[The Jaal Jeraya, Tantalizing Tabletops]
Rich burlwood covers the walls and floor of this small area. Packed within the room are immaculate display tables of varying sorts, each bathed in the warm glow of an oil lamp. An aloof sales clerk stands to the side, allowing the quality of the wares to speak for itself. You also see a burlwood door.
Obvious exits: none.

#     Price Item
1.    25000 a handcarved pine work table
2.    50000 a silk-skirted oak dressing table
3.   120000 a felt-covered mahogany gaming table
4.    80000 an ironclad oak workbench
5.    80000 a circular ash dining table
6.    60000 a brown wicker dining table
7.   120000 a gilt-edged cherrywood card table
8.    50000 a square oak dining table
9.   100000 a marble-topped walnut dining table
10.   70000 a polished rosewood dining table

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Rough designs of hammers and nails are carved along the top of this work table.

Delicate embroidery trims the skirt in designs of flowers and butterflies.

The legs of this fine table are decorated with images of dragon's chasing knights on scrawny horses.

This fine dining table is covered by a sheer silk tablecloth.

The image of a blooming rose is woven into this decorative dining table.

You see nothing unusual.

This well-made table is covered with a bright red and white checkered tablecloth.

The legs of this table are covered with carvings of roses and vines.

Decorative placemats grace the top of this solid dining table.