River's Rest Pickle Festival

August, 2002

Moomph’s Picklesmithy
In the tall jars
a half sour pickle 110
a midget dill pickle 110
In the ceramic jugs
a spicy pickled pepper 110
some hot pickled cauliflower 140

Pickled Regalia
On the costume display Weighs Holds Closes Worn
a bumpy green leather cap         1000
a bumpy green leather vest         5000
a bumpy green leather bodice         5000
a bumpy green leather shirt         2000
a bumpy green leather belt         1000
some bumpy green leather gloves         3000
some bumpy green leather pants         4000
a bumpy green leather skirt         4000
some bumpy green leather shoes         2000
some bumpy green leather slippers         2000
On the driftwood table Weighs Holds Closes Worn
a pale blue pickle-painted gown         5000
an oversized sequined toy pickle         1500
a green glass pickle crown         3000
a green felt pickle shaped hat         1500
an enameled pickle charm necklace         2000
a hooded pickle green cloak         25000
an ivory linen pickle-painted bodice         5000
a black pickle-crested vest         5000
a red silk pickle printed skirt         4000
some silken pickle-stamped stockings         3000
a large pickle-clasped haversack         15000
a bulging green pickle pouch         10000

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