Premium Festival
December 2004
Item List

This list is courtesy of Lord Pythros. All credit goes to him(except for the extra stuff I'll probably end up adding as I go like longs). Numbers correspond to my map.

[Lusila's Wagon]
Cluttered shelves and racks line the walls of this dirty, unkempt wagon. A large steel rack sits in one corner with various weaponry hanging precariously from each bent peg. Tiny mice scurry about, carrying crumbs and other treasures through a tiny hole near a shelf. You also see a dilapidated iron trunk.
Obvious exits: east, out

On the steel rack you see a blackened vultite troll-claw, a white leather ora-studded cestus, a wickedly curved vultite hook-knife, a polished vultite troll-claw, curved mithril troll-claw and a razor sharp glaes tiger-claw.

On the wood shelf you see an ebon-hafted vultite jeddart-axe, a fel-hafted etched ora halberd, a scorched mithril spear, a drakar-tipped imflass lance and a thanot-inlaid vultite lance.

In the iron trunk you see a ruby-hilted invar mace, a large imflass flanged mace, a talon-headed glaes war hammer and an oak-hafted vultite spiked mace.

[Lusila's Wagon, A Small Alcove]
Various crates lay stacked about in here, reaching almost to the ceiling of this small and dusty alcove. Oddly enough for a dwarven business, some of them bear the insignia of Ta'Vaalor, Ta'Ardenai and Ta'Loenthra. Many more have been chipped and scratched over the area where the stamp would be, leaving nothing but scarred wood. One crate has been pried open, revealing a glint of metal and gleam of polished wood inside. You also see a hastily written sign.
Obvious exits: west

In the scratched crate you see a faenor-tipped javelin, an oak-hafted vultite scythe, an etched ora voulge and a black-handled ora pike.

[A Patched Hide Tent]
Gnarled wooden tables and stag-point racks are scattered about underneath the protection of the patched hide roof of this tent. Woven garlands of dried flowers have been strung from pole to pole in an attempt at decoration. You also see a dusty corner.
Obvious exits: out

On the wooden table you see a forest green leather skirt, a patchwork tan leather skirt, some dark brown suede trousers, some olive green leather trousers, some heavy green woolen leggings, some rough tanned leather leggings, a black thrak hide vest and a tanned orc skin vest.

On the stag-point rack you see a bleached linen herb satchel, a rough dark canvas satchel, a rough green canvas satchel, a patchwork dark leather satchel, a scratched black modwir shield, a patchwork leather-covered shield and a battered thrak hide shield.

[A Dusty Corner]
A twine-tied broom rests in the corner, evidence of a failed battle against the fairground dust that covers a low wooden table and the items upon it. A sharp-eyed human boy sits behind the table, carefully polishing a bone-handled knife.
Obvious exits: out

On the low wooden table you see a small carved modwir thrak, a tiny carved oak owl figurine, a miniature wooden kobold statue, a small wooden goblin figurine, a tiny carved wooden rolton, a golden modwir puma figurine, a small painted wooden kitten and a small carved oak lion figurine.

[A Taste of the City]
Greasy smoke obscures everything in sight, but the high, cheerful voices of burghal gnomes ring from around a flickering fire and a table at the rear of the food stand. A low counter blocks customers' access to the rest of the stand, and a variety of rather dubious delicacies have been arranged across the top. A young gnomish girl with a gap-toothed grin perches on a footstool by the counter as she waits to take people's requests.
Obvious paths: out

A hazy orange glow wreathes the cooking fire from the heavy smoke rising around it. Upon close examination, most of the smoke seems to be coming not from the fire itself, but from a peculiar mechanical device hanging over the fire.

The device is suspended over the fire where a spit might normally be, and many of the long spikes sticking off the device's central rod have small animals impaled upon them. The spikes are revolving at a great rate, making it impossible to discern the details of the creatures being cooked.

Neatly stacked rows of uncooked animal corpses cover the table.

On the low counter you see an undercooked dead mud puppy, a seared dead grass snake, a heavily buttered dead toad, a charred dead pigeon, a spiced dead star-nose mole and a scorched dead crow.

Note: all items are served on a sausage bun. Yes, they're longs.

[Mummer's Tent, East Stage]
Golden silk drapes across long poles to create a large tent, a hardwood stage to the back of the area covering nearly a quarter of the packed earth that serves as its floor. Smokeless lanterns hang from several of the supports, providing illumination for the players and audience alike. You also see some wooden chairs.
Obvious exits: west, out

[Mummer's Tent]
The silken walls of the mummer's stage shimmer slightly in the reflected light of a series of glowing crystal orbs set throughout the tent. Rich velvet curtains frame a stage that rests beyond several rows of folding wooden chairs. A scattering of carnival workers stand by the tent flap leading back to the midway.
Obvious exits: east, west

[Mummer's Tent, West Stage]
Deep grey silk drapes across long poles to create another large tent, a curtained wooden stage dominating the back wall. Several rows of chairs have been set up to provide the audience with a comfortable resting place.
Obvious exits: east

[Rainbow Crystals]
Several crystal spheres hang from the ceiling, creating an illusion of rainbows about the room. In one corner of the wagon is a large pile of silver tasseled pillows surrounding an ice blue silk mat. Among the clutter are a glass case and a glass display.
Obvious exits: south, out

In the glass case you see a solid clear crystal bracelet, a linked clear crystal bracelet, a delicate faceted crystal bracelet, a sapphire blue crystal bracelet, a flawless pink crystal bracelet, a glittering crystal heart bracelet, an ice blue crystal bracelet and a linked rainbow crystal bracelet.

In the glass display you see a heart-shaped ice crystal ring, a faceted crystal ball ring, a delicate tiny crystal star ring, an etched blue crystal ring, a flawless crystal shard ring, a pink crystal heart ring and a glittering ice crystal ring.

[Rainbow Crystals]
Some silver lanterns are perched on antique end tables placed strategically about the room. Placed next to a sea blue rug is a small table with a silver-wrapped crystal ball on it. Also on the table is a deck of multi-colored cards. You also see an ornate wood chest and a silver hanging basket.

In the wood chest you see an intricate crystal ball pendant, a pink crystal pentagram pendant, an exquisite crystal star pendant, a delicate crystal rose pendant, a small crystal heart pendant and a faceted crystal sphere pendant.

In the hanging basket you see a set of pink crystal bracelets, some faceted rainbow crystal bracelets, an exquisite blue crystal bracelet, a set of thin clear crystal bracelets, a linked crystal rose bracelet and a segmented crystal bead bracelet.

[Inside a Lean-To]
An odd-looking machine rests beneath the doubtful shelter of nailed-together bits of driftwood and scrap. Sunlight filters through the cracks, providing enough illumination to read the elaborate sign that rests against it. You also see a loose tooth, an old bone and the Darkbox with an ornate sign on it.

The Darkbox holds gems and jewelry within its black depths. It also holds worthless junk and writhing creatures with sharp teeth and claws. When you take a chance at the Darkbox you might end up with a glittering bauble in your hand, or a piece of junk, or you might end up with less than you started with. It costs 100 silvers per try at the Darkbox. Simply PLAY DARKBOX to take a chance at the box.

[Praedia's Pottery, Showroom]
The sweet scent of citrus and cranberry candles fills this small room, the flickering flames reflecting off the hurricane glass sconces hung on wrought iron holders. A linen tablecloth fringed with beaded leather braids covers a corner maoral table centered under a glass shelf. Small hooks line the bottom of a linden windowsill under a multi-hued stained glass window. You also see a carved lindenwood door.
Obvious exits: out

On the maoral table you see a tanik-handled blue-green stein, a rose-ivory hued glazed stein, a multi-hued ceramic stein, a blue-grey ceramic stein, a star-etched midnight blue stein and a pale green glazed ceramic stein.

On the glass shelf you see an ivory-glazed crystal inset goblet, a star-engraved silver pedestal goblet, a blue-green glazed pedestal goblet, an ebony-glazed pedestal goblet and a vine-engraved sage green goblet.

On the windowsill you see a beaded stoneware chalice, a leaf-etched stoneware chalice, a silvered jewel-inlaid chalice and a rose-etched frosted chalice.

[Praedia's Pottery, Workshop]
Long, sheer curtains cover the open windows of this roomy workshop. Buckets of glaze in large wooden bins are lined along the windowed wall, behind a large workdesk covered with tins of paintbrushes, bottles of glaze and hand-cut stencils. Clustered on the riverstone mantle of a large kiln are tall glass jars of gemstones and rocks of many shapes and colors. Small benches are set in a semi-circle surrounding a potter's wheel. You also see a carved lindenwood door.
Obvious exits: none

A grey and ivory riverstone mantle tops this large stone kiln. Held open by a wrought iron hook, the screen is rolled back from the roughly rounded opening to reveal the fiery red-orange flames.

[Irsalla's Tent]
Discolored and somewhat tattered, the inside of the tent is not only dusty, but badly cluttered with crude-looking tools and splintered boxes. A hewn tree trunk serves a dual purpose in holding the center of the canopy in place as well as acting as a place to hang and showcase the wares for sale. A pile of flat stones serves as additional display space. You also see a rickety table with some stuff on it.

On the hewn tree trunk you see a glossy-eyed hawk mask, a fierce spiked tegu mask, a smirking wood sprite mask, a feathered snow owl mask, a sleek golden falcon mask, a mossy bendith skull mask, a shell-fringed grey leather neckpouch, a sinew-laced dark leather neckpouch, a feather trimmed leather neckpouch and a brass-studded tan leather neckpouch.

On the of flat stones you see an enameled blood eagle clasp, an embossed ivory raptor clasp, a bronzed soaring falcon clasp, a fossilized cowry shell amulet, a whittled bear claw amulet, a petrified maoral bear talisman, a brass-linked bone talisman and an obsidian crescent moon medallion.

On the rickety table you see an onyx-eyed forest trali mask, a roomy canvas foraging bag, a mottled grey polished stone pendant, a smooth amber stalking puma talisman, an opaque spiral shell amulet, a tiny pale blue crab figurine and a dappled grey suede foraging bag.

[The BlackDrake Tent]
Several BlakeDrake tables have been set up between the silken walls of the gaming tent, and a scattering of the carnival's staff mixes with the curious and the travellers at the tables. No matter whether in a merchant's silks or a tinker's homespun, all share a look of intense concentration as they bend over the dice. You also see a freshly-painted banner.
Obvious exits: out

*** The BlackDrake Tables ***

Please GO TABLE to find an empty BlackDrake table. Once you are there, you can LOOK TABLE for rules and information.

Enjoy yourself!

[A BlackDrake Table]
Stretched out before you is an elegant modwir table topped with smooth green felt, a magnificent black drake adorning it's surface. The eyes of the beast seem to be riveted upon you. Resting atop the felt, three dice of bone white ivory await your caress, their future as uncertain as yours. Behind the table stands an elegantly garbed dealer, his eyes blind and vacant. His expression remains cold while his stick flashes out to scoop up the cubes. Obvious exits: out



The rules are simple. You can KNOCK the dice to change the value of your bet. You can ROLL the dice to start a game of BlackDrake. You *must* KNOCK the table when you are done rolling. You should wait until everyone at the table has had the chance to do their first roll before KNOCKing. KNOCKing earlier can shut them off from joining that game. Possible bet values are 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 50000, 100000, 500000.

