Three Heads Are Better Than One

Laura Ingalls shows a hand-made stuffed brindle bulldog to everyone present.
This hand-made bulldog is obviously well loved. Embroidered into the chest is the name Jack in childishly simple letters.

Star Gordon says, "What a lovely little dog."

Star Gordon smiles at Laura Ingalls.

Rubeus Hagrid exclaims, "Awww, what a cuddly dog!"

Veruca Salte exclaims, "My toys are MUCH cuter than THAT. In fact, I am going to go find one NOW!"

Veruca Salte holds hands with Oompa Loompa.

Veruca Salte exclaims, "Come on, OOMPA!"

Rubeus Hagrid says, "I have one at home just like it too, his name is Fang"

Rubeus Hagrid says, "Oh, and a three headed one named Fluffy"

Rubeus Hagrid beams happily.

Scar Gordon asks, "Ya got a dragon do ya?"

Hermione Granger says, "Fluffy drools a bit more"

Tarma Tale'sedrin says, "Is it true then, that music soothes the savage beast? THere have been no few beasts on the Plains which music did not affect in any way."

Rubeus Hagrid glances at Scar Gordon.

Gerard Uth'Mondar asks, "Three heads, is it cursed?"

Rubeus Hagrid says, " dragons...Fluffy's one o' meh best friends"

Tarma Tale'sedrin says, "All three of it is name'd Fluffy."

Rubeus Hagrid exclaims, "Cursed? He's as healthy as any three-headed dog could be!"

Hermione Granger exclaims, "I can attest to that!"

Luthien Tinuviel covers a soft gasp, "methinks that some are wicked and troublesome enough with just two heads, may the heavens protect us from those with three"

Gerard Uth'Mondar says, "Three heads"

Rubeus Hagrid blinks.

Rubeus Hagrid says, "I should not have told yeh that....I should NOT have told yeh that...."

Hermione Granger agrees with Rubeus Hagrid.

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