, Curio Shop]
An assortment of clothing is the mainstay of the collection here. Most of it is moth-eaten and valueless, but several of the storage containers have offered a bit more protection. You also see an oak chest, a maple trunk, a cedar wardrobe, and a pine coatrack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

In the oak chest you see a tattered boarskin shaman's robe, a crude leather vest stitched with tiny bones and a faded cougarskin shaman's robe.

In the maple trunk you see a patchwork vest crafted from bits of colorful fabrics, a swirling colorful silken dress, a fringed gypsy scarf and a flowing black linen shirt.

In the cedar wardrobe you see an ivory cotton robe with golden embroidery and a high-collared black satin robe with a crimson hem.

On the pine coatrack you see a flowing jade sash embroidered with silver sigils, a deep crimson sash embroidered with golden sigils and an ivory white sash embroidered with copper sigils.