Updates and bug fixes are fixed in DR2 but they will not be changing them in DR's present state. (What all "updates and bugs" entails, I dunno.)

BMR adjustments have been done and still being monitored for future arse kickings.

Will be/have/going, to talk Barb people about MR.

Bugs with fear based enchantes.

New enchantes being released. Both are currently close to being done.(Soon)

We know that Pride is a fear based enchante, but what's the point of having it then when we have no feasible fear system?

If I understood correctly, the Sentinels will indeed be opened and the Pride will actually have a use. There was mention as well that a person will be stationed there to advance those on the island that don't frequent seeing guildleaders.

I got the impression the area/quest involved would not be easy involving the Sentinels. I think anyway, I get confused. I didn't write too much about this down, overall feeling was it was gonna be big though.

Other DR2 updates; Instrument difficulty & upkeep and play. Updates only, not the new play system.

No more leaving from the front room of the guild by the guildleader to do an enchante, sing, play, or teach. However, the mana will still remain the crap that it is, so enchantes are moot. :)

Stuff working on before/after DR2. (I got the timeframe of when confused)

Instrument creation, you say? Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus. :)
Creation is close to being finished which is good, cause it's the first step needed in sentient instruments. The process is; instrument creation, bonding, and then sentience.

I'm really fuzzy about what sentience is, so I'll not go into that much other then to say that it's gonna be big too. There will be a quest to get it and it involves using recall.

Instrument refurbishing.
Mind is sketchy here but I think it was about being able to polish and fix instruments..in whatever way bards do.

Instrument Storage.
I didn't understand this one at all, but I guess it's a storage system for your instruments. They are taken care of while stored, don't become quite so dirty. I'm guessing it's like a mini vault for instruments, so you change around your instruments at random times with ease.

Mmm. I still don't get this one. I already carry an instrument case with the instruments I use. I don't understand how having another vault type of thing for instruments only - that I still have to travel to get to from wherever I happen to be when the idea of changing my instruments comes over me in the first place - is going to help me as a bard wishing to advance in the guild. The idea is neat and I like it, just not something I see myself using. Of course its possible I totally misunderstood this topic, but if not, see above. :)

100th Quest - Being worked on, awaiting requirement changes as well. Currently 2 bards at 99th right now waiting.

This was interesting I thought; P5.

P5 was the stronghold for Dragon Priests so the area is very rich in bardic history. Bards in hiding back in the day actually seemed to choose living right IN the same vicinity of their killers. It was thought, what better place to hide but right in death's embrace...mmm such drama. Sounds fun though, be interesting to see how it works out.

Mmm, ok. I think that's about it and I'm tried of writing.

Enjoy, discuss.


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