The object is to roll a total closest to 21 without going over. If you go over 21, you lose that game. On the first roll, you roll 3 8-sided dice, on the second roll you roll 2 8-sided dice, and on the third and subsequent rolls, you will roll a single 8-sided die. If you roll a RedDrake on any of the dice, you lose that game. If the dealer rolls beats your own, you lost that game.

A BlackDrake will always count as 7 on the initial roll. Thereafter the BlackDrake will count as either a 1 or a 7, whichever is more advantageous to the player. However, once you have rolled again, the value of the BlackDrake becomes fixed.

Current bet is 1000 silvers.


A BlackDrake straight (Three rolled BlackDrakes on original roll) Pays 50:1 Current Payout: 50000 silvers Beating the House Pays 2:1 Current Payout: 2000 silvers Push with the House Pays 1:1 Current Payout: 1000 silvers Two or more BlackDrakes in a winning roll Pays extra 1/5 of payout on win (Does not pay on BlackDrake Straight or a Push) One BlackDrake in a winning roll Pays extra 1/10 of payout on win (Does not pay on BlackDrake Straight or a Push)

[Griss's Grand Gear]
Rough oak planks cover the floor here, laid over bare ground in an attempt to keep the dust down. A small black oak display case sits in the center of the room, illuminated by a silver oil lamp hung from the ceiling, and an old walnut table has been placed next to the tent's main support pole. You also see a painted sign. Also here: Lescard, Czeska, Delsa Obvious exits: east, west, out

In the Common language, it reads:
Welcome to Griss's. The goods I bring you, both rare and unusual, were gathered by me in my travels about Elanthia. Don't let anyone tell you they are surplus items from town militias or armies, it's simply not so. Humbly yours - Griss

In the display case you see a polished brass oil lamp, a fragile blue glass ampulla, a delicate blue ceramic ampulla, a fragile silver glass ampulla, a fragile golden glass ampulla and a delicate yellow ceramic ampulla.

On the walnut table you see a sea green oilskin cloak, an ocean blue oilskin cloak and a black oilskin cloak.

[Griss's Armors]
Various types of light armor have been laid out on a rickety oak table and benches in this area of the pavilion. Heavy armors of different sizes hang precariously from a large rack at the far end of the tent, and an old and mildewed crate has been pushed up against the far wall. You also see a large wooden sign.

In the Common language, it reads:
The armors on the rack are of chain and plate construction. Those on the crate are of the scale variety, while those set out on the table are light armors of cloth or leather construction. All of the armors sold in my shop have been enchanted right around four times. Additionally, most of the heavier armors sold here are either lighter then what you would normally find, or stronger then usual. Mind you though, such benefit don't come cheap! - Griss

On the oak table you see some blackened wyvern-crested leathers, a tower-crested black leather tunic and some dark red silk-lined robes.

>On the metal rack you see a serpent crested invar breastplate, some golden elven chainmail, a flexible mithril-linked corselet, some black fog beetle carapace platemail and a set of red imflass field plate.

On the mildewed crate you see some black troll king hide brigandine, a roa'ter hide breastplate and some dwarven infantry armor. [Griss's Shields]
A long and rough oak table and a teetering rack filled with a variety of shields cover most of the floor space here. A small rusty forge sits in the far corner of the pavilion tent, attended by a leather bellows and quench tub. Forging hammers and various metal working tools have been laid out on a scarred wooden barrel. You also see a scarred wooden plaque.

In the Common language, it reads:
The shields sold here range from three enchants to five enchants. In addition, some of the shields are lighter or stronger then what you would normally find. Such gear does not come cheaply though! - Griss

On the oak table you see an elven cavalry shield, an emerald serpent crested pavis, a dwarven infantry shield and a Voln-crested red vultite greatshield.

On the teetering rack you see an ora-banded gold mithglin targe, a kiramon chitin target shield, a black fog beetle carapace buckler and a small tower crested vultite buckler.

[Risterka's Wares]
Wobbly wooden shutters have been pushed against the walls to be used as makeshift displays for the goods. It seems that there was no attempt at decorating, except perhaps for the length of sturdy hemp rope that hangs across the tiny space of the wagon. On a scuffed leather bench sits a white-haired female dwarf, her piercing black eyes looking over every person that wanders in. You also see a cracked mithril-bound trunk.
Obvious exits: out

On the wobbly wooden shutters you see an iron latched dark leather satchel, a talon-clasped suede shoulder pack, a burnished roan leather bag, a bone-clasped puma hide satchel, a feather and bone fringed totebag, a rugged black leather backsack and a vine-threaded canvas foraging satchel.

On the sturdy hemp rope you see a heavy wool traveler's greatcloak, some elegant supple leather armor, a matted brown bearskin tunic and a deep hooded puma fur cape.

In the mithril-bound trunk you see a heavily embossed glaes aegis, a gold riveted round imflass buckler and a tall hammered silver greatshield.

[Zinnie's Wagon, Gnomish Gear]
The wooden walls are painted bright colors and wind chimes hang from the low ceiling. Sunlight peeks through the tiny open window. The flower box on the window is loaded with flowers in full bloom. A long wooden counter lines one wall and has potted plants set around the base. A decorative screen hides one corner of the room and a straw gnome mannequin is placed against the other wall. A vultite weapon rack is placed in the center of the room with a wicker basket sitting under it. You also see a wooden half door.

On the gnome mannequin you see a fur-trimmed tawny leather quiver, a dark green front-laced bodice, some slouched bear-hide boots and some dark leather breeches.

On the wooden counter you see a elk hide thigh-quiver, an ivy-entwined tan leather quiver and a fringed black leather quiver.

On the weapon rack you see an ora-studded modwir long bow, a sleek red gnomish bow, an ivory-inlaid ash composite bow, a varnished oak composite bow and a jade-nocked maple composite bow.

[Zinnie's Wagon, Workshop]
This bright cheery room is covered with overstuffed pillows. Shelves that run from floor to the ceiling cover every wall. Books are stacked haphazardly on the shelves and on the floor. Many of the books are open or have slips of colorful paper marking spots inside their covers. A decorative painted screen hides one corner of the room. A black rabbit fur-covered pillow leans against one shelf. You also see a raffle table with some stuff on it.

On the fur-covered pillow you see an etched mithril armband, a twisted gold earcuff, a tiny black scimitar earcuff, a grey cloud pendant, a crimson lute pin, a plain onyx band, a pair of silver sickle earrings and a hanging crystal ball earring.

[Skidia's Shoes, Front Room]
Some attempt has been made to create a pleasing display of footwear, but the end result is still on the chaotic side. A wooden box has been painstakingly painted with stripes of red and gold, but the shoes inside it are jumbled randomly together. A few ribbons have been tied to a long rack on the south wall, but halfway along either the ribbons ran out or the decorator just lost interest.

In the wooden box you see some scarred sienna leather boots, some firebrick red leather boots, some oiled bronze leather boots, some bucket-top steel blue boots, some ruched green taffeta slippers, some canary ribbon-lattice slippers, some red-soled marigold suede slippers, some oak-heeled bottle-green slippers, some carnation cross-laced slippers and some sea green pebbled leather boots.

On the long rack you see some gold-edged green felt poulaines, some tooled ivory leather poulaines, some pale blue pierced leather poulaines, some round-toed silver brocade chopines, some slashed butter-yellow shoes, some green silk embroidered slippers, some ivory silk gold-stitched slippers, some coral silk bone-buttoned slippers, some plum silk flower-painted slippers and some grey silk glass-beaded slippers.

[Skidia's Shoes, Workshop]
A pile of wooden lasts spills out from under the rough-hewn bench at the back of this small workshop. Tanned hides are tacked to the wall and a barrel of small nails looks to be in danger of overflowing. A few finished shoes are displayed on a plank shelf.
Obvious exits: south

On the plank shelf you see some cobalt punched leather shoes, some murrey brass-buckled shoes, some grass-tied woven rush sandals, some rumpled brown leather sandals, some pine green copper studded shoes, some bell-toed red leather poulaines, some cuffed green leather poulaines, some stiff oxblood leather sandals, some tasseled gold leather poulaines and some studded red velvet chopines.

[Skidia's Shoes, Closet]
Although primarily intended for storage, this room has been hastily converted for public use by the addition of an excessively smudged glass case. Unopened crates in barely stable stacks fill the corners and only the most token effort has been made to sweep the floor of dust and grime. You also see an iron-banded barrel with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west

In the glass case you see some pale blue side-laced boots, some mustard satin dancing slippers, some woolen cross-stitched slippers, some cranberry brushed satin slippers, some hyacinth slubbed silk slippers, some apricot silk velvet slippers, some hobnailed amber leather boots, some red-soled oyster silk boots, some buttermilk tanned deerskin boots and some sap green laced kidskin boots.

On the iron-banded barrel you see some cerise three-button boots, some side-laced olive kidskin boots, some persimmon slashed silk slippers, some sap green buckled leather shoes, some slashed indigo leather shoes, some carmine punched leather shoes, some vermillion pearl-studded slippers, some scarlet velvet dancing slippers, some red-soled black leather boots and some side-laced pumpkin leather boots.

[Celestial Light]
Simple and austere, this room has very little in the way of decoration. The black velvet walls are embroidered with silver moons and stars and a silver cart stands in the center. Crystal lamps hang from above, illuminating the area with a cool glow. A glass case sits at the back wall, large silver vases on either side. You also see a silver curtain and a velvet tent flap.
Obvious exits: east

In the glass case you see a silver and moonstone bracelet, some silver moon and star earrings, a black diamond moon-link necklace, a gold star-etched bangle, an platinum and azure blazestar bracelet, a pair of gold shooting star earrings, a silver half moon pendant, a diamond star necklace, a black diamond moon-link anklet, a diamond star-link anklet, a platinum crescent moon pendant and a silver moon-etched bangle.

In the silver vase you see a moon-carved mossbark runestaff, a star-carved villswood runestaff, a star ruby capped kakore runestaff, a star sapphire inlaid carmiln staff and a star emerald inlaid rowan staff.

In the etched silver vase you see a crystal star inlaid mesille runestaff, a silver star capped orase staff, an silver moon capped faewood staff, a moonstone capped hoarbeam staff and a crystal moon inlaid deringo runestaff. [Celestial Light]
Crystal lamps fill the area with a cool light, causing the silver embroidery on the black velvet walls to appear to glow. A black painted wardrobe rests against one wall, a black silk covered table next to it. In the middle of the room stands a silver rack hung with various items of clothing.

In the painted wardrobe you see a star-stitched golden silk ballgown, a moonlight silver satin kirtle, a tailored twilight blue skirt, a raven-hued moon-stitched gown, a high-waisted twilight grey gown, a star-stitched golden velvet skirt, a silvery crystal-beaded skirt and a silver-piped midnight black skirt.

On the silk covered table you see a star-etched gold signet ring, a moon-etched silver signet ring, some ankle-tied pale grey silk slippers, some moonlight silver satin slippers, some golden star-stitched slippers, a gold shooting star ring, a moonstone and platinum ring and some silvery moon-stitched slippers.

