Notes on focus on death, spells, and much else can be found in last years notes.

Quests to circle, entirely quest driven guild. To be specific... a Rigby Quest(tm) every circle. Good luck... you'll gunna need it!

Favors will not be immortal based beyond a certain point, that point when you've finally embraced necromancies, mostly likely this point will be when you raise your first Risen.

Deaths and Favors are being custom written for necromancers to make IC sense.

"I don't want to know about to rubbing your Risen" - Mozzik to Pomae

Lassartha (Or however you spell his name) will be the first guildleader, and he's totally coded, though he's looking for pre-exp change reqs right now.

Risen are the primary thing that has not yet been coded.

The 1st quest, (At 1st circle presumably) is a quest to learn to now blow your arms off when using necromancies and sorceries (though not Blackfire and Feral magic).

Corrosive Touch, and Death Sense are coded and just need a little refinement.

Just to be clear, Necromancers cannot heal with scarification.

For a quick review:
1) Death Sense is PP based and lets you sense nearby corpses
2) Corrosive Touch decays items based on skill that you are holding.
3) Rot Stop prevents the auto decay of corpses.
4) Eyes of the Dead let you see through the eyes of someone as soon as they die at expense of your own sight.
5) Carrier Tongue lets you speak through the mouth of someone who is recently dead at the cost of speaking yourself. (Hey clerics! Raise me! RAISE ME! LALALALALALALALALALA!)

When everything is coded for necromancers up to 20th they will be released. Advancement is not intended to be swift at all...

Based on that Commoners will not be jumping 10-20 circles, there will be quests at each level holding them back, some of those may be quite time consuming (Making enough notes in your little black book of horrors on something seems to be the most common theme in these low level quests). Or the Guildleaders may just not wish to impart this much knowledge to someone at once and make them go practice what they have for awhile.

Should you try and shortcut your training by taking sloppy notes, or otherwise not pleasing the guildleader when you present your book to him to advance (I believe 15th circle is the last book quest) they won't hand it back to you and say "Could you fix this and this?" they'll instead shred it, throw the pieces at you, and inform you to start over on the series of book quests.

The first Risen will be possible at 20th level and will be the humanoid template.

As it stands the reqs are this, but note it's overall not accurate since it's being updated for the new exp system, but it's a close approximation for the first 30 circles other then perhaps that mech lore/alchamy one... I think one of these (Skinning or Evasion?) was suppose to drop off but I don't have it marked.

According to Valdrik "Let me just say you will be actually a different individual when you join the guild" but when asked he said this was refering more to favors then to skills... though the more he talked about it, it was unclear if he was refering to "joining the necromancers" as in the guild or "joining the necromancers" as in crossing that line by making a Risen.

Almost 100% of Rigby's GM time is spent coding Necromancers right now.

Some Risen templates will be able to double as a vault.

While it will be possible to have multiple Risen, anymore then 2 are going to be incredibly straining on the necromancer.

The mana will work like mana for other room based guilds (You'll sense Arcane mana and it may or may not be linked to the mana types already there for a variety of reasons).

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