You see GameMaster Xayle.
She appears to be a Half-Elf.
She appears to be very young and very tall. She has amber-touched mottled blue-green eyes and flawless alabaster skin. She has very long, straight copper-tinged dark chestnut hair drawn back from her face by two slender braids and secured with a length of black leather cording. She has an oval face and slightly pointed ears. She has a tiny pink heart on her right cheek, just below her eye.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing a pair of knee-high ebon leather boots, some side-laced black leather pants, a pair of slender suede thigh-strapped sheaths, an indigo brocade hip sack shot through with silver threading, a thick black ora manacle, a petite lapis lazuli-inset ring, a back-laced black leather half-bodice, a silver-set ebonwood talisman, a thin silver lapis-beaded neckchain, a high-collared cerulean suede longcoat, a sitting beanbag roa'ter, and a pair of triple-strand earrings suspending lapis lazuli teardrops.