[The Jaal Jeraya, Sitting Pretty]
Light from a large crystal chandelier glints off the polished satinwood walls and floor. Spread throughout the showroom is an array of chairs ranging from the simple and functional to the more elaborate silk and leather pieces. A bored sales clerk sits in a comfortable-looking armchair skimming a stack of sales sheets. You also see a satinwood door.
Obvious exits: none.

#     Price Item
1.    50000 a wide-slatted red pine chair (set of 4)
2.    60000 a heart-shaped white wicker chair (set of 4)
3.    80000 a red oak straight-backed chair (set of 4)
4.   120000 a pale-skirted rosewood dining chair (set of 4)
5.   100000 a lattice-back bamboo chair (set of 4)
6.    90000 a ebony leather armchair (set of 4)
7.   110000 an ivory silk armchair (set of 4)
8.    70000 a rough-hewn spruce bench (set of 4)

To order, type ORDER .

White hearts decorate the top of each slat of this chair.

A plush red pillow sits upon the seat of this large chair.

This chair is highly polished and features a cushioned seat.

Delicate embroidery decorates the edges of this skirted chair.

A pale rose cushion rests upon the seat of this comfortable chair.

Crimson cashmere pillows make their home upon the seat of this huge armchair.

Delicate gold-beaded pillows decorate the seat of this elegant armchair.

Carved upon this bench are images of squirrels and skunks at play.