Since noone else posted, I thought I would throw out a few bits, bites, or bytes from the Trader con meeting.

Things being worked on, in various stages are:

Trading houses- a higher level trader will establish a house and bring in other traders. There will be transferring of goods within the realms hopefully in some sort of vault system and banking system. There is a possibility that market certificates can be utilized more with the trading houses.

Contracts will be to the shops rather than the outposts. The clerk will give you a contract of swords that needs to be delivered to Milgrym (sp) instead of outpost to outpost. Then you will return to the clerk for another order.

Younger traders will have contracts in Crossings to start out rather than having to run to Dirge, etc.

Commodities are being rewritten and will be more realistic. Warehouses will have thier own perks or hits...such as spoilage, stealing of goods, mice, etc.

An almanac is being replace spellbooks for traders. Each of your outposts will have a page that you will need to buy and it will teach scholarship as well as imformation that traders will need about each area.

Trading with ships is in the planning.

Those are a few of the things that I remember that sounded exciting. Disclaimer: I don't remember which after the houses and contracts are in what stages of planning, I'm a terrible note taker and the seminar was full of discussion.


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