[Aboard the Treasure which is afloat in Molujan Harbor facing north and is moored to the west dock.]
[The S'lai Treasure, Amidships Starboard]
Several sailors sing while they work in the rigging above the deck, or work at scrubbing the deck itself. Stacked beside the gunwale are half open crates filled with ammunition to work the ship's cannons in the event of battle. You also see the Kor Mehathbado'ai, a chain pile, a dark barrel, a heavy crate and a mangonel.
Obvious paths: none.
Ship paths: forward, aft, port.
Nearby in the water you see: the Leaping Dolphin (adjacent), the Eskaith (adjacent), the north dock (at horizon: east), the west dock (adjacent), the east dock (at horizon: east).