Merelew II Commemmorative Gift Verbs

You gently tap your sea dragon charm on the head, causing it to wiggle its lavender fins at you.

You brush your finger gently over your sea green sea dragon charm's fins. Odd, you could swear you just heard a tiny, bubbly giggle.

Your sea green Torbisan sea dragon detaches itself and swims up for a gentle kiss, its fins lightly flutter against your cheeks. That tickles!

You give your sea dragon charm a gentle push, and it detaches itself and swims magically into the air for a moment, its fins whirring back and forth in a flurry of deep turquoise tinged sea green light before returning to its resting place.

Your sea green Torbisan sea dragon swims upwards, circling slowly in the air to display the deep turquoise veins and bright silver crescents along its chest and tail before settling back down to its resting place on your chest.

You poke at your Torbisan sea dragon charm, but it detaches itself and swims out of reach with a blurry flutter of sea green fins.

You gently rub the trunk of your Torbisan sea dragon, and the charm warms to your touch before it nuzzles your finger right back.