Trader Guild Panel Notes

Trader Business Associates - Approximately July - Traders will gain the ability to accuse a pickpocket to the Traders' guild (in any trading outpost) and the guild will send out it's, uh, 'business associates' which will try to track down the pickpocket and teach them a lesson (complete with a complimentary stun and shattered hand for good measure). The Trader must be on official guild business for the guild to get involved (i.e. the Trader must have a caravan rented and be traveling on the direct trade route between any 2 outposts).

Market Stalls - Approximately August - 40th Level Restriction - Stalls will be set up in the market bazaar which can be rented by a Trader for 1 Elanthian month (10 real-life days) for the price of 10 platinum. Each stall will contain 3 tables which the Trader can use to set up their goods until their time runs out. Whenever the Trader leaves the area, the tables will be covered until the Trader returns. The sign on the outside of the stall will read the Trader's name (i.e. Naria's Fine Merchandise). If the Trader wants to close up their stall early, they can just kick the table and all their goods will be packed up into a container for them.

Creature Trading - Hopefully Winter 2003 - This is a very intriguing system where Traders would be able to trade with sentient creatures such as goblins, kobolds, gypsy marauders, etc (but not adan'f, they're too evil). The Trader will enter the trading area (which will only allow 1 Trader at a time, and will include a timer for how often a particular Trader can enter), and there will be a list of 3 things that the creatures are willing to buy. These can include certain commodities or even storebought weapons and armor. Once the Trader offers the creatures his goods, the creatures will have a list of 3 things they are willing to trade. The first thing will be another commodity (which may or may not be something worth much more in Commodity Pits than its worth to the creatures). The second thing will be a pouch of gems, or a bundle of some skins from a nearby creatures (such as getting cougar pelts from goblins), or a bunch of treasure boxes. The third thing will be something random from the treasure system, which can range anywhere from a yummy rotting haunch of meat to a perfect firecat pelt to a kertigen tear (obviously quite rarely). The system is quite complex, including (I think!) quests from NPCs in order to gain access to different levels of the system, and is also upgradeable (including having goblins generating with the broadswords and plate mail that Traders sold them - and the Traders who sold them getting in trouble if discovered!, or having how many of the creature you've killed before effect the results of your transactions).

Messenger servants - No timetable given - These will be similar to an ability that a certain other guild may or may not have, but will likely be more limited and/or different in certain ways.

Containers on mainland caravans - Released this week on Thursday! - 35th level restriction - If you have ever seen the kregkeirels (sp?) that Traders can rent on Aesry, then you know what is being released. The pannier containers will be included automatically on any caravan or pack mule rented by a Trader over 35th circle. The pannier will be able to hold items, which as far as Godrich has been able to determine, are 100% crash-proof. There is no volume limit (you're throwing it on the back of a caravan!), as well as no item limit (due to the way they're coded, they don't take up system resources when in the container), and a weight limit of 10,000 stones. The items will obviously not be stealable, and they will also not disappear even if you get booted and your caravan does disappear. If your caravan starves to death, or otherwise disappears, you'll need to head to the stables to see if they still have it. If it died, they'll yell at you for killing their animals, and your caravan rental fees will be more expensive in the future, but your items will be stored at any guild outpost.

New Ilithi outpost - sometime "soon" - There will be a new trading outpost somewhere near Shard, which is going to be in an area which is not currently released (so quit guessing Horse clan and the cabin up in gargoyles!)

Financeable outposts - sometime "soon" - There will be 1 new financeable furrier and 1 new financeable outpost. One will be in Therengia and one will be on Aesry. Godrich would not say which was which.

Counter-marking ability - Conception stages only - As you may know from the boards, Godrich is working on rewriting a certain Thief sizing-up ability, and his intention is to include some sort of way for Traders to focus on disguising how many coins they have in their pockets for a short amount of time.

Secret Codes - Some point in the future - This would be a shared ability between Traders and another certain guild which may or may not have a reason for being secretive. There will be different levels of codes that Traders (and another guild) can learn, and Traders can also try to break the codes written by the other guild. Writing codes will teach scholarship, and breaking codes which are a challenge to your skill will teach more scholarship.

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