Races Seminar

With HSN, Gor'Tog stats will be adjusted. They are currently the only race with more penalized stats than bonus stats so it will be adjusted.

Encumbrance for all races will be adjusted at this time for the better. Humans will remain neutral but all others will move closer to them. This means that gnomes and the smaller races will have less burden. Unsure but Gor Togs may be given some TDP's to offset the penalties they've lived with for this issue. TDP's would probably be comensurate with the costs they've incurred from penalties (nothing huge).

DR 2 system hopes to have a Racial Feat System

Each race has favored stats and by raising these stats, you'll be eligible for certain feats. This reflects choosing a race that is best for your guild or for it's natural abilities.

Feats will cost TDP's and some will be restricted by certain stat levels. In addition, there will be innate feats and penalties for races.

The following is not set in stone but is only ideas that the GM's are considering. They made it very clear that this is in the early planning stages and these are just some brainstormed ideas. Don't panic... They also said they'll welcome suggestions under the new DR2 area for races.