Melusineís Wain

Icemule, January 2002

Melusineís Wain
On the square ebonwood table
a thick ginger molasses cookie  
a big piece of moist rum cake  
a hot cup of hawthorne leaf tea  
a mug of very sobering coffee  
On the dusty haon shelf Weight Worn Attributes
a shield-shaped white moonstone medallion        
a multi-gemmed quintuple ring medallion        
a glistening emerald trident medallion        
a bright yellow zircon anvil medallion        
a glimmering topaz pegasus medallion        
a fiery white opal feather medallion        
an ornate ivory dagger medallion        
a carved crysoberyl note medallion        
a grey pearl crystal ball medallion        
a carved brown zircon doe medallion        
a glossy carved onyx rose medallion        
a hammered gold sunburst medallion        
a carved carnelian lute medallion        
a flower-inlaid ruby heart medallion        
a hammered golden leaf medallion        
a silver-fisted inlaid ruby medallion        
a carved golden topaz crown medallion        
a pale yellow zircon rose medallion        
a crystal-clear amber key medallion        
a silver-edged black sword medallion        
On the ash linden display Weight Worn Attributes
a shiny silver crescent moon pendant       5000
a sickle-shaped grey pearl pendant       2000
On the gritty ebonwood counter Weight Worn Attributes
a fork-tongued emerald snake talisman       2000
an ebonwood jackalís head talisman       2000
an eight-sided silver star talisman       2000
a carved ruby stylized flame talisman       2000
a gold slitted-eye talisman       2000
a smoky quartz catís head talisman       2000
a ruby pierced heart talisman       2000
a six-tentacled obsidian star talisman       2000
a white broken skull moonstone talisman       2000
a black widow onyx spider talisman       2000
a silver-edged onyx scimitar talisman       2000
an emerald stylized wisp talisman       2000

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