Interview With A Vampire

Tarma Tale'sedrin turns to Lestat.

Tarma Tale'sedrin says, "You have my permission to eat the brat, if you like."

Lestat De'Lioncourt gazes at Tarma Tale'sedrin.

Lestat De'Lioncourt laughs!

Veruca Salte just dumped her chocolate milk on Tarma Tale'sedrin!!

Veruca Salte screams!

Gollum Smeagol pokes at Veruca.

Veruca Salte exclaims, "OOMPA!"

Morgaine LeFay asks, "Eat? Are we cannibals? Savages?"

Oompa Loompa nods to Veruca Salte.

Morgaine LeFay blinks.

Veruca Salte exclaims, "I need more chocolate milk!!"

Tarma Tale'sedrin wipes the chocolate milk from her wrap-jacket with a raised eyebrow.

Oompa Loompa finds some more chocolate milk.

Lestat De'Lioncourt picks up Veruca Salte by the front of her dress and shakes her.

Wild Thing exclaims, "I am a cannibal! And a Savage!"

Tarma Tale'sedrin says, "As I was saying."

Tarma Tale'sedrin nod to Lestat De'Lioncourt.

Lestat De'Lioncourt drops Veruca roughly.

Morgaine LeFay glances at Wild Thing.

Marian Bagelle cowers away from Lestat De'Lioncourt!

Veruca Salte shrieks loudly in Lestat De'Lioncourt's ear.

Tarma Tale'sedrin says, "In fact, please do."

Wild Thing raises his little claws at Morgaine.

Lestat De'Lioncourt winces expressively.

Oompa Loompa offers some chocolate milk to Veruca Salte.

Gollum Smeagol peers at Tarma Tale'sedrin from a dark corner.

Veruca Salte accepts some chocolate milk from Oompa Loompa.

Morgaine LeFay says, "You have vicious nightclothes. I am much feared of you."

Morgaine LeFay nods to Wild Thing.

Lestat De'Lioncourt says, "Even I have my standards."

Tarma Tale'sedrin ponder for a moment and reflect.

Tarma Tale'sedrin says, "True."

Wild Thing cackles gleefully.

Tarma Tale'sedrin says, "I wouldn't want to poison another guest of the party."

Lestat De'Lioncourt says, "I also promised I would behave tonight. So I ate earlier."

Lestat De'Lioncourt clears his throat.

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