You see Mindra Serien the Half-Elf Ranger.
She appears to be composed and collected, for now.
Her cloud of red hair is marked by one silver streak at the right temple and her brilliant green eyes return your gaze agreeably.
She is in good shape.
She is holding an onyx set mithril link baldric in her right hand.
She is wearing a canvas sack, an elegant dancing-couple charm, a silver heart-shaped locket, a knobby-kneed sprite pin with tiny gossamer wings, a twig doll with an acorn for a head, a plain-looking sack, a full-skirted taffeta work dress striped in muted greens, an ashen spidersilk cloak, a silvered modwir leaf charm, a burnished antique silver crown, a knobby-kneed sprite pin with tiny gossamer wings, a simple silver ring adorned with a tiny black crystal, a carved modwir acorn-shaped mug, some pale yellow lisle stockings, a cream-colored apron, some brown leather slippers, an antique silver armband inset with a vaalorn star, a golden hay stalk pin, and a large sack.