Tibbo's Exchange

January 2002

Tibbos Exchange, Workshop
On the short counter Spell Uses Weight Attributes
a mug of hot spiced rum          
some cuctucae berry juice          
an effervescent cherry elixir          
a yabathilium fruit cake          
a crisp red apple          
On the wooden shelf Imbeddible Mana Weight Attributes
an emerald encrusted crown Y       30000
On the wooden shelf Spell Uses Weight Attributes
an ivory pentagram amulet 401       10000
a grey stone pentagram amulet         20k, 410
a silver pentagram amulet         18.5k, 403
an onyx pentagram amulet         15k, 503
On the wooden table ET Attributes Weight Assessed STR/DU Base
a forked mithril dirk +5 Lightning         30000
a heavy bladed mithril dagger +5 Lightning         30000

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