Widgets, Widgets, Everywhere

You ponder.

You remove a tiny brass widget from in your grey spidersilk backpack.

Alisaire starts chortling.

Zinnie exclaims, "Widget!"

You nod to Zinnie.

You say, "I have a widget."

Corneelious taps an elaborate vaalin widget.

Zinnie nods to you.

You show Zinnie your brass widget.

You ask, "Would you like my widget?"

Zinnie says, "I would love your widget."

You offer your brass widget to Zinnie, who has 30 seconds to accept the offer. Type CANCEL to prematurely cancel the offer.

You say, "Have widget, will travel."

You nod.

Zinnie has accepted your offer and is now holding a tiny brass widget.

Zinnie offers you an ivory-inlaid ash composite bow. Type ACCEPT to accept the offer or DECLINE to decline it. The offer will expire in 30 seconds.

Zinnie put a tiny brass widget in her sewing satchel.

You accept Zinnie's offer and are now holding an ivory-inlaid ash composite bow.

You beam!

Zinnie grins.

Zinnie bows.

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