On the silver rack you see a star-buttoned twilight blue bodice, a moonlight silver silk bodice, a moonstone clasped ebon mantle, a moon-stitched twilight blue pelisse, a crescent moon clasped cloak, a gold star clasped black greatcloak, a side-laced pale silver bodice and a moon-buttoned midnight black bodice.

[Celestial Light]
The black velvet of the tent flows down in a graceful drape to create artful pools of velvet on the floor. Silver moons and stars embroidered on the walls catch the light of the crystal lamps overhead. Resting atop the plush black rugs are various black and silver pillows. A low silver velvet chaise sits across from the curtain, a velvet-draped table placed next to it.

On the velvet-draped table you see a moonstone crescent moon symbol, a silver crescent moon symbol and a silver Zelia statue.

[A Black Tent]
Deep black silk forms the ceiling and walls of this tent, pooling in graceful folds on the floor. The floor is covered with deep black rugs, while crystal globes hanging from above provide ample light. A plush black suede chair with a pillow-topped black suede chaise in next to it is the only other decoration. You also see a silk curtain.

[Mirrian's Pavilion, Entry]
Sumptuous crimson and gold silk forms the walls of this spacious pavilion. Thick, hand-knotted rugs are piled several layers deep across the expanse of the tent, providing a luxurious floor. A number of lanterns, paned with amber-hued glaes, hang from the pavilion's framework, shedding a subdued light over the room. You also see a faenor-banded clothing chest and a crimson and gold silk flap.
Obvious exits: east, west

In the clothing chest you see a sea-blue wave patterned robe, a silver-edged deep black silk robe, a silk-lined silver samite robe and a sapphire silk faenor-stitched robe.

[Mirrian's Pavilion, Leathers]
Gentle light, cast by a trio of upright glaes-enclosed torches, bathes the room in a gold-tinged glow. A capacious bin, containing piles of leather, takes up the majority of the space in this rounded alcove, allowing only a narrow walkway between the torches and the wares for sale. You also see a gilded sign.
Obvious exits: northeast, east

In the Common language, it reads:
As you can see, the items in the bin are simple leather vests. If you want something more substantial you have but to look in other parts of my shop. These offer some modicum of protection, and each has benefited from the work of a mage to some degree.

In the capacious bin you see a grey leather imflass-laced vest, a gold-belted quilted leather jerkin, a golden brushed suede vest and a gem-buttoned soft leather vest.

[Mirrian's Pavilion, Leathers]
Tiny votive candles are suspended from the tent poles in faceted glaes holders. The light glimmers off a small trickle of water that runs continuously over a miniature waterfall tucked into the corner of the pavilion. You also see a low glaes-inlaid table with some stuff on it, a tanik sign and a tailored gold silk drapery.
Obvious exits: east, southwest

In the Common language, it reads:
The leathers offered for your perusal in this section of my pavilion are all dedicated to the protection of the upper-body. The discerning shopper will note that these leathers all come with sewn-in sleeves. As with all my merchandise, these items have been favored with the attention of a mage, to a lesser or greater degree.

Tinkling water cascades over this tiny waterfall, sending a few drops of moisture out to dampen the air. The sound of the falling water adds a restful element to this portion of the pavilion. Faenor-veined rocks form the majority of the waterfall, though other mineral laced stones, and one particularly lovely amethyst geode are also included.

On the glaes-inlaid table you see some tooled inky black full leather, some tanned troll-hide full leather, a turquoise buttoned suede jacket and a teal-dyed soft leather jacket.

The gold silk drapery appears to be closed.

[Mirrian's Pavilion, Leathers]
Placed carelessly around the edges of the room, several tubs of petunias, pansies and geraniums add touches of natural color to the interior of the pavilion. Transparently thin scarves are draped from the tent poles and tied back loosely with ivy-like cording to give the illusion of separate areas. Barely audible, the sound of falling water drifts in from the west. You also see a polished clothes rack with some stuff on it and a parchment note.
Obvious exits: southeast, west

In the Common language, it reads:
Patrons, please note that these leathers, while covering the torso and legs of the wearer fully, do NOT protect one's head! Please be aware of this before purchasing my wares. As you may have surmised, these leathers have been enhanced by mage's power, to differing extents.

On the clothes rack you see some polished crimson hunting leathers, some pallid grey stalking leathers, a set of pearly blue reinforced leathers and a set of plum gold-stitched leathers.

[Mirrian's Pavilion, Leathers]
Candles contained in several suspended glaes globes provide lighting. Cunningly faceted crystal ornaments hang from the bottom of the globes, refracting rainbow shards of light through the area. Several silk throw pillows are scattered around the room, lending it a casually elegant air. You also see a copper display case and a cloudy white card.
Obvious exits: west, northwest

In the Common language, it reads:
Casual perusal of the wares offered for sale here will reveal that each set of leathers includes a hood or other sort of head protection. In fact, these leathers are the best protection one can find without resorting to wearing those terribly uncomfortable boiled breastplates or worse! Clever customers will note that these sets of leathers, as with all the rest I offer for sale, have been graced by the touch of a mage to a varying degree of benefit.

In the copper display case you see some crimson vaalorn-buckled leathers, some chocolate suede double leathers, some cyan cross-laced leathers and some canary yellow hooded leathers.

[Carnival Cakes]
A pristine white canopy shields this small food stand from the brilliance of the sky. A lightweight wicker table has been set out to display the goods for sale, although, as a precaution, a rope links each of its legs to a tent stake hammered into the ground. The gnomes scurrying back and forth beyond the counter are drenched in flour, chocolate, and powdered sugar, causing them to resemble muddy, good-smelling ghosts. The center of their excitement is a squat, round, rather noisy device that emits wonderful smells. You also see a smudged sign.
Obvious exits: out

In the Common language, it reads:
All cakes are five hundred silver. They come with souvenir plates! It's just fine if you point at the cakes before you buy them, but please don't go around poking them, tapping them, or otherwise getting fingerprints on them.

On the wicker table you see a chocolate carnival cake, a raspberry carnival cake, a blueberry carnival cake, a caramel carnival cake and a lemon carnival cake.

[A Cozy Wagon]
Plush fabrics, bright thread, and dozens of buttons are scattered about the cabinets within this cozy wagon. A white table painted with curling roses stands in the center, a toy resting squarely upon it.

On the white table you see a mystery toy.

The clerk takes your promissory note. You decide to purchase the mystery toy, and pay the sales clerk 7500 silvers. The sales clerk quickly unwraps a fluffy lilac toy troll and hands it to you.

[Lilli's Fashions, Cloak Room]
A heavy blue velvet tapestry suspended from a wooden frame and a soft silk curtain divides the tent into three seperate sales areas. Lamplight glistens off the polished metal edging of a table and display case. A refined-looking Elven salesclerk stands sedately in one corner of this room, waiting patiently to attend to customer needs. You also see a dark fel bench with some stuff on it, a monir shelf with some stuff on it, a haon counter with some stuff on it and an oak rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out

On the maoral table you see a royal blue cloak, a tawny brown cloak, an emerald green cloak, a flame-red cowled cloak, a soft puma fur cloak and a roughly-woven black cloak.

On the display case you see a dark green cloak, a midnight blue cloak, a purple silk cloak, a forest green cloak, a blue velvet cloak and a grey wool cloak.

On the fel bench you see a black snakeskin cloak, a red silk cloak, a scarlet red cloak, a deep black cloak, a blood red cloak and a rumpled boarskin cape.

On the monir shelf you see a brilliant red silk cloak, a pink silk cloak, a black wolf hide cloak, a white snowcat fur cloak, a black wolverine fur cloak, a golden puma fur cloak and a brown wool cloak.

On the haon counter you see a dark green cloak, a royal blue cloak, a shimmering silk cloak, a flowing white cloak, a crimson red cloak, a jet black cloak and a black chamois cloak.

On the oak rack you see a midnight blue cloak, a tattered black cape, a white wool cloak, an embroidered cloak, a jade green cloak, a dark grey cloak and a bright gold cloak.

[Fairgrounds, Dance Pavilion]
Colorful ribbed paper lanterns decorate the corners of this open-air tent, causing motes of rainbow light to dance upon the hardwood floor in the center of the area. A trio of musicians stands upon an upraised stage towards the back.
Obvious paths: east, out

Gentle melodies flow forth from the musicians' instruments.

[Fairgrounds, Pavilion Bar]
A section of the tent has been set aside for refreshments and conversation. A scattering of silken pillows provides a comfortable place to rest tired feet, while a polished wooden cart is piled high with food and drink.
Obvious paths: west

On the wooden cart you see a frosted apple tart, a sugared jelly doughnut, a bowl of spiced tomato soup, a cup of spiced herb tea, a flagon of crisp white wine, a goblet of golden brandy and a slice of white chocolate cake.

[The Alchemist's Wagon]
The scent of faintly burned herbs and liquids identifies this as an alchemist's wagon even without seeing the display case full of potions that takes most of the area. A small sign has been hung from two chains attached to the ceiling.
Obvious exits: out

In the Common language, it reads:

Alchemist's Shoppe

Glowing potion = ability to walk on water. Waxy leaf = very quick in battle. Dugmuthaur potion = heal lots of bleeding. Light blue potion = spirit warding 1. Brown potion = increased skinning ability. Deep blue potion = spirit warding 2. Clear potion = invisibility. Pink potion = remove poison. Holy vial = remove curse. Cuctucae potion = A strong healing potion.

In the display case you see a holy water vial, a waxy leaf, a glowing potion, a light blue potion, a green potion, a brown potion, a deep blue potion, a purified cuctucae potion, a clear potion and a pink potion.


[Ragdren's Wagon]
Several large silver lamps hang from the ceiling, filling the dusty wagon with flickering light. In the center of the room sits a long glass covered display case of finely carved oak flanked by several burly clerks who watch the room with sharp eyes. A thick carpet covers the polished oak floor, softening the sound of boots as the clerks restock and tidy up. You also see a goods list.
Obvious exits: south, out

In the glass display case you see a heavy ironwood staff, a shiny silver disk, a slender rune-etched rod, a carved vultite scepter, an etched jade cube, a small emerald globe and a milky crystal sphere.

All items are runes and need to be invoked to be effective.

A Rod Used to lower a foes offensive ability. A Scepter A powerful elemental defense spell. A Disk Three spells to help all pickers, including one that will open a chest. A Cube Two elemental defense spells. A Staff Two powerful elemental attack spells. A Globe Used to knock your foe prone. A Sphere Will increase the damage done by any weapon.

All runes are fully charged with between 30 and 50 charges per spell. The only exception is the disk which has three spells in of which has less then 30 charges.

The management will accept no responsibility for any damage done to any customer in the wilds due to misuse of these items.

[Fairgrounds, The Crossed Silver]
The sounds of conversation and laughter drift through the air as patrons of this open-air bar drift through the tent. A bar decorated with a series of split silver coins has been set up towards the back, the unusual inlay providing the tavern with its name. You also see some leather stools.

On the long bar you see a cup of rosehip tea and a cup of mulled cider.

