Foehn’s Promise

Hunt for History, February 2003

Katrianne’s Alcove
On the silver cart Cost
a spun sugar heart Free
a crab-stuffed flounder fillet Free
a glass of rum punch Free
an icy flute of peppermint liqueur Free

Foehn’s Promise, Dining Room
On the mahogany table Cost
a dram of stout golden whiskey Free
a tankard of golden elven mead Free
a gooey chocolate brownie Free
a cup of crystal clear water Free
a glass of sparkling champagne Free
a dish of zesty lemon sorbet Free
a roasted pheasant Free
a chocolate airchip cookie Free
a slice of warm buttered bread Free

Foehn’s Promise, Lounge
On the cigar stand Cost
a slender aromatic cigar Free
a wooden match Free
a snifter of sylvan brandy Free
On the small bar Cost
a glass of elven white wine Free
a shot of whiskey Free
a cup of lightly spiced tea Free

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