Mekthros, Melons and Marketing Tips

[Rayquaza (faint)]: "Don't suppose anyone has an amulet holder they'd like to sell me?"

[Nyrithorn (faint)]: "Go north for that junk, we're sorta having a war."

[Vyrshkana (faint)]: "I's sick of war."

[Mekthros (faint)]: "Down with war, up with amulet holders?"

[Mekthros (faint)]: "What?"

[Myrisa (faint)]: "Mekthros has offically lost it."

[Tarandur (faint)]: "he never had it"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "He has something to lose?"

[Sylviana (faint)]: "Not very surprising."

[Mekthros (faint)]: "I have it right here."

[Mekthros (faint)]: "Oh. It's missing."

[Nashara (faint)]: "he lost!"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "How much of a noticeable different would it be, really."

[Mekthros (faint)]: "If anyone finds it, let me know."

[Kateerina (faint)]: "ugh we do NOT want to see it"

[Wylde (faint)]: "This is your reality Mekthros."

[Myrisa (faint)]: "I'm stepping on it."

[Charna (faint)]: "I'm confused, wha' is "IT" exactly?"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "I really do not want to know what "it" is."

[Briah (faint)]: "I found it. Rescued it from Myrisa."

[Myrisa (faint)]: "You do know how I like to kick, right Mekthros?"

[Mekthros (faint)]: "My, aren't we clever with the innuendo tonight."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "There was one that looked just like it stuck under the drunk sailor's shoe. I saw it when he fell down."

[Charna (faint)]: "Greetin's"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Just business as usual."

[Kilthal (faint)]: "Greetings Kasia"

[Kateerina (faint)]: "NIlandia it doesn't matter does it.. we still have the BEST melons"

[Nyrithorn (faint)]: "I've seen better melons."

[Briah (faint)]: "You do nothing but stare at them, Ny."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Hah! Too, too true."

[Charna (faint)]: "I'm tol' tha' if'n ye go ta' RIver's Rest they fall of tha' trees. Mayhap tha' ha'e better'uns"

[Kateerina (faint)]: "Nilandia and I and Subarashi have the best melons ever"

[Myrisa (faint)]: "He does stare alot.."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "That is official."

[Vyrshkana (faint)]: "I not wanting know."

[Briah (faint)]: "I'm glad I had nothing to do with that contest."

[Charna (faint)]: "Wha' contest?"

[Malikary (faint)]: "I agree Briah"

[Myrisa (faint)]: "You and I are both the innocent ones Briah."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Well... sort of."

[Briah (faint)]: "You are innocent, Myri?"

[Tarandur (faint)]: "let me know if ye need a melon judge"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "By a deacon of Koar, no less."

[Briah (faint)]: "Well, judging is their department, isn't it Landi?"

[Malikary (faint)]: "I'm going to get into trouble with this conversation, so I'm going to kindly bow out of it"

[Charna (faint)]: "How do ye ha'e ah melon contest ta' decide whose better? Ye ha'e some'un wack ye in tha' head an' tha' one whose skull is softest has tha' best Melon?"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Mm... yes."

[Nashara (faint)]: "wait please"

[Myrisa (faint)]: "Must.. not ... comment.."

[Charna (faint)]: "Then wha' kind o' melon 'er ye talkin' bout?"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "For the love of.."

[Vyrshkana (faint)]: "I not wanting KNOW!"

[Myrisa (faint)]: "The very round kind, I'm thinking.. Sometimes a bit soft... "

[Myrisa (faint)]: "Shutting up now. "

[Charna (faint)]: "Yer jokin'?"

[Myrisa (faint)]: "It wasn't me!"

[Kateerina (faint)]: "mine were sweet... I cannot remember what was said abot Nilandia"

[Briah (faint)]: "Alright, that leaves me being the only one who's innocent."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "I prefer to think of mine as... er, right. Never mind!"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Some melons would serve better if they were placed on top of the shoulders, rather than between them"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "With others, you simply cannot tell."

[Myrisa (faint)]: "I can't be deemed not innocent for understanding!"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Care to find out, Turinrond?"

[Kateerina (faint)]: "Turinrond what do youthink we are talking about?"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "This is the damnable truth."

[Vyrshkana (faint)]: "Um, melons?"

[Briah (faint)]: "You should never ask Turin questions."

[Myrisa (faint)]: "well.. and then explaining.."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Not if you want a direct answer, no. Then do not ask."

