How Entertaining

Tenar Flint asks, "How many here are royalty?"

Tenar Flint says, "Out of curiosity." . . . Veronica Franco says, "I am not, however i have entertained royality"

Lestat De'Lioncourt says, "So have I."

Lestat De'Lioncourt chortles.

Veronica Franco grins.

Veronica Franco says, "Oh I am sure You have"

Veronica Franco grins at Lestat De'Lioncourt.

Lestat De'Lioncourt smiles.

Veronica Franco says, "More likely in the same way as myself Lestat"

Lestat De'Lioncourt asks, "And how is that, lovely?"

Lestat De'Lioncourt leans on Veronica Franco.

Lestat De'Lioncourt takes a sip of his bloody mary.

Veronica Franco politely clears her throat and leans towards Lestat and whispers loudly "there are children here, i shouldn't talk of such things"

Lestat De'Lioncourt leans to Veronica Franco and whispers, "Perhaps you'll show me later, then?"

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