[Inside a Painted Stall]
Hooks, shelves, and a large rack hide the walls of the small stall, each one covered with brightly colored fabrics. A young woman stands nearby, folding and refolding the brilliantly dyed silks and linens. A few slightly battered examples of the tailor's trade are also visible among the goods. You also see a small sign.
Obvious exits: out

On the hooks you see a pearl-trimmed lavender silk poke, a patched brown and grey satchel, an inky black linen satchel, a bright magenta satchel, a pristine white satchel, a gold-trimmed crimson silk satchel, a white and blue silk poke and a bright patchwork satchel.

On the wooden shelves you see a feathered grey linen cap, a battered brown leather cap, a beribboned straw hat, a tall black satin hat and a dashing white feathered cap.

On the cloak rack you see a vivid magenta silk cloak, a blue-green watered silk cloak, a crimson lined black velvet cloak, a dingy grey linen cloak, a deep black linen cloak, a rainbow-hued patchwork cloak, an opal-clasped sky blue silk cloak and a vivid green silk cloak.

In the Common language, it reads:
The satchels are worn upon the belt and hold many small objects, up to a third of what a heavy backpack would. The cloaks all have extremely large pockets and can be fastened shut. The hats all have cleverly designed pockets that should hold a lockpick or a gold ring.

[A Colorful Tent]
The packed earth floor of this small tent has been covered with a multitude of woven rugs, their crimson and orange materials clashing wildly with the vivid purple walls of the tent. Both the iron wall rack and the carved oak chest have been draped with similarly vivid scarves.
Obvious exits: out

On the iron wall rack you see a gold-flecked white satin scarf, a blue-threaded black silk scarf, a rainbow-hued flowing silk scarf, a bright crimson silk scarf and an embroidered green satin scarf.

In the carved oak chest you see a wide grey silk sash, an embroidered crimson silk sash, a flowing black silk sash and a gold-threaded blue silk sash.

[Danahue's Lair]
Accumulated dust is pushed up against the walls forming tiny bunkers for the legions of ants and spiders that wander around. A huge cavern-like fireplace, black with years of soot, dominates the west wall. In front of it, a rough wooden table stands to one side, a solitary chair the only seat. Some boxes are piled haphazardly on another wall. A wooden doorway leads out back. You also see a blackjack, a bloodwood weapons trunk, a glaes-topped display case and a small white table with some stuff on it.

On the wooden table you see a stained mithril banded troll-claw, a stained glaes yierka-spur, a razor-edged vultite troll-claw, a ruic-handled vultite fist-scythe, a rugged leather blackjack, a gleaming silvery vultite hook-knife and a polished glaes knuckleduster.

On the small white table you see a white-ora throwing dagger and a white-ora troll-claw.

In the weapons trunk you see a yew-shafted hooked vultite falcastra, an oak-shafted kelyn trident, a leaf-bladed heavy iron lance, a massive vultite greataxe, a rhimar-edged vultite jeddart-axe and a hook-bladed vultite awl-pike.

In the display case you see an oak-tillered heavy crossbow, a polished ruic light crossbow, a stained ash short bow and a silver-veined thanot long bow.

The wooden doorway appears to be closed.

[Snakestone Forge and Metalwork]
Loud noises echo all around, as apprentices scurry around pumping bellows, filling tempering troughs, and hauling bar stock around. The scent of wood smoke and burning oil assails your sense of smell, while the incessant hammering makes it hard to hear. Several display chests and racks hold various goods. You also see a smoked glaes blade rack with some stuff on it, a velvet-lined wooden chest and an oak cask.

In the wooden chest you see a silver-chased mithril handaxe, a rune-etched imflass handaxe and an oak-hafted logging axe.

On the blade rack you see a gold-pommeled glaes broadsword, a basket-hilted glaes longsword, an ash-hilted imflass falchion, a serrated vultite falchion and an iron-ringed vultite backsword.

In the oak cask you see a glyph-etched imflass mace, a glaes-linked vultite binnol and a bone-hafted faenor crowbill.

[Snakestone's Shields]
Finished and unfinished shields hang from pegs that stud the soot-blackened whitewashed walls. A pitted iron anvil sits on a tool-strewn workbench covered in shield blanks and leather harnesses. A couple of tins of opened enamel rest in front of a greatshield propped against one wall. You also see a barred iron door.

On the iron pegs you see an enamelled celestial blue greatshield, a hammered imflass targe, a squared glaes buckler, a matte-black mithglin aegis and a silvery mithril target shield.

[Snakestone's Workroom]
Boxes and casks of raw materials are stacked floor to ceiling. A couple of crates with a metal plank on top serves as a makeshift worktable. An unrolled scroll is tacked to the side of one cask. You also see a barred iron door and a Snakestone list.

No one is waiting on this list.

The Snakestone list is closed. Leaving the game for more than a few minutes is NOT allowed. Leaving the room is NOT allowed. You may only be on ONE list at a time. Joining another will remove you from the first.

Snakestone's Forge Rules

Gildal Mordolauk and Snakestone Tu'nast are in the business of reforging armor.

What does this mean? If selected by the craftsmen, and for a reasonable fee (and we determine what reasonable is) will add to or take away from the protection your armor offers.

We are not of course transmuters or philosophers, we are unable to convert your plate mail to leather, nor your scale to chain. We can take a piece or three away from your armor or quickly forge some steel and add some more protection.

Being far easier to cut some pieces off, than to sweat over the hot forge and add segments, expect to pay more for adding coverage. Additionally, expect to pay more if we have to work around difficult enchantments, or move cotton batting around.

Finally, realize that once your armor base has changed its relative strength and durability will change to reflect its new status.

The decisions of the armorers are final. There is no negotiations on the price quoted, or its final values.

Take it or leave it.

[A Messy Tent]
Assorted boxes, barrels, crates, and junk are piled everywhere and crammed into corners. The scuffed-up wooden flooring looks in dire need of a good scrubbing. Not surprisingly the much-patched canvas roof has seen better days. A large sign is perched precariously overhead. You also see a canvas screen and a large opened box.
Obvious exits: out

In the opened box you see a scorched black oak wand, an ivy-wrapped mistwood wand, a cylindrical crystal wand, a twisted sapphire-tipped wand, a smooth crystal wand, a thin gem-encrusted wand, an etched rosewood wand, a quartz-capped gnarled oak wand, a kobold bone wand and a finely crafted fel wand.

In the Common language, it reads:
I found these wands on one of my travels. They are all blank embeddables and will crumble after the last use.

[Messy Tent, Backroom]
Sewing supplies threaten to overflow from several small trunks scattered around this corner of the tent, but a space has been cleared in the center for a pair of thick pillows and a long, flat table. A lantern hangs suspended from a tent pole, providing light for busy fingers.
Obvious exits: out

On the flat table you see a sapphire-set smooth tanik staff, a ruby-dusted black oak staff, a scorched rosewood staff, a vine-wrapped twisted fel staff, a garnet-inset carved oak staff, a skull-capped bleached bone staff, an etched mistwood staff and a ruby-tipped black oak staff.

[A Simple Oak Wagon]
The inside of this wagon is remarkably tidy. Polished brass fittings shine softly beneath the light of a copper lantern hung from the ceiling, while carefully arranged burgundy and maroon silk pillows occupy the corners. A brown velvet curtain tied into place with a golden cord separates off the living quarters. You also see a plain dark wood trunk.
Obvious exits: out

In the dark wood trunk you see a front-laced dark blue silk bodice, a beribboned violet silk bodice, a back-laced amber-hued silk bodice, a fitted ruby red bodice, a flowing amber-hued silk skirt, an iridescent violet silk skirt, a vibrant blue patchwork skirt and a wispy red kerchief skirt.

[Wagon, Behind the Curtain]
A neatly made up bed covered by a gold and ivory quilt takes up one wall of the wagon's living space. The rest of the space is devoted to low table and a carved modwir chair, both securely bolted to the floor. You also see a brown velvet curtain.
Obvious exits: none

On the low table you see an ornate silver charm anklet, a set of etched gold hairpins, an etched thick silver wristcuff, a set of thick gold bangle bracelets, some triangular dangling gold earrings, a pair of large silver hoop earrings and some large gold hoop earrings.

[The Thrifty Tailor]
Brilliant red cotton lines the tent's inner walls, providing a vivid backdrop for the shopkeeper to display the multihued garments for sale. The scent of wildflowers lingers lightly in midair around a stick of burning incense on the west side of the tent, fighting a losing battle with the aroma of tea and fresh-baked sugar cookies rising from a small pine table set against the opposite wall. You also see a low pinewood shelf with some stuff on it and a tall silver-trimmed armoire engraved with images of ponies running across the plains.
Obvious exits: out

On the pine table you see some lightly honeyed brown tea and a large sugar cookie.

On the pinewood shelf you see some colorful patchwork leggings, a pair of patched purple pants, a patchwork pleated linen skirt, a flowing patchwork satin skirt, a patchwork scarlet velvet blouse, a patched ruffle-sleeved blouse, a patched ivory linen shirt and a full-sleeved red patchwork shirt.

In the silver-trimmed armoire you see a patched black cat-embroidered frock, a knee-length grey patchwork tunic, a patched ivory velvet dress, a patchwork silk and velvet mantle, a brown and white patchwork greatcloak, a patched blue cotton cape and a leather-tied vivid patchwork cloak.

Crystal Chamber]
Huge clusters of pulsating crystals dot the walls, cloaking the room in a constantly shiftly blue light, their hazy glow casting waves of viridian incandescence upon everything. Pure white sand comprises the floor of this large chamber, a slight path worn and moving towards a crystalline arch to the north. Swirling runes consisting of pure energy slither along each side of the pathway, their hum rising and falling sharply in an eerie cadence. You also see a filigreed silver sign, a raffle table with some stuff on it and a luminescent circular blue portal.
Obvious exits: east

In the Common language, it reads:
A Greater Infusion is considered a more thorough bonding of a given element to one's weapon, enabling it with the feature of a double-flare among other more useful things. The available elements I can perform upon a weapon are: Lightning, Air, Earth, Fire and Ice. I wish you luck.

The raffle is for "For one Greater Infusion session with Ulithian for a weapon of your choice. Said weapon must be under fifth rank enchantment.". The tickets sell for 5000 silvers each. The drawing has been held with the following winner(s):
Isela Menos

[Crystal Chamber, Dome]
A large dome arcs high overhead, its curved walls lined with alternating blue and black crystals that ring out with high tones intermittently. A huge crystal obelisk hangs suspended in mid-air, its reflective surface crawling with wisps of multihued energy. A cluster-like ring of sharp crimson blazestar spokes border the floating formation, pulsing a warning every few moments to those who might venture too close. You also see a crystalline arch.
Obvious exits: none

Dwarfing even the tallest of giantmen, the crystal's faceted surface reflects every aspect of the room with perfect clarity. An orb of blue light rests within the heart of the huge structure, a crackling web of energy arcing from the sphere to shade the sharp planes of the crystal with a myriad of shifting colors.

