You see GameMaster Khimaera.
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She appears to be very young and exceedingly tall. She has bestial slit-pupiled amber eyes and dark-patterned scale-ridged skin. She has iridescent, feathery nightmare black hair that shrouds her body to her ankles. She has a sharply angular face and a pair of long, backwards-curving horns atop her head. She has a pair of massive, demon-like ebon wings jutting from the back of her shoulders.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a topaz-beaked dark steel starling, a sinister dark wyrwood dual-crossbow with spike-studded golvern banding, a large coiled boa constrictor, a magnificent black-ora raven figurine, a Dhu stuff sack, a heavy piebald boa constrictor, a leather-bound black ora amulet, some heavily shredded raw furs crudely stitched together into the semblance of a cloak, a soft black chamois chest-band, a sinew-laced dark rawhide hip-satchel, an onyx-chained supple leather loincloth, a sleek black feather-trimmed haversack, some knee-high membranous ebon foot-wraps, a tiny cricket jail, and a silver-eyed black monitor lizard.