Barbarian Seminar

I feel very positive about our barbarian guild coming development. Skori's real life has settled down and he can devote more time to bringing us pain. All guild gurus are writing a mission statement on what is a barb. I will be posting later on my thoughts.

This came out of the State of Elanthia meeting. The you can now control your own training comment made at 30th will have some teeth added to it. Every guilds requirement's will change to be a small set of core skills that require ranks per level and a general requirement based on bits per rank (think of how the Music Lore break-up worked 100 music lore but end up with 75 ranks of percussion and 75 of vocal). You will need (pick a number) 25,000 experience points in survival. You could get this by moving 3 survival skills from 400 to 402 or moving 2 survival skills from 0 to 75 ranks. Total bits required being the same. I am sure someone explained it better.

I will post barb related items in the specific folders. With more details but here is a taste.

Combat meeting cliff notes:

Engagement change. Retreat will take time like advancing but Flee will be added. Barbs and palies(?) will get rush so you knock them over rather than running away.

Shield bash for HSN. Maybe HWN. Will use shield attributes for the attack.

Brawling armor coming. Knee spicke, Helmet spike and the like.

Armor messaging change to show what really will happen

Dual weild. SOon, rather than soon or SOON.

Send in suggestions for Pommel strike.

Feint jab, feint draw and the like will be added as a non damaging fake then an attack.

Conter attack will happen based on some skill (parry?) So that you instantly attack a creature you parry.

Disarm creature will be coming. You can pick up the weapon if he does not pick it up in X seconds.

The fact that a barbarian or a paliden has a mark means no more than a thief's fake... Never mind.

The cliff notes version, Barb meeting:

The steel wall will be readyt by HWN for Charlie and other barbs to mark.

New berserks by HSN. These will follow the pattern of dances and the last one will come out at 180th circle. 80th berserk out of a dance. 180 berserk while dancing. Trainer required after 30th ish circle.

Whirl wind attack in the works. Hit everything at Meele.

Meditations are in the works. Send suggestions.

Ask Skori about falconing and their eating familiars (kidding but I have hopes)!

Adjustments to some roars possible since the change to how balance effects combat has changed. NEVER a 'Chamber of Forgetfulness' for roars. Choose carefully.

Might have to fight for circle. A creature of about = rank. Every 10th cricle or randomly every now and again. If you lose, try again later. Still in the works.

Weapon Forging.. I am not ready to talk about that.

Master Wea.... Strife Magdar Bluefletch of M'Riss.

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