[Crystal Chamber]
A large pile of sand amassed along the east wall swarms with swirling runes that slither across it, revealing a hint of metal within the pure white grains. Clusters of crystal upon the walls deviate slightly here, creating small ledges that conveniently hold numerous weapons. A large sinkhole of sand slowly rotates in the middle of the room, sharp tips of swords jutting out from its micaeous depth, while numerous fissures and niches hold yet more sparkling wares inside.
Obvious exits: west

In the pile of sand you see a wavy-clawed fiery scarlet troll-claw, a stone-clawed dark russet troll-claw, a jagged-clawed pale cerulean troll-claw and a whorl-marked frosty blue troll-claw.

On the crystalline ledges you see a stone-headed russet morning star, a whorl-etched blue morning star, a jagged-spiked azure morning star and a wavily-spiked scarlet morning star.

In the small sinkhole you see a swirl-marked frosty blue flamberge, a stone-edged dark russet flamberge, a jagged-edged pale cerulean flamberge and a wavy-bladed fiery scarlet flamberge.

In the winding fissures you see a jagged-bladed pale cerulean scythe, a wavy-bladed fiery scarlet scythe, a stone-bladed dark russet scythe and a swirl-marked frosty blue scythe.

In the niches you see a jagged-edged pale cerulean longsword, a wavy-edged fiery scarlet longsword, a whorl-marked frosty blue longsword and a stone-edged dark russet longsword.

[Lemon Symphony, Herbarium]
The earthy smell of herbs and potting soil reaches your nostrils as you enter the wagon. This space appears to serve as a workroom as well as a shop, for a battered potting bench is covered with soil, and empty seed crates are stacked in the corners of the room. On the far wall, some rusted hooks might once have held gardening tools. A pot of bright yellow daisies with purple centers blooms on an upturned crate. You also see a scrap of parchment tacked to the wall, a burlap curtain, a small wooden door, a carved maple jewelry tree with some stuff on it and a large clay pot.

In the Common language, it reads:
Corrolla and Callix, Purveyors of Fine Botanicals. It's winter, most of our plants are dead. Buy some of our other nice stuff!"

On the potting bench you see a chaplet of tiny white iceblossoms, a string of waxy mistletoe berries, a beribboned spruce garland, a niveous alpine violet corsage, a delicate snow pansy corsage, a dried monkeyflower garland, a sprig of edelweiss blossoms, a fragrant pine bough wreath and a holly and ivy circlet.

In the crate you see a flaxen catmint sachet, a bundle of lavender leaves, a tiny bundle of boneset leaves, some dessicated foxglove blossoms, some wilted leaves of spinach, some dried sunflower petals, some pressed sneezeweed flowers and a mezereon bark wand.

On the rusted hooks you see an emerald wool stocking cap, a soft lambswool muffler, some striped wool socks, a festive green plaid ribbon, a crimson wool stocking cap, a silk holly-patterned bowtie, a sleek white ermine hat, some fur-lined leather gloves and a frost blue knit scarf.

In the clay pot you see a salt-crusted seaweed pomander, a green burlap turnip sachet, an ale-stained malt and hops pomander, a brass wintergreen oil pomander, a fresh pine sachet, a flannel camphor sachet, a zesty peppermint sachet, a spicy cinnamon sachet and an aromatic wild rose sachet.

On the maple jewelry tree you see a tiny gold ice skate charm, a silver holly leaf brooch, some tiny silver bell earrings, some crystal icicle earrings, a malachite pine tree clasp, a mithril pinecone pin, a ruby amaryllis pendant, an ice blue diamond engagement ring and a white jade snowflake medallion.

[Lemon Symphony, Living Quarters]
Others entering the room rub their eyes as if they are seeing double. Everything here exists in twos -- there are two halfling-sized cots built into the wall, two small chairs pulled up to the maple table, and two painted footlockers holding personal belongings. You also see a large notice and a burlap curtain.

In the Common language, it reads:
My sister and I will be happy to make slight modifications to our own merchandise. We have green thumbs, we are best at botanical designs. We are not magicians, we cannot make snow roses out of skunk cabbages.

On the table you see a mug of mulled cider, a cup of steaming wassail, a goblet of spiced wine, some arctic moss salad, a slice of warm cranberry bread, a savory meat pastry and a piece of maple sugar candy.

[Festive Feasting]
An oak table and a long maple bench, both covered with clean linen cloths, display wares on each side of this tiny tent. Colorful paper streamers strung between the tent poles offer the only other adornment. You also see a rusted steel cart with some stuff on it.

On the oak table you see a swirled rainbow lollipop, a sugared cinnamon doughnut, a roasted ear of corn, a bright red candied apple, a colorful candy necklace, a piece of gooey caramel, a red licorice whip, a black licorice whip and a buttery baked potato.

On the maple bench you see some fluffy pink cotton candy, a chocolate dipped strawberry, a handful of buttered popcorn, a bag of roasted peanuts, a giant salted pretzel, a hot steak and onion sandwich, some crunchy caramel popcorn, a fried batter-dipped sausage and a frosted apple fritter.

On the steel cart you see a glass of tart limeade, a cup of cherry flavored ice, a cup of lemon flavored ice, a cup of honeyed mead, a tankard of cool ale, a glass of iced herbal tea, a glass of sweet pink lemonade, a mug of cool ginger beer and a cup of creamy iced coffee.

[Festive Feasting, Kitchen]
The scents of stale oil, grilled onions, and roasting meat assault your nostrils as you cast your gaze over the culinary chaos here. A large copper kettle, dented and scorched, balances precariously atop a rusted iron stove. In one corner, steam forms a sticky cloud above a black stewpot set in a small firepit.
Obvious paths: west

In the copper kettle you see a piece of goat-shaped taffy, a piece of rolton-shaped taffy, a piece of raven-shaped taffy, a piece of penguin-shaped taffy, a piece of turnip-shaped taffy, a piece of puma-shaped taffy, a piece of roa'ter-shaped taffy, a piece of leaf-shaped taffy and a piece of squirrel-shaped taffy.

The joyous lilt of a harp playing a pleasing melody resounds in the background, accompanied by the bustle of the shopkeepers scurrying around refilling bins. A faint rhythmic banging echoes in counterpoint from somewhere deep in the shop. A row of wooden racks hold a collection of instruments near a chest of sheet music. You also see a wooden bard dress dummy with some stuff on it and a heavy muslin curtain.
Obvious exits: out

On the wooden rack you see a varnished thanot flute, a ruby-inlaid modwir flute case, a jade-inset white ash lysard, an opal-inlaid dark oak mandolin, a gold-dusted hazel theorbo, a ruby-inlaid black willow piccolo, an ornately carved maoral shawm, a weathered golden oak lute and a beribboned haon-framed tambourine.

In the wooden chest you see an elegant vellum roll and a piece of yellowed parchment.

On the bard dress dummy you see a pair of dark blue silk leggings, a gleaming steel rapier, some knee-high pointed toe boots, a resplendent jeweled brocade cape, a jaunty dark brocade cap, a clef-clasped tooled leather satchel, a silk parti-colored tabard and a bejewelled rapier harness.

The muslin curtain appears to be closed.

[Travel Rations]
A dilapidated wooden rack is positioned on one side of the room, flanked by a rotting maoral trunk and a rotting wooden box. Hanging from a thick pole in the center of the tent are several blackened lanterns which provide very little light. Heavy canvas partitions separate the tent into different rooms.

On the wooden rack you see a grey rolton pelt bag, a tattered gak pelt knapsack, a soiled gnarp skin sack, a grimy velnalin skin sack, a dingy rat skin sack, a filthy brown rat pelt pouch, a black rolton pelt pouch, a brown gnarp pelt pouch and a spotted gak hide pouch.

In the maoral trunk you see a weathered tanik walking stick, a splintered hazel walking stick, a distorted maoral walking stick, a misshapen yew walking stick, a warped ash walking stick, a broken thanot walking stick, a cracked fel walking stick, a twisted modwir walking stick and a curved haon walking stick.

In the wooden box you see a dirt-covered metal flask, a grimy iron flask, a damaged steel flask, a tarnished silver flask, a scratched iron flask, a corroded leather-wrapped flask, an old rusted steel flask, a dented iron flask and a grubby silver flask.

You see some canvas partitions. Looking at the partitions, you see a tan tent flap and a brown

[Travel Rations]
Tiny bits of hide and fur are strewn over the hard dirt floor of this poorly lit room. A few wooden racks holding assorted garments are pushed up against one dusty canvas wall. Shoved in the far corner of the tent is a decrepit workbench with skins and pelts piled on it. You also see a large wooden chest, a large wooden trunk and a tan tent flap.
Obvious exits: west

On the wooden rack you see some dark grey rat pelt slippers, some spotted gak hide slippers, some grimy rolton pelt slippers, a fitted brown rat hide bodice, a dingy rolton pelt bodice, a stained gak pelt bodice, a haon-buttoned rolton hide skirt, a fringed gak hide skirt and a slim rat pelt skirt.

In the wooden chest you see a long-sleeved rolton hide shirt, a shabby rat skin shirt, a striped gak hide shirt, a dirty brown gnarp hide shirt, a pair of gnarp hide pants, some patched rolton hide pants, some torn rat pelt pants and some discolored gak pelt pants.

In the wooden trunk you see some cracked leather walking boots, some scuffed leather walking boots, some rotting brown leather boots, some unlaced leather walking boots, a pair of grimy leather boots, some fringed brown leather boots, some faded black leather boots, some filthy brown walking boots and some muddy black walking boots.

[Travel Rations]
Several large wooden bins of food are scattered around the room. None of them look particularly clean, but the mercenaries, adventurers and hunters browsing the selection do not seem to mind much. Along one wall a free-standing wooden rack displays an array of hooks bearing wineskins of various vintages. You also see a wooden bin.
Obvious exits: east

In the wooden bin you see some chocolate coated coffee beans, some stale bread, some dried beans and some hearty granola.

On the steel hooks you see some strong dwarven mead, a flask of dirty water, some sour strawberry wine, a violet-stained wineskin and some strong whiskey.

In the wooden bin you see some chocolate coated coffee beans, some stale bread, some dried beans and some hearty granola.

[Roomy Wagon]
It is surprisingly spacious inside the wagon. A small sturdy table is set up in a work area that is brightly lit with lanterns. Open windows and open door let in more light as well as a cool breeze. A heavy curtain hangs from the far wall, blocking access to the rest of the wagon. You also see a large wooden trunk and a rough wooden shelf with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out

In the wooden trunk you see a carved ivory puma pin, a carved wooden bear pin, a small wooden lockpick pin and a small black onyx pin.

On the wooden shelf you see a silver-hilted black glaes dagger, a polished silver imflass falchion and an oak-hafted black mithril handaxe.

[Roomy Wagon, Workshop]
A curtain gives this area a bit of privacy, shielding it from the front of the wagon. A quilt done in blue and gold triangles covers a small bed, while the rest of the room is devoted to a wide workbench and a bolted-down stool.
Obvious exits: none

5: [Inside the Marquee]
Strong oak poles at the corners provide a framework from which several large hooks display wares. Scattered about are various racks, tables, and chests as a harried attendant scurries about refilling them. A silk drape cordons off one part of the marquee. You also see a Lirion list, a large sign, a silk flap and an ornate shelf with some stuff on it.

On the iron hooks you see an ivory-inlaid fel crossbow, a bleached bone composite bow, a well-crafted ash long bow, a recurved yew long bow and a heavy black lacquered crossbow.

