A Gnome By Any Other Name

[Land Tower East, Office]
The ground floor of this guard tower appears to be some kind of office. A single guard sits behind one of the desks reviewing some paperwork. A small wood stove in the corner provides heat to the room. You also see some wooden steps and a large wastebasket.
Also here: Sturart, Hawkclaws, Macenion who is kneeling, Tizzel
Obvious exits: out

Hawkclaws says, "Well look at that, a gnome, right here in the tower."

You exclaim, "I's gnome!"

You stare at Hawkclaws.

Hawkclaws nods.

You say, "Forest-type gnome."

Hawkclaws says, "Sure as heck are."

Sturart laughs!

You say, "Not steps on me please."

You mutter something inaudible.

You see Hawkclaws Boomstixx the Warrior.
He appears to be a Dark Elf.
He appears to be very young. He has grey eyes and dusky skin. He has very long, silver hair.
He is in good shape.
He is holding a dull claidhmore in his right hand.
He is wearing a black silver-studded bag, a crystal amulet, a spidersilk flute pouch, a glaes chain hauberk, a black onyx wolf charm, an enruned serpent ring, a thanot talisman, some laminated rolaren gauntlets, some calf-high laced moccasins, a forest green backpack, a Warrior Guild member pin, a dried black rose corsage, a forest green kilt, a skull-runed obsidian scabbard, a carved ivory skull earring, a twisted silver hair tie, a shimmering glaesine orb, and a forest green vultite shield.

Hawkclaws says, "I been tellin' folks we oughtta let them gnomes come up outta the well and have a drink with us."

Hawkclaws says, "Been saying that since about thirteen years ago."

Hawkclaws nods.

You exclaim, "I's not lives in well!"

Hawkclaws says, "I guess they finally listened to me."

Hawkclaws nods.

Hawkclaws says, "Well I'd like to be the first, even if I'm not, to welcome you to the surface."

Hawkclaws smiles at you.

You beam at Hawkclaws.

You say, "Tank oos."

You nod.

Hawkclaws asks, "What do you think of the big ball o' fire we call the sun?"

Sturart grins.

Sturart leans on Hawkclaws.

Hawkclaws says, "Betcha never seen it before, living in that smelly old well."

You blink.

You exclaim, "I's not lives in well!"

You say, "I's lives in tree before burned."

Hawkclaws asks, "Eh?"

You say, "I's FOREST-type gnome."

Hawkclaws says, "Now now, there's no trees in the well."

You say, "Not WELL-type gnome."

You stare at Hawkclaws.

Sturart cackles!

You say, "I's lives in forest."

Hawkclaws says, "Eh? Naw, I'm tellin' ya, there's no trees down there."

You nod.

You exclaim, "I's not comes from down dere!"

You stare at Hawkclaws.

Hawkclaws says, "Maybe some pretty bog toadstools, but not any trees in the well."

You exclaim, "I's never beens down well!"

Sturart whispers, "Forgive em, too many blows to the head."

Hawkclaws says, "Oh ya can't fool me! I know a gnome when I see one."

Hawkclaws says, "And I don't see 'em very often, cause yer all so short."

You say, "Dere being more dan one gnome type."

Sturart glances at Hawkclaws.

You stare at Hawkclaws.

Sturart grins.

Hawkclaws asks, "When ya gonna eat some vegetables and start growin?"

You exclaim, "I's not dat type gnome!"

Spaewife peers quizzically at Hawkclaws.

Hawkclaws takes a drink from his brown whiskey bottle.
He holds the bottle close to his nose for a lingering moment, drinking in its aromas.

Hawkclaws bows to Spaewife.

Spaewife asks, "There a point to yer insulting the gnomes?"

Hawkclaws asks, "Who's insulting anyone?"

You say, "I's not well-type gnome."

Hawkclaws says, "I like gnomes."

Spaewife says, "Sounds like it to me."

You say, "I's forest-type gnome."

Hawkclaws says, "Been trying to get them allowed into town for a long time now."

Hawkclaws says, "Glad it finally worked."

Hawkclaws nods.

You stare at Hawkclaws.

You say, "I's not well type gnome."

You say, "I's not lives in well."

You say, "I's not being dere."

You say, "Ever."

Hawkclaws asks, "You don't live well?"

You say, "I's lives in big big tree out in forest."

Hawkclaws ponders.

You say, "I's not lives IN de well."

Hawkclaws rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Hawkclaws asks, "Ya sure?"

Sturart grins.

You say, "I's nevers lives under de ground."

You exclaim, "Yes!"

Hawkclaws asks, "Never been down there huh?"

You exclaim, "I's sure!"

You say, "No."

Hawkclaws asks, "Wanna go?"

You say, "Never been down dere."

You say, "No, tank oos."

Hawkclaws says, "Eh, well...."

Hawkclaws shrugs.

You say, "Dere being more kind gnomes dan just de ones in de well."

You say, "I's NOT de ones in de well."

You say, "I's gnome in FOREST."

You stare at Hawkclaws.

Hawkclaws says, "Hmm."

Hawkclaws asks, "Ya know we say well for other things to, righ?"

You say, "I's FOREST type gnome."

You say, "I's nots speaks common well."

Hawkclaws asks, "Which forest ya come from?"

You nod to Hawkclaws.

Hawkclaws says, "I been through most of 'em."

You say, "Way way way far way forest."

You say, "Not ones can gets to easy."

