Elanthian Warehouse and Storage:
Webmaster's Notes

The original keeper of the Elanthian Warehouse and Storage unfortunately passed away a few years ago. Having worked with the original owner before his death, I have permission to continue his work as best I can. As I do not have the kind of knowledge or understanding of the inner workings of GemStoneIV, or the time and money he put into his research, most, if not all, of my information originates from my own logging of prices for my reconstructions, and Cattriona's Merchant Record with her permission. The rest is from my own purchases and donated information from other acquaintances in game, other players' archives on the web, or Nilandia in particular.

The Oleani Festival of 2000 is a recreation of the original page which I had printed out for my own use. The rest are my own work; please do not repost elsewhere without contacting me first.

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