Home Sweet Home

Tarma Tale'sedrin says, "I'm from the Dhorisha Plains, on Velgarth."

Morgaine LeFay asks, "Is that in Gaul?"

Tarma Tale'sedrin says, "And if you ask me, I have no clue how I got here. Perhaps a rogue Gate."

Morgaine LeFay glances at Tarma Tale'sedrin.

Scar Gordon says, "You came by gate too? "

Scar Gordon groans.

Scar Gordon pats Tarma Tale'sedrin on the back.

Tarma Tale'sedrin says, "Magic Gate."

Star Gordon says, "Scar, do stop complaining about my gates."

Scar Gordon says, "I hate those things"

Star Gordon says, "They're only rough when when you refuse to shut up and stand still."

Scar Gordon says, "But her Wisdom uses it to get us here and there"

Star Gordon exclaims, "O-Scar!"

Star Gordon glares at Scar Gordon.

Scar Gordon chuckles.

Scar Gordon asks, "Yes Princess?"

Star Gordon mutters quietly, "Do not call me that!"

Star Gordon just stomped her foot angrily.

Scar Gordon bows deeply at Star.

Star Gordon says, "You're incorrigible."

Star Gordon rolls her eyes.

Scar Gordon says, "Dont make me paddle you again"

Scar Gordon glances at Star Gordon.

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