Mozzik's 'First Day of Seminars' Notes

This is a summary of all Con notes from today as well as chants with a varity of GMs. They were collected by myself, and many others. Sorry for them being in a rather random order, I just complied them in the order I was given them. I'll polish it up for a more clean post on Tyrathia and Eldrad's websites later. I'll keep you informed as more come along as usual. This should be my only post of the night on these since I'm about to head back to the partying and usual randomness of Simucon. Make of them what you will.


Good news for Moon Mages! GM censored has been let loose on the public. Somewhat surprisingly, his name is GM Censored. (Who suggested that, anyhow?)

Also in GM news, Veyl has agreed to become the new lead GM for thieves... urm Commoners.

One second RT added to PREPARE verb.

Crystal Spike effectiveness to be reviewed. However, the EXP bug has been found.

Paladins to get armor enchanting.

Stalking and stealing to come under Core Mechanics before the end of HSN.

Passerby may now be "silenced".

Yaks to teach animal lore, required to properly lead caravans. 100 animal lore required for caravans.

Thieves may use runes again.

Death timer will continue to count down while logged off to prevent cheesy tactics.

Rare metals will again be dropped by critters

Sand Dragon to return. However, it may not be in a good mood.

To reduce server load, max inventory is being lowered to 250 items for all characters. Note for Moon Mages: Shadow Servants count in your personal inventory load. This change does not effect trader boxes.

If the above measure does not reduce server load enough, vault sizes may be shrunk, and items may potentially be lost from this action.

Item stealing live. Homes and Vaults not safe. Note: Theft priority is gems then coins then random items.

Lavender heals vitality, if mixed correctly. Check rumor system for details.

Missing legs will add RT to movement.

Weapon Enchanting will be live before the end of June.

ALL Climbing will now have an RT.

With enough skill one may now avoid the stun after climbing undergondola. Yes you can actually learn to avoid that mud puddle. My head thanks them for this too.

Bubba to get married at Vegascon

New mounts to be released including camels, elephants, war mammoths (must be caught by 100+ ranger), and for small races enslaved gor'togs (May have downsides)

Moon Mages to predict on gambling systems to increase income. There are you happy now mages?

TKS tweaked to be a non-suck area TM spell.

Clerical Branding to return.

Racial Shifting. Wings will also be an option in DR2. Flight however will not be.

Undead healing live, ask the island leader to start the quest. Note, one of the people involved dislikes females elves, might be wise to bring bribes. This WILL affect non corporial undead.

Thieves and Traders will be able to bribe guildleaders for advancement. This will be the only way to advance to post 99th circle..

Tides changed to reflect three moons. PC boat owners beware.

Backstab and Berserk adjusted for globals caps.

Murder now punishable by death, executed once per murder since last arrest.

The crossing pillary will be replaced by a chopping block. Urchin expect to take up new profession. Heads will be for sale in TF, as LB/LT weapons. Elothean heads will be HT. Necromancers will be able to purchase heads in prime, though this will likly out them.

Vocal skill to now matter. Discussion of new training techniques to take place in future. To clarify, massive scrolling through public singing IS consent.

Multiclassing between guilds to be allowed in near future. Thieves will be required to earn appropriate titles, including magic guilds. Thieves will still be unable to use spells unless they wish to loose Khri abilities. Bubba seemed very excited about the multiclassing potential.

Seacaves will always be open for premiums, and may select the exit they prefer. This is to make up for the lack of perks they've gotten latly, particullarly with previews.

Crystal Shards to reactivate for the summer, but no new shards to be dropped.

Fallen to invade prime.

Transfer of Charecters to TF from Prime to be allowed. One way only!

Crossbow and bow strings will now randomly snap. More user strength will result in more wounds when this occurs. Note string instruments will have this added assuming no large bug crop up.

JJ to be new introductory MM enchantment in all versions.

Paladins to get bless.

Cross-guild scrolls may now be perm learned, though at a high TDP cost.

New rare, valuable, items added to excavations in Throne City including rare metals and magical artifacts. These should already be live, but are not very common of course. Keep digging!

Ratha to get new tier.

Thief disguise to come soon.

All guards to be updated to superguards within the next two months.

Aesry to get lifts in place of those godawful stairs.

Crossing Temple expanded.

"Birds" find new nest in Haven.

Bomb making will be live with DR2 to be Ranger only.

Outcasts introduced as new race.

New Ferdahl to be selected from PCs, note this is of course an Elothean only position. No shifting to match features, the GMs promise they'll know.

Hide at melee reopened to all guilds. Moon Mages with Shadows will be able to do this with any level of hiding skill.

Taisidon to be added as perminent fixture in plat only, including quest prizes. PC only boats will be able to reach it.

Pirates to be new subclass for thieves. WIll be released first in TF and plat.

Pirates to get pet talking parrots. May potentially out you as a thief. *SQUAK!* "Your bonus is trashed!" *SQUAK!*

Due to holy aspect of blackfire, blackfire scrolls will be opened to clerics as well.

P6 under dev as Outcast homeland. Ousted Elotheans expect to take up ownership. Due to this, P5 may be slightly delayed.

Muspar'i will soon have new passages released. Due to the nature of this release when it occurs it wll not be announced. Since the passages are dug in sand... there is a chance of learning escape while using them.

Spellbook merchant returning at low low markup of 1000%. Necromantic spellbooks to be new feature. Repairs wills not be offered, due to cost cutting measures on the part of the merchant.

Training multiple armors at once has been removed due to game balance issues.

Alcohol now causes vitality and spirit damage. Except dwarves, they are immune to this and will infact recover fatigue.

