...And All I Got Was This Lousy Button

Cerril asks, "uh, forgive me, i'm a dark elf?"

Cerril asks, "Proud to not be a halfling?"

Cerril exclaims, "Down with tarts!"

Wethalhalas asks, "Up with skirts?"

Cerril exclaims, "or it could say, Be glad I'm wearing pants!"

Zacciwie says, ""Sheru smells bads.""

Zacciwie says, ""Feel free to grovel.""

Klapto says, "it wasn't me, it was the dwarf"

Rocktar says, "I was gonna do 'No tippin allowed, cause I already stole more then you'd tip'"

Zacciwie says, ""Free silvers and gems accepted.""

Rocktar exclaims, "Or... Bashing is fer wimps! Use a lockpick!"

Zacciwie says, "Just Waggle"

Kraiz says, "how about 'Tap me for a free implosion"

Daliana says, "Ye casters should say something like "Ask me for a massie, you get mass death""

Kiestra says, "I'm a cleric...I can get ye up"

Gaeladrya says, "'No, I won't spell you up.'""

Zacciwie says, "Free massi....deaths."

Wethalhalas says, "Naw... "Tap me for free spells.""

Wethalhalas says, "Jes don't mention that it's mana disruption."

Zacciwie exclaims, "I'm not a wizard!"

Rocktar says, "I think I am gonna stick to the "you stick em and i pick em!'"

Kiestra says, "Clerics do it on the job"

Kiestra says, "Got milk need Ale"

Kiestra says, "Clerics dun just raise yer spirits"

Kiestra asks, "What part ye want raised first?"

Kiestra says, "I'm a cleric...lie down and enjoy"

Zacciwie says, ""I'm an antisocial sorcerer. Go away.""

Gaeladrya says, "If they don't kill you, I will..."

Wulfhen says, "I am, therefore I grunt."

Wulfhen says, "or, I grunt, therefore I am."

Kiestra asks, "Where the ale is the ale?"

Gaeladrya says, "Two ales please, I have a bard to cuff."

Wethalhalas asks, "Dwarf with a drinkin problem: 2 hands, 1 mouth?"

Wulfhen says, "If its not a made from a wolf, I ant wearen it."

Gaeladrya says, "Kill em all and let me sort em out."

Wulfhen says, "Tartlings make good eaten."

Wulfhen says, "or somebody said it on friday, Halflings, the other white meat."

Burndearh whispers, "'Wizards waggle best'"

Gaeladrya says, "Curiosity kills...well, you."

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