Crimson and Silver Silk Tent

On the costume rack Weight Worn Attributes
a nappy grey kobold costume   Chest   10000
an iridescent sheer banshee costume   Chest   10000
a black forest ogre costume   Chest   10000
a winged white cockatrice costume   Chest   10000
a crimson lava golem costume   Chest   10000
a silvery ghostly pooka costume   Chest   10000
a glittering snow sprite costume   Chest   10000
a golden fairy princess costume   Chest   10000
a swashbuckling reiver costume   Chest   10000
In the accessories case Weight Worn Attributes
a toy silver wand       1000
a toy golden scepter       1000
a glistening crystal-set tiara       3000
a toy glaes-studded club       1000
a toy tin scythe       1000
a black eyepatch       1000
a ghastly ogre mask       1000
a howling reiver mask       1000
a wailing banshee mask       1000
In the accessories display Weight Worn Attributes
some gold-dyed wooden chains   Waist   1000
a crystal snowflake garland       1000
a jewel-set silvery tin toy horn   Head   3000
a fluffy fake tail       1000
On the beverage tray Cost
a tankard of bitter harvest stout Free
a stein of apple essence ale Free
a flute of silvery champagne Free
a glass of fruit-spiked wine Free
a cup of golden jasmine tea Free
On the small silver cart Cost
a warm dark chocolate brownie Free
a wedge of gooey pecan pie Free
a chewy butterscotch caramel Free
a chunk of succulent boarmeat Free
a juicy orange persimmon Free
a flaky rolton meat pie Free
a leg of fresh grilled turkey Free
a warm sticky cinnamon roll Free

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