Hawkclaws asks, "Which way way way?"

Hawkclaws asks, "North?"

You say, "I's not know."

You say, "I's not good wit directions."

You say, "I's travels by landmarks."

Hawkclaws says, "Looky here, if a gnome can get from the forest to here, I can get from here to the forest."

You say, "Not directions."

You exclaim, "I's not doubts dat!"

You say, "I's just sayings I's not knowings which way to point."

Hawkclaws ponders.

Hawkclaws asks, "Well, what landmarks did ya pass?"

You say, "Big trees."

You say, "Funny shape rocks."

You ponder.

You say, "Mudslide."

You nod.

You say, "Dere be log over river."

Hawkclaws says, "A log...."

Hawkclaws asks, "What kind o' tree?"

You say, "I's forest gnome, I's knows forest."

You say, "Dead type tree."

You nod to Hawkclaws.

Hawkclaws asks, "Ya don't say...a dead tree in log form?"

You nod.

You say, "Is dead tree."

Hawkclaws asks, "What in the lands?"

You say, "Is struck by lightning dead."

Hawkclaws asks, "They make 'em in different colors now?"

You say, "Burn a bits."

Hawkclaws shakes his head.

You say, "But nots like homes tree."

You begin to mope around, feeling very sorry for yourself.

Hawkclaws asks, "Ya got struck by lightning?"

You say, "Noooooo."

Hawkclaws says, "Same thing happened to me once I tell ya."

You say, "My home tree gots hits by lightning."

You exclaim, "And it burns!"

You wail!

You say, "Is all gone."

Hawkclaws says, "I was up on top of a mountain....battling a fierce beast."

You say, "Tree, hawk friend, all gone."

Poor baby!

Hawkclaws says, "And I took my sword...."

You say, "Den me comes to city."

Hawkclaws removes a ruby-hilted black rolaren longsword from in his obsidian scabbard.

You say, "Cause I's not can find new tree home."

Hawkclaws says, "I took it like this...."

Hawkclaws raises his black rolaren longsword in triumph!

Hawkclaws says, "And I was gonna chop the beast in half."

Hawkclaws says, "And lightning struck it."

Hawkclaws nods.

You shiver.

You say, "I's not gets hit by lightnings."

Hawkclaws says, "Knocked me straight off the mountain."

You nod.

Hawkclaws says, "I rolled all the way down."

Hawkclaws nods.

You say, "I's too shorts for lightnings."

You nod to Hawkclaws.

Hawkclaws says, "Bumping over logs and rocks."

You ask, "What logs kind?"

You peer quizzically at Hawkclaws.

Hawkclaws says, "Stones, dead critters, roltons and stray kobolds."

You ask, "Dead ones?"

Hawkclaws says, "Dead tree kinds."

Hawkclaws nods.

You say, "Is best kind."

You nod.

Hawkclaws says, "I rolled so far and so fast, my neck broke."

You say, "Not like live logs."

Macenion says, "Ahh."

Macenion shakes his head.

Hawkclaws says, "And I kept rolling and rolling, bumped right up against the west gate."

You shake your head.

Hawkclaws nods.

You exclaim, "Ouch!"

Hawkclaws put a dull claidhmore in his green backpack.

You exclaim, "Is hits head!"

Hawkclaws says, "The guard right there started to bury me."

Hawkclaws nods.

Hawkclaws says, "Dug a big ol' hole and tossed me in."

Hawkclaws says, "Sure enough piled all the dirt back on top of me too."

Hawkclaws says, "Luckily, he dug a little too deep and I fell out."

You snicker.

Hawkclaws says, "Into the tunnels under the well."

Hawkclaws nods.

Hawkclaws says, "Where you little gnome folks live."

You exclaim, "I's not lives under grounds!"

You stare at Hawkclaws.

Hawkclaws says, "And they hauled me back over to the well."

You exclaim, "Dat oder type gnome!"

Hawkclaws says, "Made a bunch of noise and someone came down and got me."

Hawkclaws says, "Took forever for my hair to grow back too."

Hawkclaws nods.

Hawkclaws says, "But it's all thanks to my little well living pals."

Hawkclaws smiles at you.

You nod.

You say, "Is not beings me."

You say, "I's not livings dere."

You nod.

Hawkclaws says, "Eh? Oh, that's right."

You nod.

The field mouse sits down.

You say, "I's not well-type gnome."

Hawkclaws asks, "You came from a forest of dead log trees, right?"

You say, "I's forest-type gnome."

You nod.

You say, "De ones standing ups being livings."

You say, "Just trees."

You say, "Not logs."

You say, "De ones on de ground..."

Hawkclaws works his fingers under his silver hair tie and scratches his head.

You say, "Be dead log type trees."

The field mouse darts all around, generally being a great nuisance.

Hawkclaws raises an eyebrow.

Hawkclaws pets Khelorn's field mouse.

You say, "Dead type trees be logs."

You nod.

Hawkclaws says, "Eh, look at this little critter."

Hawkclaws says, "He's gonna grow up into a big fierce marmot and eat little adventurers."

Hawkclaws nods.

You grin at Hawkclaws.

You exclaim, "I's hopes not!"

You say, "I's little."

Hawkclaws says, "Eh well, just rub ground krolvan pepper spice on your arms and legs when ya get around 'em."

Hawkclaws nods.

Hawkclaws says, "They don't like the hot stuff."

You giggle.

You nod.

You say, "I's takes word." 3:25 PM