Necromancer Guild Notes

First on the favor thing. They are allowed favors because the Gods hope they will turn good. Now for the notes:


Necromancers (in no particular order): (Note these are not 100% finalized form of the notes mostly a straight transcription from my short hand)

Who to blame? Rigby, Cadaya, and Solomon

For Necros death is a way of life. It effects EVERYTHING about them and the way they live. They are compleatly obsessed with it. These are NOT your standard D&D etc necros.

No ghosts! No spirit manipulation. Necros will ONLY deal in fleshly undead, which are more like puppets, not intelligent.

Survival primary, lore/magic secondary, spell slots as a magic prime.

NEW SKILL - Scarification. This is a magic skill, necro only. If taught to an empath they will learn empathy (New name for trans), and empathy taught to a necro will teach scarification. This skill is used to transfer your scars to another (some living some dead) to exert control over them. Teaching this skill will NOT out an necro (at least to an empath) and presumably this means empathy will be teachable.

Key Skills: Skinning, First Aid, Scarification, Light Edge (as a starting skill - think surgeons), mech (some of what it will break into), anatomy.

Will be combat heavy despite being tert to gather corpses.

Circling (indeed surviving) as a necro is intended to be VERY hard even with some compromises from realism to make it playable.

Hard to join (NO in city guilds, well hidden)

Perhaps an arrange type ability but it would be very different then the ranger arrange.

Consent - If you have a title or undead in town or are being blatantly a necromancer EVERYONE will have consent on you. Understand this. This is a big reason there is emphasis on expansion to cut around any city.

Guards may well have issues with you in town for the above.

Necros will be FAR more frowned on then thieves, we're talking major taboo here. Beyond illegal.

Prydaens and Rakash will have NASTY penalties if they are a necro.

Even joining the guild will not be easy.

"Even more things they can do to undead in The Fallen" - Solomon

Survival skills needed to get to guilds.

Nasty (more then thieves) reprocussion for outting their secrets. "They know where your grandmother is buried" - Danalae

Events will lead up to their release.