You see GameMaster Zyllah Willowglade the Bandit.
She appears to be a Sylvankind of the Kytawa D'ahranal.
She appears to be very young and tall. She has observant bright violet eyes and fair skin. She has very long, straight sandy blonde hair worn in a single braid. She has a narrow face, a classical nose and sharply-curved pointed ears.
She is in good shape.
She is wearing some fitted black leather breeches, a rakish crimson-plumed black hat, some polished black knee-high leather boots, a warped platinum star, a bold white silk shirt open at the neck with long billowing sleeves, a fine mesh bag, a sparkling dragonfire ruby earring, a razern studded leather baldric with a swept hilt rapier slung at the left hip, a pretty jade green parrot, and a flamboyant black cape lined in flame red satin.