Pinktoes' Wagon

February, 2003, October 2002, February 2002

Pinktoes Wagon
In the candy box Weight Attributes
a small chocolate locket     1000
a large chocolate heart     1000
a small chocolate key     1000
a cherry-filled chocolate heart     1000
On the veined hat hooks Weighs Holds Closes Worn
a brimmed straw hat   N/A N/A Head 10000
a yellow sun bonnet   N/A N/A Head 10000
a floppy pink checkered hat   N/A N/A Head 10000
On the gold rack Weighs Holds Closes Worn
a veniom-laced spidersilk cloak   VLA     25000
a rune-trimmed black velvet cloak   VLA     25000
a wispy silver cloak   VLA     25000
a ribbon laced brocade cloak   VLA     25000
an opal-clasped spidersilk backpack   VLA     25000
a pearl-trimmed spidersilk backpack   VLA     25000
On the white shelf Weighs Holds Closes Worn
a white wicker flower basket 5 MA   Belt 10000
a dainty pink flower basket   MA   Belt 10000
a ribbon trimmed brocade doublet   N/A N/A Pin 10000
a quilted suede vest   N/A N/A Pin 10000
a woven picnic satchel   MA   Belt 10000
a ribbon laced brocade houppelande   N/A N/A Leg 10000
a button-front velvet bodice   N/A N/A Pin 10000
On the white shelf Weighs Attributes
a tiny vial of love potion     2000
On the display case Weight Worn Attributes
a flame-cut pink dreamstone earring   Ear   5000
some opalescent pink earrings   Ears   5000
a pair of pink diamond studs   Ears   4580
On the display case Weighs Holds Closes Worn Attributes
a lace-trimmed pale pink pouch   MA   Belt   10000
a front-laced pale pink bodice 3 SA   Pin   25000
a silver-beaded pink silk skirt   N/A N/A Legs Scripted 10000
a pair of long pink silk gloves   N/A N/A Pin   1000
a delicate white lace blouse   N/A N/A Pin   10000
some silky pink sandals   N/A N/A Feet   5000
a lace-trimmed pale pink shawl   SA   Cloak   15000
On the serving cart
a glass of pink champagne  
some pink taffy  
a tiny chocolate cherub  
On the silver cart
a frosted heart-shaped cookie  
a sugar dusted pink twist  
an icy glass of pink lemonade  
a tall glass of pink love potion  
Miscellaneous Stuff Spell Uses Weight Attributes
a tiny crystal heart suspended from a silver chain 215 15   Sip  
a string of heart-shaped prayer beads 211        
a heart-shaped friendship ring       Unknown Magic  
an ebony spidersilk belt studded with slit-eyed silver serpents 919 Fair #      
Miscellaneous Stuff Weighs Holds Closes Worn Attributes
a dark spidersilk satchel emblazoned with a scaled emerald-eyed serpent   100   Shoulder Has Gem Inside  
a onyx-clasped ebony spidersilk backpack   100   Back Has Gem Inside  
a rune-etched lockpick case            
some cuffed grey suede thigh-boots laced with braided veniom         Pocketed  

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