On the thanot rack you see a lion-pommeled white ora longsword, a basket-hilted faenor longsword, a spiral-hilted smoked glaes axe, a blue veined steel flamberge and a swept-hilt rolaren longsword.

On the cluttered table you see a copper-plated chain baldric, a gold-buckled weapon sling, a tooled leather belt quiver, a criss-crossed leather sword bandolier and a fringed leather bow case.

In the bloodwood chest you see some blackened tightly-woven ringmail, a quilted leather jerkin, a wax-stained leather finger tab, a scaly lizard skin armguard and a rosin-stained leather protector. On the ornate shelf you see a rosin-stained bow tuning kit, a bowman's tuning key, a block of string rosin, a small honing stone, a leather archery toolbag, some fine wood oil and a fletcher's feather razor.

In the Common language, it reads:
Lirion's Supplies. When I open for services, I expect you be courteous, polite, and most importantly, quiet. I fashion only high quality goods, and will not work with shoddy merchandise, nor sully my hands with anything dwarven. I specialize in personal customization and have a special fondness for archers. My prices are based on what is fair. What I deem is fair. There are no exceptions to my rules, no means not only no, but emphatically, no.

No one is waiting on this list.

The Lirion list is closed. Leaving the game is allowed. You MUST be back by your turn. Leaving the room is allowed. You MUST be back by your turn. You may only be on ONE list at a time. Joining another will remove you from the first.

[Eminent Investments, Entry]
Costly brocade carpets are covered with a canvas mud mat near the entryway. Torches protected in expensive glass globes with attached chimneys route the smoke through a roof vent illuminating the merchandise. A polished oak armoire is pushed up against one wall with a jewelry case on its top. You also see a brass-bound leather trunk.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest, out

In the oak armoire you see an embroidered carmine silk cape, a high-collared grey twill jacket, a lavender chenille cote, a close-cut scarlet fustian mantle, a checquered heavy woolen cape, a heavy grey chenille cote, a russet velvet yoked cloak and a murrey panne velvet mantle.

In the jewelry case you see a topaz-studded thin silver diadem, a gold-clasped leather tobacco case, a heavy platinum signet ring, a ruby-inset braided gold band, a crystalline sapphire dove brooch, a midnight blue crescent moon talisman, an etched silver tobacco case and a delicate silver-knotted neckchain.

In the leather trunk you see a scalloped tan leather pouch, an azure-tinted handspun flax rucksack, a scalloped black leather pouch, a fork-strapped leather sword-frog, an indigo chain-linked neckpouch, a gold-corded silk purse, a crushed velvet bag, a beaded tapestry purse and a belt of heavy lacquered plaques.

[Investments, Quartermaster]
An imposing cedar closet takes up all of one wall, while smaller racks and footlockers fill the remaining space. A costly brocade rug picked out with battle scenes rests before a single dressing stool and mirror set.
Obvious exits: southeast

In the cedar closet you see a bejewelled pointelle cyclas, an emblazoned crimson silk cyclas, a gold-threaded black velvet mandelion, an embroidered black brocade cyclas, a satin-edged grey wool chamarre, a gold-trimmed black suede coat, a silk-collared black velvet chamarre, a heavy knit pointelle gambeson and a bejeweled claret velvet mandelion.

On the hat rack you see a feathered velvet flat cap, a white-plumed crushed velvet hat, a dark blue jewel-edged beret, a red velveteen muffin cap, a sea green feather-trimmed cap, a white-plumed felt cavalier hat, a black cotton twill beret and a black cotton twill slouch cap.

On the boot rack you see some high-cut tanned leather boots, a pair of red leather poulaines, a pair of tawny leather poulaines, a pair of cuffed leather boots, a pair of black leather poulaines, some thigh-high black leather boots, some brushed white suede boots, some brushed black suede boots and some knee-high laced black boots.

In the gentlemen's footlocker you see a pair of velvet guarded trunkhose, an emblazoned crimson silk surcoat, a pair of velvet paned trunkhose, a pair of black velvet trunkhose, a pair of black corded trews, a pleated woven plaid kilt, a side-laced grey silk vest, a pair of woven mesh chausses and a laced-up brown leather jerkin.

[Investments, Ladies Boudoir]
A costly brocade curtain hides the dressing area from unwanted attentions. A chambermaid wanders in periodically to refill a tray of sweets and champagne. Several chests of drawers adorn one wall, and a basket of silks rests on the floor. The remaining wall features an imposing silver-framed mirror. You also see a varnished shoe box, a silver-inlaid trunk, a delicately carved modwir shelf and a clothes rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: southwest

In the oak chest you see a gauzy pale silk veil, a golden linen peaked gable hood, a shell-trimmed indigo lace caul, a pearl-set gold threaded snood, a ruby-adorned silken snood, a jeweled silver-threaded caul and a lacy black silk snood.

In the woven basket you see a gold-edged silk neck ruff, an ivory silk standing neck ruff, a pearl-beaded plum silk scarf, a gold-fringed ivory silk scarf and a pair of silk wrist ruffs.

In the shoe box you see some beaded black satin slippers, some celadon silk divot-toed shoes, a pair of agate-studded chopines, some tasseled black velvet slippers, some cork-soled front laced shoes, a pair of gold-beaded chopines, a pair of jeweled silk slippers, a pair of ribbon-tied chopines and a pair of wooden chopines.

In the silver-inlaid trunk you see a dagged crimson silk kirtle, a fur-trimmed particolored kirtle, a gold-latticed green silk kirtle, a pale blue front-buttoned cotehardie, a back-laced black velvet bodice and a blackworked back-laced silk bodice.

In the carved modwir shelf you see a pair of velvet bagpipe sleeves, a pair of jeweled hanging sleeves, a pair of tawny draped sleeves, a pair of banded funnel sleeves, a pair of creped cage sleeves, a pair of fitted damask sleeves, a pair of woolen cape sleeves and a pair of silk cage sleeves.

On the clothes rack you see an invar-laced crimson organza skirt, a blackworked white muslin partlet, an emerald green silk pelisse, a loose carnation silk houppelande, a gathered organdy full skirt, a pleated teal full skirt, a gold-corded jeweled brocade gown, a ruffled indigo muslin partlet and a royal purple silk pelisse.

[Wands of Wonder]
The neat tent smells faintly of musk, and the various hides that make up the tent add a nice texture to the fabric. Containers of different sizes are stacked neatly next to the large table, which contains numerous wands on top of the smooth surface. You also see a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none

On the large table you see a green tanik wand, a thin etched ora wand, a glaes pyramid-tipped wand, a slender modwir wand, a glossy carved ivory wand, a ruby-dusted square wand, a royal blue polished wand, an ornate deathstone wand and a blue-tinged glass wand.

[A Fragrant Pine Wagon]
The small, cozy wagon is panelled in varnished pine boards and decorated with fragrant bundles of flowers and evergreens. Dozens of colorful candles set along the tops of the shelves illuminate the narrow space, and the heady fragrance of burning incense upon a table fills the warm air.

On the carved wooden table you see some pink rose incense, some white vanilla incense, some pale blue lavender incense, some green pine incense, some black sulphur incense, some golden sandalwood incense, some amber musk incense and some dark chocolate incense.

On the narrow pine shelves you see a carved rose-shaped candle, a pure white beeswax candle, a slender blood-red candle, a delicate pink beeswax candle, a scented green candle, a white skull-shaped candle, a carved black candle and a gilded white candle.

[Shocking Siegery]
A variety of rubbish covers the floor -- broken springs, rusted gears, and a plethora of other slightly used mechanical parts offers a somewhat tricky footing. The dim light filtering in from above is fractured by large pipes hanging from the ceiling, their surfaces covered in a fine sheen of tiny water droplets. You also see a large metal table with some stuff on it and a darkened metal sign.

--- The Game of Siegery ---

The premise of the game is simple: Defeat your opponent through the methods available to you. The most common way the game is played is with the usage of miniature castles -- the first to destroy their opponent's inner keep is the winner. But one may make just about any variation they wish. The following is a listing of units one may employ:

One may have up to three soldiers to assault an enemy's castle. Soldiers tend to fight other soldiers first, and then assault the castle's outer walls. If the walls have fallen, then the soldiers will either attack any war machines housed within the castle or the inner keep itself. Soldiers are the most versatile of any siegery unit, as their prowess in battle has a chance of increasing if they wage successful campaigns. Soldiers are the weakest of units in terms of taking damage.

This shop offers 3 types of soldiers, however, custom work on a soldier certainly allows for a near infinite variety of professions and skills -- one's imagination is the limit when customization is done. The following is a breakdown of the three units offered:

Sorcerers: Can deal out an impressive amount of damage, but cannot sustain large amounts of damage. Warriors: Can take a decent amount of damage and does a decent amount of damage to enemy units. Wizards: Can take some damage and do a fairly good amount of damage with their lightning bolts.

War Machines:
War machines come in two varieties -- catapult-type weapons or ballistas. Ballistas tend to be more effective against troops while catapult-based weapons are best for bringing down walls or assaulting the inner keep of an enemy's castle. In order to use war machines, they must be placed within your castle. One can place up to three war machines in their castle.

Castles are the main goal of any game of Siegery. From there, one can mount assaults upon the enemy's castle with relative ease. Castles are likely to take quite a bit of damage during a game, and one can remedy some of this damage -- you have the choice to repair the outer walls, the inner keep, or any war machines positioned within the castle. Repairs, of course, will take a bit of time, and won't fix ALL the damage to one's castle. Castles have no innate offensive abilities.

All Siegery pieces will sustain damage throughout combat. This is all a careful illusion achieved through intricate craftsmanship and can easily be remedied by FIXing the specified piece while holding it in one's hand. It WILL take a while to fix a Siegery piece, however, to ensure that a sneaky enemy does not quickly do so during a game. It's generally accepted that during the course of a game, one does not fix their pieces, but rather lets the game run its course.

On the metal table you see a dark-spired small black castle, a vaalin-chased small black castle, a small obsidian-spired castle, a seashell-set small glaes castle, a small silver crystal castle, a pure white small stone castle and a ridged small grey stone castle.

[Shocking Siegery]
A collection of pipes winds its way along the northern wall, creating a strange intertwined pattern. Steaming droplets of moisture leak out from several wire-thin cracks along the pipe's surface, the moisture dripping onto the floor periodically. You also see a large shelf with some stuff on it.

On the large shelf you see a crimson robed sorcerer miniature, a wild-eyed crimson wizard miniature, a greasy little gnomish warrior miniature, a pointy-hatted bearded wizard miniature, a dark-eyed blue wizard miniature, a black-robed sorcerer miniature, a raven-haired dark sorcerer miniature, a well-muscled kilted warrior miniature and a dark-haired pale warrior miniature.

[Shocking Siegery, Workroom]
The surroundings are surprisingly well-organized -- from the rows upon rows of labeled shelves to the short steel-topped tables that flank each wall. A few sketches are haphazardly strewn across a small wooden bench, while several rather tiny leather-padded chairs are scattered about. You also see a small sign.

