You see Senior GameHost Genorah the Botanist.
She appears to be a Sylvankind of the Kytawa D'ahranal.
She appears to be in her second childhood and taller than average. She has sparkling crystal green eyes and fair skin. She has very long, glossy deep red hair worn in a chignon. She has an oval face, an aquiline nose and tall upswept pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a rose-embossed sterling silver chalice in her right hand.
She is wearing a tan leather helm draped with a loose spidersilk veil, a delicate emerald-carved haircomb, a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles, a coral and chrysoberyl necklace, a supple tan leather vest, a soft ivory blouse accented with a coral and ivory cameo brooch and fastened with hand-carved bone buttons and a soft bow at the neck, a pristine velvet coin pouch, a soft brown linen pouch, a rugged leather satchel, a calf-length tan leather skirt, and a pair of well-worn leather boots.