[The Crossroads]
Your skin tingles as you step into a soft white mist that seems to sparkle with a faint glow. The mist extends in every direction as far as you can see, and there are several portals close at hand leading to mysterious places. Do you dare venture further? You take a deep breath as you carefully consider your choices. You also see a deep emerald green pool leading to Satyrah's Lagoon, a shimmering portal leading to Altiron's Isle, a ring of stones leading to Kristing's Place, Quill's Bar and Grill, a LARGE sign, the path to Brennwyn's place, a gnarled hollow stump leading to Uska's Underground Lab, a tree-lined path leading to Vogue's Villa Innocentia, a bone littered trail to Tigermist's mountain, a twisting path leading to Isten's Cove, a shimmering ethereal portcullis to Ethereon's Domain, a rickety flight of snow-covered stairs to Modrian's Loft, a very long twisted rope leading to Andraste's turret, a tall wrought-iron gate leading to Talairi's ranch, a wooded path leading to Lajway Manor, a small path to Gromial's Mountain, Von's swirling portal of black and white mist, an entrygate to Kennesaw's Keep, a stack of ale kegs etched with the words, "Krashproof", a rope ladder ascending to Jessine's quarters, a winding trail to Cyr's Refuge and a leaf-covered path leading to Jineer's Woods.
Obvious exits: out.