In the Common language, it reads:
I do be doing customization on yer soldiers. I do be raisin two attributes (either strength, hit points, or defense) slightly, and I do be allowing you to customize how they do be attackin. Skies da limit, just don't be thinkin TOO longwinded. You also do be able to customize the look of yer soldier like any ol' regular alteration.

[Shocking Siegery]
Splintered boards and other bits of wood mingle with the shards of scrap metal underfoot. Tiny rivulets of water trickle along the slightly dented floor, each underscored by a healthy coating of rust. You also see a large metal case.
Obvious exits: southwest

In the metal case you see a tiny scorched oak catapult, a tiny leather-netted catapult, a tiny slick metallic catapult, a tiny black wooden catapult, a tiny metal-banded catapult, a tiny bolt-edged ballista, a tiny curved deep black ballista, a tiny red-veined onyx ballista, a tiny pale sapphire ballista and a tiny white ivory ballista.

[Quenched Thirsts]
Enormous barrels of grog and ale have been stacked on their sides in towering pyramids. A large table, nicked and gouged from years of misuse, has been set in the middle of the wagon. Set on top of the table are various lagers and beers.

On the wooden table you see a bottle of dark brown brandy, a large stein of stout, a flagon of aged dwarven wine, a shot of aged golden whiskey, a cup of fine dwarven mead, a mug of hearty red lager, a cup of watered-down ale and a flagon of spiced rum.

[Quenched Thirsts]
A few choice barrels have been stacked here, their age nearly twice that of the others. A long wooden bench has been set up against the far wall of the wagon and beside it a dented mithril trunk.

On the wooden bench you see a cork-stopped brown leather flask, an opal-stopped tanned suede flask, a beaded white leather flask, a tooled grey leather flask, a moss-corked rainbow suede flask, a gold-corked black leather flask and a long slender doeskin flask.

In the mithril trunk you see a copper-capped painted oak stein, an etched rose gold stein, a scorched dark wooden stein, a gem-encrusted fine silver stein and an old leather-handled stein.

[Gelem's Wagon, Front Room]
The broad, rough-hewn planks of the wagon support a jumble of counters and boxes, their tops swept clean for the moment. A trio of lanterns have been fastened to the walls of the wagon, shedding their light upon the interior. A thick fur rug rests underfoot. You also see a curtain, a large chest and a wooden rack with some stuff on it.

In the large chest you see a dark green leather weapon harness, a black leather weapon harness, a dark brown leather weapon harness, some black leather boots, some frayed leather boots and some dark brown leather boots.

On the wooden rack you see a tattered troll hide satchel, a dark brown leather satchel, a black leather satchel, a coal black leather cloak, an old patched leather cloak and a dark brown leather cloak.

[Gelem's Wagon, Workshop]
Rich silk tapestries have been hung from the ribs of the wagon with hand woven rugs spread over the flooring. Several lanterns are placed on a table against one side of the room providing ample lighting for work to be done. A cot, covered with lush furs, is against the opposite side of the wagon. You also see a thick curtain.

[The Apothecary, Remedies]
The planks that make up this tiny stall are so rough as to practically still be trees. A slate sign hangs from a bent nail above a set of rickety wooden shelves. The earthen floor is stained an unusual shade of purple in one corner and appears slightly sticky as well.
Obvious exits: north, out

In the Common language, it reads:
These be healin' decoctions. Can be refilled 'long as ya use the right sort of potion, and the container'll stick around so long as you pour the last dose 'stead of drinkin' it.

On the rickety wooden shelves you see a pale blue flower-shaped vial, a bolmara berry-sprigged vial, a knotted wingstem demijohn, a deep violet berry-stained jar, a woven pothinir grass demijohn, a golden aloeas-painted jar, a rounded calamia fruit bottle, a grey moss-topped bottle, an etched acantha leaf flask and a pure white alabaster decanter.

[The Apothecary, Cases]
The back section of the stall is even more crowded than the front due to the many cases hanging from nails and hooks and any other available protrusion. The air is cloyingly sweet and dust from the floor coats every surface. You also see a small half-open cabinet.
Obvious exits: south

In the half-open cabinet you see a rusted steel funnel, a pile of crumbling corks and a cracked marble pestle.

On the rusted nails you see a satin-lined silvery birch case, an opal-set brushed silver case, a key-clasped black enamel case, a leaf-etched dark bronze case, a silver-edged rich mahogany case, a pale gold bent pine case, a brass-fitted dark leather case, an amber corded bamboo case, a lacquered red maoral case and a gold-buckled scarlet leather case.

[Inside a Pale Gold Tent]
Cleverly designed slits in the walls of the tent allow fresh air to fill the tent, though the scent of rolton and sweat is cloying. Piles of large, comfortable looking pillows fill the corners of the tent, surrounding a glass-topped counter with a ring box on top. You also see a display shelf with some stuff on it.

On the glass-topped counter you see a slender copper hoop earring, a pair of beaten mithril earrings, a pair of sparkling ruby earrings, some dangling crystal earrings, some slender silver hoop earrings, some slender gold hoop earrings, a pair of dangling silver earrings, a silver heart-shaped locket, an etched ivory locket, a gold and ruby locket, a silver and opal locket and a rose-engraved golden locket.

In the ring box you see a carved ivory promise ring, a golden lover's knot ring, a silver lover's knot ring, a gold and emerald promise ring, a silver and topaz promise ring, a gold and ruby signet ring, a heavy mithril ring and an artfully engraved opal ring.

On the display shelf you see a braided silk anklet, a slender golden hoop earring, a slender silver hoop earring, a woven grass and shell anklet, a copper twining ivy anklet and a scalloped golden acorn anklet.

[Brother Weatherby's Emporium]
The large pavilion is divided into several smaller sections by lengths of canvas hanging from suspended bars. Oil lamps attached to the sturdy poles supporting the impressive structure create a brightly lit interior. Hung near the entrance is a large banner proclaiming, "Welcome to Brother Weatherby's Clerical Emporium!" You also see a sturdy oak table with some stuff on it, a sturdy oak stand with some stuff on it and a sturdy oak rack with some stuff on it.

On the oak table you see an indigo silk ceremonial satchel, a blue-trimmed ivory ritual satchel, a black satin ceremonial satchel, a holy symbol embroidered satchel, a silver-edged scarlet ritual satchel, an embroidered lilac ritual satchel and a celadon ceremonial satchel.

On the oak stand you see a celadon ceremonial bag, an embroidered lilac ritual bag, a silver-edged scarlet ritual bag, a holy symbol embroidered bag, a black satin ceremonial bag, a blue-trimmed ivory ritual bag and an indigo silk ceremonial bag.

On the oak rack you see an indigo silk ceremonial pouch, a blue-trimmed ivory ritual pouch, a black satin ceremonial pouch, a holy symbol embroidered pouch, a silver-edged scarlet ritual pouch, an embroidered lilac ritual pouch and a celadon ceremonial pouch.

[Brother Weatherby's, Symbols]
Light from oil lamps glints off of the metals and precious gems used in crafting the holy symbols that are carefully laid out on display in this section of the pavilion. A gigantic mammoth-hide rug carpets the entire area. You also see a felt-lined display case, a felt-lined shelf with some stuff on it, a felt-covered tray with some stuff on it, a carved maoral sign, a canvas curtain and a felt-covered table with some stuff on it.

In the display case you see an eahnor-inset kelyn scimitar symbol, a marble dagger pierced heart symbol, a malachite wisp of smoke symbol, a stylized ruby flame symbol, a gold-inset onyx jackal symbol, a sinuous emerald serpent symbol, a gold slit-eye symbol, an onyx six tentacled star symbol and a laje-inset onyx cat head symbol.

On the felt-lined shelf you see a carnelian-set black widow symbol, an obsidian broken skull symbol, a two-headed amethyst snake symbol, a silver crescent moon symbol, an eight-point silver star symbol and a faenor-inset silver sickle symbol.

On the felt-covered tray you see a silver-edged obsidian sword symbol, an onyx-inset gold key symbol, an eahnor-inset silver fist symbol, a rose quartz red heart symbol, a silver crystal ball symbol, an eonake-inset gold anvil symbol, a turquoise and gold sunburst symbol, a lapis-inset gold pegasus symbol, a gold-inset crimson lute symbol, an encircled gold scroll symbol, a marble-inset gold crown symbol, a gold sheaf of grain symbol and a lapis-inset emerald trident symbol.

On the felt-covered table you see a jet-inset white shield symbol, a cedar-inset gold leaf symbol, a chrysoprase white feather symbol, a leaping silver dolphin symbol, a malachite-set white lily symbol, a lapis and ivory dagger symbol, a rhimar and gold music note symbol, an amethyst and onyx rose symbol and a ruby-set gold rose symbol.

In the Common language, it reads:

These symbols have been crafted with the utmost care by the people of my clan, and then blessed by our holy men and women.

Because of the nature of the special blessing on these symbols, it will only be apparent to those truly dedicated to their deity.

** Brother Weatherby

[Brother Weatherby's, Implements]
Implements of use to the clerical profession are spread out on display, the light of brightly burning oil lamps glinting off the wares. Red, brown, and black bearskin rugs carpet the floor to cushion the tired feet of shoppers. You also see a varnished modwir barrel, a varnished oak barrel, a varnished modwir shelf with some stuff on it, a varnished modwir table with some stuff on it and a modwir display case.

In the modwir barrel you see an elegant staff harness, a silver-edged staff harness, a spiral-carved orase runestaff, an eonake capped faewood runestaff, a dark-grained villswood runestaff, a glossy mossbark runestaff and a golden brown mesille runestaff. In the oak barrel you see an elaborately tooled staff sling, an ora-studded staff sling, a carved rowan runestaff, a gnarled carmiln runestaff, a varnished deringo runestaff, a dark red kakore runestaff and a silvery grey hoarbeam runestaff.

On the modwir shelf you see a glowing white wand and a flame red wand.

On the modwir table you see a moss green runestone, a speckled granite runestone, a celestial blue runestone, a mahogany brown runestone, a sunny yellow runestone, a sandy brown runestone, a watery blue runestone, a wispy grey runestone, a sea-green runestone, a lava red runestone and a forest green runestone.

In the display case you see an opal-inset ceremonial knife, a ruby-pommeled ritual knife, a ceremonial white ora knife, a star-etched white ora dagger, a moon-engraved white ora dagger, an onyx-hilted white ora knife, a gold-hilted ceremonial dagger and a wavy-bladed ritual dagger.

[Brother Weatherby's, Supplies]
All manner of ceremonial accessories and ritual supplies fill this part of the large pavilion. Fleecy rolton rugs are scattered in between the display tables and a maoral case with three shelves. You also see a polished haon table with some stuff on it, a large maoral table with some stuff on it, a carved faewood sign, a glossy maoral chest and a glossy maoral box.

On the haon table you see an ornate pewter potion flask, an engraved gold potion flask, an etched crystal potion flask, a chased silver potion flask, a flacon of acantha juice, a flacon of ephlox juice, a flacon of aloeas juice, a flacon of pothinir juice and a parchment note.

On the maoral table you see a small gilded glowbark altar, a small bent willow altar, a small polished yew altar, a small carved faewood altar, a small mosaic-tiled altar, a small black marble slab altar, a small white marble slab altar, a small fel silver-inlaid altar, a small grey stone altar and a small carved maoral altar.

