Halloween Merchant

October 2001

A Dark Tent
In the ironwood coffin Weight Worn Attributes Cost
a flowing white sheet       1000
a pair of huge green claws       1000
a scowling troll mask       800
a whiskered cat mask       800
a gruesome ghoul mask       800
a shadowy black hood       3500
a pair of sharp red horns       500
a tangled blue wig       1200
a tattered grey shroud       1000
a disheveled grey wig       1200
some large fake pointed ears       800
a pair of polished white horns       500
a curly red wig       1200
a fuzzy rolton mask       800
a braided silver wig       1200
a pair of shiny black horns       500
a withered lich mask       800
a skin-colored skullcap       1200
In the stained oaken trunk Weight Worn Attributes Cost
a white lily corsage       1800
a blood red rose       1200
a silver-eyed black cat pendant       10000
a pair of bloodstone earrings       5000
a carved ivory skull earring       3500
a single white lily       1200
a string of jet black pearls       6000
a garland of mournblooms       4500
a dried black rose corsage       1800
In the black cauldron Weight Worn Attributes Cost
some pale green apple incense       2500
some crimson blood incense       2500
some black sulphur incense       2500
a black claw-shaped wand       4000
a necklace of bleached rat skulls       5000
some tawny cinnamon incense       2500
some orange pumpkin incense       2500
On the oaken shelf Weight Worn Attributes Cost
some tattered black leather boots       8500
some white cotton tights       500
some green and black leggings       700
some black cotton tights       500
some black silk pointy-toed slippers       1500
a wide-brimmed black felt hat       1400
a colorful patchwork felt hat       1400
In the scattered cobwebs Weight Worn Attributes Cost
a large dead fly       5000
a spiderís egg       4000
a tiny black glaes spider       2000
a tiny green glaes spider       2000
a preserved caterpillar       3400
On the rickety old table
a frosted vanilla fudge skull 135
a dark chocolate rat 125
a mug of spiced cider 100
a creamy orange pumpkin tart 100
an ornate carved black candle 3500
a slender blood-red candle 3500
a white skull-shaped candle 3500
a black licorice goblin  
a twisted black wax candle 3500

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