Ssra's Simu Thief Notes


Risek and I are working on Ratha passages. Expect a nifty way to learn climbing and escaping once we're in DR2. He's working on the passages themselves [doing a very awesome job] and I'm working on the systems stuff [climbing and escaping]. The climbing/escaping setup will be unique and a tool that the Worlds Team can later use throughout the game.


  1. Ambush will utilize core stealth mechanics
  2. You will be able to target specific areas
  3. It will default to the "attack" verb for positive balance maneuvers
  4. Full brawling integration
  5. Hiding vs. Perception -- Hit bonus added based on success level
  6. Ambush will modify thief [and receive a bonus] from thief confidence
  7. Better utilization of combat mechanics
  8. Dual wield compatibility

Currently ambush teaches non-thieves nothing. When ambush 2.0 is out [expect it in DR2] everyone will learn hiding from the act of ambushing. It will teach about the same as the act of hiding itself. For you this means you'll be able to get your "5 attempt limit" with fewer repetitions. Instead of hide and ambush x 5 you can achieve the same amount of hiding EXP you learn now but with approximately half (60%) the time investment. Thieves will learn backstab via targeting specific areas with backstab. Backstab ranks will work to reduce the specific area target penalty.

[Ambush Help taken from development -- incomplete but gives you an idea.]

>ambush help

You must be hidden or invisible and engaged with a target in combat to perform an ambush. Ambush is a stealth contest based on attacker's hiding skill vs. defender's perception skill. Ambush will add a hit bonus to your attack based on the success of the stealth contest.




AMBUSH - Ambushes your current target defaulting to the 'ATTACK' verb.
AMBUSH BASH - Ambushes your current target with a bash.
AMBUSH BACK - Ambushes your current target's back defaulting to the 'ATTACK' verb.
AMBUSH GOBLIN - Ambushes a goblin defaulting to the 'ATTACK' verb.
AMBUSH THRUST GOBLIN LEFT HAND - Ambushes a goblin targeting the left hand with a thrust.

Valid Options:
Slice Feint Thrust Jab Chop
Lunge Bash Sweep Draw Slap
Punch Kick Elbow Gouge Claw

- Will remain by-in-large the same.
- Backstab contest

- Brawling requirement and contest removed
- Will function with impact type weapons as well as thief shop items
- Backstab contest

Will thief ambush moves teach weapons? No. Ambush is a stealth contest and at no point are weapon skills contested. I feel there is no justification for weapons EXP.

New Ambush Maneuvers
I'm working on two new ambush maneuvers that will be released at the discretion of the guilds team. Note: The new moves may not be complete with the initial ambush release so don't go nuts if they're not out at the same time. ;)
Throw any powdered substance, dirt, sand, etc. in a target's eyes to impose a perception penalty. I'm tossing brawlers a bone here since I removed brawling EXP and contest from coldcock. With sufficient brawling skill [approximately 200 ranks] you will be able to gouge at the eyes to impose the same penalty. It will not contest brawling but simply check for minimum skill requirement. Once you meet the minimum brawling requirement the option to gouge the eyes [rather than toss dirt, etc.] will become available to you. [Thief]

Non-damaging maneuver used to bind a target with a rope or wire. [Ranger/Thief]


-- You will be able to specify gems or coins

-- Snake eyes are going away.

-- [Tentative] Thieves who are very skilled at stealing will be able to steal locked boxes. Bob picks up an Adan'f box and Momus steals it. Should be a hoot. [grin]

-- As a thief gains skill they will tend to grab silver instead of copper, platinum instead of gold. The same goes for gems. They will tend to steal rubies rather than glass pebbles.

-- Defense against stealing will evaluate perception and stealing skills taking the higher of the two as the primary defense factor.

Important facts to consider:

1) Stealing is obviously getting an upgrade. Expect Paladins to get some nifty tools to make your life miserable. Scare you? Heh. Maybe not miserable but you'll certainly have to think about it when a Paladin is around. Mark will be your friend.

2) With the removal of snake eyes there are cases where there will be absolutely no risk of failure in shops. Be aware that the removal of snake eyes will result in a complete evaluation of how often you can steal from shops and how experience is rewarded.

Overall, when it's all said and done, I think you'll be pleased. Don't freak out on me. Work with me on it and in the end it will be better for everyone in the game. I'll be working very closely with the thief team on this one.


We're looking into a couple possible methods of having backstab appear to be "ambush thrust" to onlookers. More on this as we delve into the code. CMS [combat messaging system] is a real beast so no promises. However, be aware this is something we want to do.

Hope you're looking forward to the future as I am.



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