Sea Dragon Charm History

Kindly donated by Syrhin. You can STUDY your
charm to find out.

As you study your purple Glacian sea dragon, you can tell that it is very
delicate and very valuable, a true bit of beauty in a harsh world.

As you examine the sea dragon further, an image forms before your eyes.
Thousands, possibly millions, of sea dragons mass together in the water.
Rainbow colors flicker and flash with the waving and fluttering of their
fins. As more of the image seems to come into focus, you notice not a
single one is alike.

Below the colorful sea dragon cloud, a young Merelew girl turns to her
mother and says, "Mother, they're so beautiful -- why don't they live
forever? It doesn't seem fair." The older Merelew woman looks up at the
living rainbow, then closes her eyes before replying, "No, my dear, it
doesn't." With a smile, she raises her hands and the swirling and spiraling
plethora of colorful dragons begin to glow...

As you fall deeper into the vision, your perspective changes, and it seems
you are looking down upon the outstretched arms of a Merelew woman from a
dozen different pairs of eyes, then a hundred, then a thousand, and then a
countless number. A voice whispers into your ear a promise, a trade of a
small piece of your freedom for long life and companionship. You dive
towards the welcoming arms, and as you do, your form begins to stiffen and
change. The feeling is not at all unpleasant and the last thing you hear
before the vision vanishes is the delighted laughter of a happy child.