You see GameMaster Ysbail verchCymry the Investigator.
She appears to be a Dwarf.
She appears to be hoary with age. She has dark eyes and blue skin. She has long, dark brown hair. She has a dark scruffy beard.
She has a yellowed bone ring in her right nostril, and a pair of enruned invar rings in the ridges of both her ears.
She is in good shape.
She is holding a shot of dwarven whiskey in her left hand.
She is wearing a silver-edged conch shell, a gem bag, a crude metal brooch that reads, "Just Call Me Sassy Yassie", a ratty leather eyepatch, a grey and blue tartan sash, a sky blue glaesine orb, a salt-encrusted astrolabe, a cinnamon sachet, some moth-eaten wool leggings, some beaded white goathide moccasins, a stylish dark suede coin purse, a calamia fruit talisman, a simple silver star, a silvered modwir leaf charm, an antique gold pocket watch, a kilted Karec doll, a braided horsehair wristlet, an exotic blood red rose, a ragged belt layered with soiled skunk fur, a braided crown of dead vines, a gold star, a blue-streaked razern beard clip, a dried monkeyflower garland, a bilious yellow leather vest, a tree-shaped pin, an intricate ivory snowflake pin, a shiny golden ring, a leather sheath, a faded plaid shawl, a grubby burlap tunic, a platinum-threaded knotwork armband, and a vultite greatshield.