You see Qiralynna the tiny Elven Toymaker.
She appears to be youthful, has ribbon-braided hair, sparkling ice-blue eyes, and snow-dusted skin.
She is petite and slender.
She is holding a mangled pink velvet toy rabbit in her left hand.
She is wearing a stylish ecru surcoat, a silvery green leather cap, a pair of delicate snowflake-shaped crystal earrings, a scraggly fake beard, an elegant ivory rose, an Elanthian snow rose, a carved white chalcedony snowball pin, a toymaker's guild badge, a green velvet bodice laced with snow-white spidersilk ties, a pearly white pouch, a white leather satchel stitched with golden trim, an ivory-colored skirt trimmed with emerald embroidery and a pair of green slippers with curly toes ending in jingling silver bells.