OK i take crappy notes so sue me.

first and foremost, the Beseech are being made to use a seperate pool. All beseeches will have align.

Animal lore will be open to all guilds, but rangers will be learning it as a primary skill since it is a guild defining ability.

Companions we will have 3 tiers of companions, starting off you will have to have a racoon and then move your way up the companion ladder as a fox, then a wolf, the 3 tiers will be Mammals/Birds/ Insects, snakes, paklin mentioned, Hawk and Boa.

Companions will have personalities (example some will be grumpy and harder to train and so in exchange you might learn more). They will have diffrent colors. They will be able to fight with you. Each companion will have a special skill that they won't tell us. At higher levels you will be able to get companions that are Mountable (ride them).

Hopefully they said you'll be able to study companion and tell who they are from.

He mentioned two spells for HSN (don't hold ya breath). For those curious he mentioned (well i begged and pleaded) and he said the crossing registar has 8 skills total and it isn't a repeat of the other skills from the other guild halls.

P5 is a long way off folks, so its simu soon. They did say its going to have the mother of all ranger guilds and Paglar is guild leader.

Ssra was there (great guy) spoke about ranged, said rangers should get a bonus to the hangback skill when it comes out. also said he's working on a escaping skill. he's going to work the disengagement system, People will be able to retreat but will get a round time, but there will be other options such as rush or break out or flee it will use escaping.

Fletching skill will not be using TDPs (well all careers won't) there will be a CDP carreer developement points that you get when you accomplish tasks within the hall you choose. Bows will be changed over, you will be able to fletch comp bows and crossbows. all woods have properties on them Flex, residance, Hardness and so forth, so some bows will be good for hitting harder and faster and so forth, combinations will be available. RT is derived by drawweight (material used). Derives stats by weight and wood. Bows will be completley variable.

Ambush will teach hiding.

Snare ability where we will use a piece of rope and tie up a critter and or person, we can use it to learn hiding and stalking on critter.

Arrows slice arrows doing more damage while lodged in the critter, but removing initial damage when it hits, so sort of a damage over time thing.

Well thats all i can remember. Hope that was correct i was pretty drunk still.

Nimmo "Cabana Boy"/ Cleric Starscyth Master Rejuver

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