In the maoral chest you see a richly hued mulberry candle, a blue and ivory candle, a twisted black and white candle, a bright red ceremonial candle, a swirled mauve candle, a black and crimson candle, a pink floral scented candle, a deep plum candle, an enruned black candle, a carved blood red candle, a lemon yellow candle, a dark sage green candle, a pure white ceremonial candle, a glossy black ceremonial candle and a green and gold candle.

In the maoral box you see some ivory vanilla incense, some dark cedar incense, some dark green sage incense, some purple lavender incense, some golden citrus incense, some black mournbloom incense, some brown sandalwood incense, some dark green pine incense, some umber spice incense, some brown eucalyptus incense, some pale jasmine incense, some red rose incense, some yellow sulphur incense and some green herbal incense.

In the Common language, it reads:

The altars are small and designed to be portable for personal use. They can be utilized as they are, or covered with an altar cloth.

The altar cloths can be used to cover these or other altars, or by themselves as a makeshift altar.

Be aware that stormy weather can blow these things away while in use, and they are not protected against thieves while set down.

[Brother Weatherby's, Garments]
This part of the pavilion has all manner of clerical garb for sale. Puma and panther skins cover the floor to soften the footsteps of jostling customers. A straw mannequin and a wood mannequin display matching outfits, while other racks and hangers contain more items. You also see a large carved oak table with some stuff on it, a carved oak hanger with some stuff on it, a carved oak rack with some stuff on it and a parchment notice.

On the wood mannequin you see some intricate ivory prayerbeads, a gold-threaded white wool stole, a white braided silk cord belt, a pure white spidersilk robe, some white leather sandals and a pure white linen chasuble.

On the straw mannequin you see some black leather sandals, a braided black silk cord belt, an ebon black linen chasuble, some intricate onyx prayerbeads, a black wool silver-threaded stole and an ebon black spidersilk robe.

On the oak rack you see some sapphire damask robes, some flowing peach silk robes, some scarlet spidersilk robes, some shimmering jade green robes, some silver knotwork samite robes, some lustrous mulberry satin robes, some forest green wool robes, some luxurious indigo velvet robes and some silver and gold brocade robes.

On the oak hanger you see a gold-fringed ecru linen tippet, a rose and lily embroidered stole, a red flame embroidered stole, a leaf green wool tippet, a sunburst saffron satin tippet, a sword embroidered stole, a silver symbol embroidered stole, a silver-edged scarlet silk tippet, a star and moon embroidered stole, a dagger embroidered stole, a lavender wool tippet and a doe and anvil embroidered stole.

On the carved oak table you see an amethyst silk ceremonial mantle, a gold-edged russet silk vestment, a scarlet-lined goldenrod vestment, a gold-trimmed forest green robe, a black satin crimson-trimmed robe, a rose-adorned lavender wool robe, an ivory linen ceremonial mantle, a crimson silk flame-stitched chasuble, a silver-edged cerulean vestment, a moss green ceremonial mantle, an embroidered jade silk chasuble and a blue-trimmed ivory linen chasuble.

Bejeweled Blades]
Along the walls of this old rustic wagon, ancient dwarven craftsmanship has been displayed in the forms of various bladed weapons. A large dwarven crest takes up most of one wall, etched in a large mithril relief. Four racks stand along one wall, each bearing a symbol of one of the four elements. You also see a large ironwood sign.
Obvious exits: north, out

You see some mithril racks. Looking at the racks, you see a rock-crested brown mithril rack, a bolt-crested white mithril rack, a wave-crested azure mithril rack and a fire-crested crimson mithril rack.

On the brown mithril rack you see an emerald inset glaes bodkin, an emerald hafted rolaren brandestoc, a jade-hilted silvery faenor taper, an agate-hilted silver invar machera, a feystone-set black glaes kaskara and a jade-inlaid brown vultite takouba.

On the white mithril rack you see a topaz-studded black leather bullwhip, a yellow zircon pommeled glaes pavade, a yellow topaz inset glaes greatsword, a sunstone inlaid mithril voulge, a blazestar-set dark vultite kaskara and a sunstone-set scorched glaes khopesh.

On the azure mithril rack you see a sea-glass pommeled glaes dirk, an opal-hafted frosty glaes sparte, a sapphire set dark glaes bardiche, a frost-opal inset mithril yataghan, an opal-inlaid white glaes kaskara and an opal-hafted cerulean glaes kheten.

On the crimson mithril rack you see a fire agate inlaid glaes zweihander, a ruby-spiked black invar dhara, a fiery jacinth inset mithril machete, a firestone-set silvery mithril voulge, a ruby-inset etched glaes misericord, a fire opal-set black vultite badelaire and a ruby-pommeled etched vultite falchion.

In the Common language, it reads:
"If da weapon's got vultite in it... it's 4x, if glaes - 3x, mithril - 1x ya git it? Goods. Now, da racks da weapons are on have crests, dems mean dey got flares. Fire = Fire, Wave = Ice flares, Bolt = Lightning, Rock = Vibration. Got it? Good."

[Bejeweled Blades, Workroom]
It almost looks like a terrible storm has come through the room, leaving disaster in its wake. Scraps of metal have been thrown every which way and cases of jewels have been literally emptied into a heap on the enormous worktable. A few weapons have been left lying on a long bench against the wall. You also see a small wooden sign.

On the wooden worktable you see a heap of glittering gemstones.

On the mithril bench you see a black ora hafted invar glaive, a black ora hafted mithril mace, an ora-pommeled white glaes kaskara, an ora-hilted faenor crescent dagger, an ora-veined silver glaes doloire and an ora-inset silver mithglin machete.

In the Common language, it reads:
All the weapons 'ere are whatever enchant dere metal is... and deys all blessible! Gots it? Good.

[A Small Wagon]
The smell of rosemary and thyme drifts over from a simmering pot in the corner of this wagon, scenting the air. Polished modwir shelves line the walls, and an older woman sits behind a narrow wooden counter, ready to help.
Obvious exits: out

On the modwir shelves you see a clear viscous potion, a thick bluish potion, a smelly green herbal potion, a thick greyish herbal potion, a shimmering pale yellow potion and a murky brown herbal potion.

[Conflicts of Interest]
Scattered about this spacious wagon are various trophies of war, including weapons, armor and tattered combat pennants. The walls are hung with tapestries and paintings depicting famous battles throughout history. Here and there, quality reproductions of actual maps and battle plans are prominently displayed. An entire counter has been devoted to a detailed diorama of a scene from the Giantkin-Dwarven war. You also see a weapon rack with some stuff on it, an armor table with some stuff on it, a display case, a row of gear hooks with some stuff on it, an important sign and a warped wooden shelf with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out

On the weapon rack you see a gornar-tipped military pick, a rhimar-edged steel battle-axe, an acid-etched mithril moon axe, a gargoyle pommeled ora espadon, a firecat-claw tipped leather bullwhip, a modwir-hafted glaes voulge and a gleaming imflass troll-claw.

On the armor table you see some blackened imflass chain hauberk, some knotwork etched mithril plate, some supple ora studded brigandine, a fur-lined chainmail kirtle and some scruffy rolton skin leathers.

In the display case you see an ora-laced vruul skin gem pouch, a dented silver ale flagon, a minotaur horn scroll tube, some black tooled leather vambraces, some rugged thick-soled boots, a rune-etched stalactite amulet and a stamped metal Saramar symbol. On the gear hooks you see a black centaur-hide baldric, a bear claw clasped gear satchel, a matte black spidersilk musette, a capacious leather game satchel, a fur-trimmed thick wool greatcloak, an oiled leather weapon harness, some grimy canvas panniers, a roa'ter skin map case and a griffin-winged pauldron.

On the wooden shelf you see some onyx beard clips, some tiny axe shaped beard clips and a small anvil shaped beard clip.

In the Common language, it reads:
If ya don't know nothin' about weapons, go ask a fiter and they'll tell ya what these are. Them rolton leathers is the same as double leather and the whip's got flares from them firecat claws. Ain't nothin' special about the rest of the weapons or armors 'cept the materials they're made from. If ya gotta ask what Saramar is, ya ain't been keepin' up with racial histories.

[Tribble's Wagon of Tricks]
Tinctures and powders line the shelves on the walls, while a slightly rancid mixture sits in a small bowl upon the counter. An odd assortment of items spills forth from a modwir trunk, while more traditional amulets and magical charms rest inside a glaes-paned case. You also see the Dhalmer disk.

In the modwir trunk you see a pair of black-tinted glasses, some spooky fake ears, a makeshift modwir splint, a braided leather collar and a scratched silver monocle.

In the glaes-paned case you see a high holy symbol, a cloud-etched brooch, a flame-etched brooch, a niello silver ring, a silver-inlaid obsidian ring, a silver spider-shaped pendant, a black fly-shaped locket and a barbed golden stickpin.

[Majekul Stoofs]
A bit of light is shed over the area inside this tent by a number of lanterns hung here and there. The light from each lantern seems to shift about and with a quick glance you notice that within each is a number of glowworms creating the effect. This spacious tent is almost completely barren and if not for the few personal trunks, a moving crate, and display tables, it would be. Off to one side is a tent flap; it appears to be the only means of egress. You also see the Starna disk, the Boomsplat disk, the sparkling Czarne disk, a raffle table with some stuff on it, an old grey parchment hanging on the wall, an old tan parchment hanging on the wall, a brown marble table with some stuff on it, a pink marble table with some stuff on it, a white marble table with some stuff on it and a black marble table with some stuff on it.

In the Common language, it reads:

-= Gyde Tu Mi Stoofs =-

Plum: Haste Rose: Strength Orange: Hurl Boulder Maroon: Floating Disk Magenta: Resist Elements Lime: Skinning Ivory: Sun Burst Indigo: Phase Green: Disintegrate Grey: Prismatic Guard Fuchsia: Minor Fire Bisque: Major Fire Purple: Tremors Slate: Mass Blur Thistle: Heal Salmon: Org/Scar Repair

In the Common language, it reads:

-= Gyde Tu Mi Stoofs =-

Azure: Spirit Warding Beige: Disease Resistance Black: Poison Resistance Red: Spirit Warding II Yellow: Dispel Invisibility Blue: Water Walking Violet: UnDisease Brown: UnPoison Coral: Light Crimson: Silence Cyan: Bravery Pink: Prayer of Protection White: Preservation Tan: Well of Life Silver: Neutralize Curse Gold: Lock Pick Enhancement

On the brown marble table you see a red doodad, a brown doodad, a pink doodad, a gold doodad, an indigo doodad, a bisque colored doodad, a salmon colored doodad and a thistle colored doodad.

On the pink marble table you see a black doodad, a violet doodad, a cyan doodad, a silver doodad, an orange doodad, an ivory doodad, a maroon doodad and a fuchsia colored doodad.

On the white marble table you see a beige doodad, a blue doodad, a crimson doodad, a tan doodad, a rose colored doodad, a lime colored doodad, a grey doodad and a slate colored doodad.

On the black marble table you see an azure doodad, a yellow doodad, a coral colored doodad, a white doodad, a plum colored doodad, a magenta doodad, a green doodad and a purple doodad.