[Charna (faint)]: "Okay okay, I git it now, Ny an' Rashi kinda... dirtied it up fer me"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Leave it to them to dirty things correctly."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Make sure you scrub and clean your dirty melons before checking in, eh."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "I try, but it is kind of hard since they closed the baths."

[Charna (faint)]: "Well, tha' bathhouse is in rubble"

[Nashara (faint)]: "no clean towels left?"

[Kateerina (faint)]: "hello Yuki"

[Vrairdrick (faint)]: "good evening"

[Charna (faint)]: "If'n ye say so"

[Linsha (faint)]: "Find a bucket. Everyone knows there are enough of those left around."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "For all the people who go to the Lake, why am I not so surprised none of ye bathe in it?"

[Charna (faint)]: "Ha'e ye seen tha' water?"

[Kateerina (faint)]: "I swim in the bay..."

[Yukito (faint)]: "Who wants to bathe in a lake with a roa'ter breathing down your neck?"

[Charna (faint)]: "Ugnh."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Ye find a roa'ter in a lake, and it's floating upside down."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "I could go for a good melon washing."

[Vyrshkana (faint)]: "Doings what, de backstroke?"

[Kateerina (faint)]: "me too Nilandia..."

Turinrond (faint)]: "Whatever dead roa'ters do before they sink to the bottom."

[Charna (faint)]: "Could we PLEASE jist drop tha' melon talk?"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "But why?"

[Yukito (faint)]: "Roa'ters...have..upside downs?"

[Rayquaza (faint)]: "Help..."

[Avidleigh (faint)]: "Methinks the lady doth protest too much."

[Hemingr (faint)]: "Well now what a pleasant thought... some ladies wanting to wash thier... mellons"

[Nashara (faint)]: "sush"

[Vyrshkana (faint)]: "Could beings worse."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Aye, they have a soft belly and a soft head. Or they have a soft melon."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Are you so sure about that, Vyrshkana?"

[Yukito (faint)]: "Oh dear... that poor person died..."

[Vyrshkana (faint)]: "Yes."

[Charna (faint)]: "Protest? Me? Pftt"

[Sygel (faint)]: "Pity no one listened."

[Yukito (faint)]: "I never knew a worm had a melon..."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Is a better melon, indeed Yukito, that has no worms."

[Hemingr (faint)]: "Yes worms and mellons"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "T'was snakes and brothels earliers."

[Yukito (faint)]: "Nilandia's melons have worms? I am so confused..."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Hey, now!"

[Kateerina (faint)]: "Nilandia do your melons have worms... mine certainly do not"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Nor mine!"

[Hemingr (faint)]: "I volunteer to check em"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "She was saying her melons were in good need of cleaning. Mayhaps they do."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Hush, you."

[Charna (faint)]: "I'm goin' ta' start jist loppin' melons off an' feedin' 'im ta' Mor'chain if'n ye donnae drop it"

[Yukito (faint)]: "What kind of melons are they?"

[Neyana (faint)]: "I know a song that has melons in it"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Uh..."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Round and mushy, she claims."

[Nashara (faint)]: "sush!"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Not mushy!"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Mine are firm, thank you very much."

[Kateerina (faint)]: "mine are firm and sweet... mushy? ick"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "I prefer firm melons myself, freshly plucked from the garden. Worm free, of course."

[Sylviana (faint)]: "Has anyone considered there might be youngsters listening to the net?"

[Charna (faint)]: "Tha's it, WHere's Katee? An' where's Morchain"

[Sygel (faint)]: "And to think you fine folk wish to save this town of ill-repute and off-color conversations."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Mor'chain can get her own damn melons."

[Briah (faint)]: "I don't think so, Sylvi."

[Yukito (faint)]: "What's wrong with the conversation? It's just about melons. I like melon punch myself."

[Mekthros (faint)]: "Far away from this conversation, if he knows what's good for him."

[Nashara (faint)]: "Sygel...die"

[Aasterinian (faint)]: "Without tasting of the sweet fruit."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "You are not punching my melons!"

[Hemingr (faint)]: "And since we are talking mellns and worms... whats the harm"

[Kateerina (faint)]: "has anyone ever thought that we are talking about the melons ye eat.. not whats in yer dirty minds"

[Yukito (faint)]: " he listening in?"

[Linsha (faint)]: "These conversation are rather normal. I guess they tend to forget the people who died earlier with their joking."

