Sukara's Sacks and Stuff

December 2001

Sukara’s Sacks and Stuff
In the wicker basket Weighs Holds Closes Worn
a woven bamboo bag         10000
a quilted pink poke         15000
a heart-shaped haversack         10000
a finely knitted knapsack         15000
a jewel encrusted silk sack         15000
On the glass counter Weight Worn Attributes
a delicate silver holly charm       2000
a rune-etched silver wedding band       25000
a braided-gold friendship ring       10000
On the glass counter Weighs Holds Closes Worn
a fur-trimmed red velvet stocking 3 15+   Belt 20000
On the wrapped hooks Weighs Holds Closes Worn
a deeply hooded black silk cloak         30000
a diaphanous gossamer cloak         30000
a jade-clasped spidersilk cloak         30000
On the painted rack Weighs Holds Closes Worn
a sharpened goose quill         10000
a wolf skin mantle         50000
a tiger skin cloak         50000
a gnollish herb satchel         15000
a veniom threaded harness         25000
a green and blue plaid satchel         15000
a salt-stained foraging pouch         5000
a gold-etched instrument case         15000
a jade-inlaid instrument case         15000
a crystal beaded gem pouch         5000
an opal-latched lockpick case 3 5   Belt 5000
an ivory-inlaid scroll case         10000
On the silver cart Cost
an icy flute of peppermint liquor Free
a cup of strong coffee Free
a pink peppermint twist Free
a white chocolate snowman Free

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