Icemule Cottage

Christmas 2001

A Cozy Cottage
In the red wooden box Weight Attributes
some green pine incense     2500
some golden spice incense     2500
some amber musk incense     2500
some dark chocolate incense     2500
some red hollyberry incense     2500
some white vanilla incense     2500
some deep green bayberry incense     2500
some deep blue violet incense     2500
On the polished oaken shelves Weighs Holds Closes Worn
a silver-edged red leather satchel         15000
a gold-threaded white velvet satchel         15000
a red-ribboned wreath of evergreens         1000
an embroidered green velvet satchel         15000
a garland of dried red berries         400
a festive garland of holly         600
a white satin hair ribbon   N/A N/A Pin 1000
a green satin hair ribbon   N/A N/A Pin 1000
a red satin hair ribbon   N/A N/A Pin 1000
In the modwir trunk Weight Worn Attributes
some white rolton wool earmuffs       700
a red woolen muffler       400
some warm red woolen leggings       800
some warm green woolen leggings       800
a colorful striped woolen scarf       350
some red satin slippers       900
some golden satin slippers       900
some red woolen mittens       1500
some green woolen mittens       1500
In the jewelry case Weight Worn Attributes
a silver starburst pin       4500
some silver snowflake earrings       3000
a golden holly pin       4500
a string of green wooden beads       2000
some white glaes icicle earrings       3000
an emerald and opal mistletoe pin       6000
a string of sparkling glaes beads       3500
a silver ice crystal bracelet       8000
On the oaken mantel Weighs Attributes
a small silver box     1500
a tiny painted wooden penguin     2000
a small red satin box     500
a small green satin box     500
a small carved wooden box     500
a tiny carved tanik rolton     2000
a golden beeswax candle     3500
a small golden box     1500
a green pine-scented candle     3500
a small white satin box     500
a gilded red candle     3500
a snow white beeswax candle     3500
a tiny carved modwir toy rat     2000
a small carved felwood thrak     2000
a small carved haon puma     2000
On the oaken table
a mug of strong hard cider  
a mug of mulled wine  
a gooey chocolate nut brownie  
a frosted chocolate elf  
a shot of spiced rum  
a cup of sweet herbal tea  
a glass of milk  
a star-shaped caramel cookie  
On the decorated tree Spell Uses Weight Attributes
a translucent pink glaes orb 511 4     8000
a translucent rainbow glaes orb 506 6     10000
a shiny blue glaes orb 107 8     88
a pale golden crystal orb 406 8     8000
a silvery crystal orb 401 8     4000
a shiny pink orb 113 6     8000
a translucent dark blue orb 204 6     8000
a shiny green and gold orb 905 8     8000
On the decorated tree Imbeddible Mana Weight Attributes
a translucent white glaes snowflake Y       2000

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