You see Soraya Orondt.
She appears to be a Dark Elf.
She appears to be very young. She has milky white eyes and dark skin. She has shoulder length, auburn hair.
She is holding a wooden stick in her right hand.
She is wearing a garland of colorful fresh flowers, a tooled blue leather armband, an autumn leaf, an alexandrite blood eagle pin, a silver dragon stickpin, a delicately carved unicorn pin, an etched onyx pirate ship pin, a heavily scorched rolaren helm with two large mithril horns, a gem-inset blue tanik tree pin, a pair of small round spectacles attached to a silken cord, a tiny onyx perched owl pin, a furry brown spider charm, an oversized sturdy canvas daypack, some faceted round amethyst earrings, a butterfly charm, a leather-bound wooden tankard, a practical woven silk snood, some fuzzy bear-headed slippers, a delicate silver chain handflower, a silver-tipped mournbloom pin, a small rose, a brightly-hued toy parrot, a miniature quiver pin, an ankle-length mauve cotton dress with a pleated skirt cinched at the waist with a narrow leather belt, a brass-studded tan leather neckpouch, a plain white linen smock, some dull silver rolaren field plate bearing several scorch marks, a battered puma hide waterskin, an opaline Elanthian snow rose, a bear-shaped red jasper talisman, a gold star, a silvery spiderweb brooch set with tiny diamond dewdrops that spell out "GameMaster Soraya Orondt", a carved modwir screech owl pin, a black vultite wolf's head clasp, a persecuted half-elf doll, a shimmering autumn-hued leaf, an iridescent specter keg pin, a tiny silver gate pin, an opalescent white moonstone brooch, a lustrous hematite moon talisman, a resilient cordovan leather feed bag secured with multiple brass clasps, a magnifying glass pin, and a polished silver armband adorned with golden acorns.