[Sylviana (faint)]: "I like mangos myself Yukito."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Whatever would you do with melons, but put them in your mouth? Oh, sure, they make fine practice for an axe or three, but really.."

[Yukito (faint)]: "I never was really fond of mangos myself."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Tis better to eat the melon."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Hrmph. Sorry, but no one is tasting my melons."

[Kateerina (faint)]: "who is locating me"

[Yukito (faint)]: "If these melons are so good then why are we talkinga bout them and not sharing them?"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Greedy melon farmers. You musn't keep them all to yourself, les your garden go rotten from disuse."

[Kateerina (faint)]: "as I remember we offered you some Yuki and ye ran away. Thought ye was allergic or something"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Trust me, they are not neglected."

[Yukito (faint)]: " did? I'm sorry. That was rude of me."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Indeed, I am sure you get your hoe and attend your garden vigorously."

[Yukito (faint)]: "Next time you wish to share your melons, I would be happy to have some."

[Mekthros (faint)]: "Selling Yukito."

[Yukito (faint)]: "Pardon?"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Nonetheless, a garden must be picked of all its fruits so that fresh seeds can grow."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Trust me, that happens everyday."

[Myrisa (faint)]: "1 silver"

[Briah (faint)]: "You can't sell Yukito. He's mine."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Hey! Bid like a woman! 2 silver."

[Sygel (faint)]: "She wouldn't know how."

[Briah (faint)]: "Savius, you aren't supposed to take what doesn't belong to you!"

[Mekthros (faint)]: "Lives, for instance."

[Yukito (faint)]: " are all bidding on Nilandia's melons, yes?"

[Mekthros (faint)]: "Bid stands at 2."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Eek!"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "They are bidding on you, Yukito."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "No bidding on the melons!"

[Yukito (faint)]: "I' for sale?"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "And the opportunity to feed you melons."

[Mekthros (faint)]: "I can see that the justification for destroying the city was actually sound."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "You must insist that they are without worms. You sound so frightened earlier."

[Yukito (faint)]: "There is no need for all that. I'd gladly eat melons for free. I like them

[Turinrond (faint)]: "They are bidding for the honor of serving you."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "You know how pompous melon farmers get - they all think their melons are Imaera's gift or some such nonsense."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "They are without worms, I can assure you, Turinrond."

[Yukito (faint)]: "Well, goodness. I'd hate for people to be dissapointed so how about we shift the bidding over to, sir?"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "When, really, one firm melon is just as good as the next."

[Yukito (faint)]: "They can bid on the honor of feeding you."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "I have two of them! Hmrph!"

[Kateerina (faint)]: "no way he might bite yer fingers"

[Malikary (faint)]: "feeding him to what?"

[Silverphenix (faint)]: "All this commotion over a melon or two?"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "There will be no feeding me melons."

[Vyrshkana (faint)]: "I's hopes it being two."

[Yukito (faint)]: "Feeding him TO? No, no, no. Lord Savius is sponsoring bidding on Turinrond."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "If I want a damned melon, I'll stomp into a garden and take them at my leisure."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Long as it is not mine."

[Yukito (faint)]: "For the honor of feeding him melons. Only ripe and firm ones, though. No worms..."

[Yukito (faint)]: "Though I am still confused about the roa'ters..."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Roa'ters have one, I have two."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Got it?"

[Yukito (faint)]: "Erm. Yes. I think I do now."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Roa'ters have round soft heads that are similar to melons."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "And crush easily under an axe."

[Yukito (faint)]: "Rounded soft heads like melons?"

[Yukito (faint)]: "That doesn't sound quite right..."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Aye."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Though mine are a bit tender at the moment."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Well, a melon with teeth."

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Sort of like our melon farmers here in town. Melon heads with teeth."

[Kateerina (faint)]: "who keeps locating me"

[Yukito (faint)]: "Melons with teeth...okay... now I think I need a drink."

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Makes me wonder why people have not located me yet."

[Tarandur (faint)]: "someone interested in yer melons"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "No one likes mine?"

[Kateerina (faint)]: "Subarashi was"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "Aye, I think I do, too. Or has that place burnt down, too?"

[Nilandia (faint)]: "Thank you."

[Tarandur (faint)]: "yer welcome"

[Turinrond (faint)]: "I did not ask to be located. I am at the outpost, of course."

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