Ok I finally got back and you guys need tochill its giong to be awesome.

Berserkers will be able to Stack at Higher Levels

Meditations Will stack

Meditations can go hand in hand with Dances fairly early(stackable)

at 180th

You can Dance Dragon, Do two berserkers and like 2 or 3(maybe more) meditations

and you are complaining its 180th?

Berserkers will last LONGER as in, it will be possible to berserker 24/7 like with dances.

There will be a Berserker like the one we currently have, however I believe one THAT powerful, which it is, will not be a 2nd circle berserker.

Berserkers Will have odd perks

You can only see 3 things while in some berserkers #1 Things to kill #2 people #3 Red (and when I say those 3 things, I mean litterally ONLY those 3 things) (so yes all WM's will dress in Red to be Camo style when a barb Berserks, I kid.)

Some berserkers you won't be able to retreat.

Some you cannot sheath a weapon

Some You will not see room descriptions OR Avaiable exits.

Some You will NOT be able to talk only spit, hiss, stomp, grunt etc.

There will be some berserkers that will allow you to talk, see rooms without blood etc. (higher levels)

dancing has faster engagment incorporated into them NOW, but they are waiting for another system or somthing I Forgot, oops.

Meditations WIll be stackable, I beleive berserkers will be aswell at higher levels(not sure).

Meditations will not draw off of IF I beleive (?) I think a concentration type pool.....I could be wrong I forgot aswell.

barbarians will have Shild bashing perks

Barbarians will have Duel Wielding perks

Roars will not be less then 10 Circles to choose one.

Re-Affirming that there will be no hall of rechoosing.

Now mages get a spell every 3 circles, think about it....

every 10 a roar

every 8 a med

ever 10-15 a dance

every 10 or whatever for a berserker

it's going to even out folks when we get all this new stuff (and no those ARE NOT the correct circles to get each ability just throwing random numbers so you can see that 10/3 = 3.33, which is what mages get, aside from AP so its a little more like 4. NOw we're going to be alot closer to that with abilities when these all come out so shut your mouth and go Kill something because we are going to rock, except for the Stupid crap they are doing with Warrior mages and Forging...and gah whatever.

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