Rez is live, you just have to find it. Ask Moon Mages for event predictions for clues.

Depart locations randomized to encourage ressurections.

Rez updated to work on horse and critters. Familiars however cannot be raised due to their elemental nature.

New casino to be build on Pokemon beach.

Trader Reqs to be released.

Bards to get MIDI interface for Stormfront

Foraging for living plants will now cause empathic shock. Foraging is still a requirement.

New Plant Lore requirement for empaths (Helps in finding dead plants)

GMNPCs to be forced to follow consent rules.

Survival and Lore to be swapped in warrior mage skill sets (making survival secondary).

Necromancers have been live for a month, but after no one joined, GMs investigated and found passage to guild entrance was accidently closed. This has now been fixed.

Escape requierment added for barbarians.

Apu to be promoted to wandering guildleader. No he still won't be allowed to circle to 100th. Ask him about SKILL for a new trader ability.

Shard to be renamed to Raguglu'i'i'liqaeshaen'. Improper pronounciation or abbreviation of the name consider high crime by Outcasts.

Due to success of Outcast Visa program, other provinces expected to mimic program in near future expect to pay highly for the use of new Visa's.

POCs open to all guilds, but cost incredible amounts of plats, effectivly limiting them to Traders only.

Rust added as realistic feature for metal weapons and armor. See forgers for repairs.

Clerical 100th level ability to call for divine intervention, but only once a month and costs 10 favors. It's worth it, trust me. Unless you picked Glythtide, in which case you will be drunk for the duration, but you won't care that your face is being smashed in.

GG updated to work with Infusion. This may have combat implications.

Stats tied to aging. Aging will still not be a cause of death however.

Molting implimented for S'kra. Don't worry, Rakash while in moonskin, and Prydaens will shed. Watch out for hairballs.

If bitten by a Rakash while they are in moonskin, there is a small chance of a surprised during the next full moon.

Rakash may want to avoid silver.

Crossbow RT will be reduced with skill and strength. Crossbows may also be used as LB or HB depending. Rangers and Barbarians only may duel load Crossbows.

Tailed races will be able to triple wield. This will be a seperate skill from duel wield, and the "tail" weapon must be LE/LB or whip (may use whip unarmed, but beware tail wounds).

Traders given ability to do alterations at high levels.

Tipping mandatory for resurrections (If you do not have the coin on you, it will be taken from your bank account or added to your local debt). Minimum tip of 1 plat.

Pokemon Beach to be next newbie spawning area. Area improvements to facilitate this to come.

Angiswaerds discovered to be intelligent. This cannot lead to anything good.

Literacy introduced. Signs and menus will have a small requirement.

New pickable doors added to most jails. (note you still can't pick your way out of LO)

If trained by the right person, lockpicks may now be smuggled into jails.

Sixth passage added.

Samatak added to alchemy system.

No steal/No Hide/No magic zones may be overcome with incredible levels of skill.

Horse healing will be live very soon. However horse damage is still in the discussion level.

Familiar killing finally live. This includes crossbow bolts, thumping (any guild) and in the case of barbarians or "barbarians"... eating.

Shadowlings may now cause bleeders.

Being swallowed by your Shadow Servant will teach escape.

Infection has been removed due to public outcry. The messaging may still be in place, if you see this please post.

Focus Moonbeam now does something. However I've yet found what this is.

Crossing zoo and Horse Clan aviary to close soon due to lack of funding, and general wear and tear on the animals.

Horses now flammable. Note since horse damage isn't live, the horse will not actually take damage. Just burn. Mounted riders may wish to take note.

PC skinning now live in all instances.

Tanners to introduce new patterns, includy "Fuzzy kitty belts". New pointly sling pattern for sale.

Special "gnomish" spiked armor to be sold at gnomish village (also to be released soon). Note this armor is not alcoholic.

Gnomes will be used as LB/LT but only by Gor'togs, Kaldar and (secret race). Gnomes learn brawling from this manuever.

Logging out on boats is now considered mech abuse. To prevent massive LO if you log out on a ship you will be thrown overboard. If at a dock you will stay there. If at sea, hope that you have a lot of swimming. No more then that Nimmo.

Cambrinth inlaid sentient instruments.

Kssarh may be bribed for promotions, though the nature of this bribe may upset a certain mage's guild.

Empathic shock able to be worked off with weapon skill.

Bins added to Muspar'i and Aesry.

Lockpick carving opened to all guilds except Rangers. Names added back in.

Bagpipes to be first sentient instrument. After aquiring one, it will be able to "awaken" other instruments.

Yak tipping released.

Mech lore split and creation systems canned - High level items on randomly spawned high level critters and hidden shops

Pregnancy live. If you don't know, perhaps I shouldn't be the one to tell you.

"Combine" verb expanded to support new features.

Sheep added to TF

Meadow Rams find a new use in TF. This may teach mech lore.

Whining to be added as new thief skill (This will be grandfathered) to help lower fines and distract guards or potentially critters.

New war announced, even bigger then the Outcast war! Gorbesh may or may not be involved. Pureblade may or may not involved.

All last names removed for fairness.

Origami envelops pulled due to minor typo. Will be returned when Teeklin shuts up.

Janitor is now lootable.

Companion/Familiar/Contacts exhange program to be joint guild venture.

Invisibility renamed to "squint real hard, and you should see me."

Simu to close webpage to save money. Eldrad's will become main loggin site for DR.

Stormfront now includes pop ads. Email Bubba to place an ad.

Platinum for sale through Simu at the low low cost of $1 per platinum.

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