Various Seminar Notes

None of these panels generated enough notes to warrant a page of their own.

Shift Seminar

Shift requires three things:

Theoretically something could be shifted to anything else--dragon, mountain, forest, etc.

There are no teachers for shift currently.

Some say Jomay was one of the first to shift, some say she was one of the last ones to do it. Either or both could be true or false.

Rakash shifted in one form get hit in the other form in some way because of limitations in the current system. These will get fixed in DR2.

Shift is not illegal because the Guildleaders don't want it to be known to exist. And if there is a law against it, it is known.

The dissolution of the Imperial Healers' guild was done because the leader went insane and started spreading disease, deformities, chaos. The empath guild was formed in part to protect the empaths. Jomay was(is) an Imperial Healer.

Shift help is not likely to change because there is no one to change it.

Premium Seminar Notes

6th-year LTB is a tent on the pier in Crossing open all the time.

7th-year LTBs are in development.

Languages Seminar Notes

The Elves on Mer'Kresh and M'riss have been at odds with the S'kra for ages and ages. One of their words in their particular dialect is an apostrophe, but literally translates to S'Kra hiccup.

Gor'Tog language will be released as part of HSN.

All racial languages will hopefully, possibly, not probably, all be out by the end of the year.

Gnomes speak Gnomish Gorbesh, which doesn't deal with the endings that normal Gorbesh does.

Alterations and Weddings Seminar Notes

Read the guidelines. Enough said.

Alterers won't alter the root noun of the item.