Enchanting Valdrik

Forget everything about enchanting

provide an in depth system for warrior mages that was promised years ago
provide a more guild-specific method for warrior mages to satisfy their lore reqiurements
to add more depth to DR through the intro of player-crafted magic weapons

  • Will involve new ability: elemental attunement
  • Theories and Premises


    Difficulty stratification

    sigil - gives the magical energy an identity
    nexus runes - pattern in the sigil, describes behavior of enchantment


    sigils and runes are learned oin a temporary basis by meditating on a source of elemental power
    given time the enchanter will learn a sigil varying complexity based on the power of the elemental base
    to learn a nexus rune will use the pattern sight ability wich is one of the abilities in the elemental attunement list
    the enchanter must study a spell pattern and given time the nexus rune will manifest itself

    supplies and ingredients
    forged or store-bought, it makes no difference.
    etching supplies. sigils and runes are etched onto the weapon during the process
    proper elemental essences that have been gathered using siphon spell
    extra ingredients that may be required by the specific enchantment


    Gathering elemental essences

    It's important that the enchanter starts etching as soon as he or she has memorized all the sigils and runs needed.
    Need a damage free weapon
    once the enchanter is ready can pre-mark pattern on the weapon
    after the patter in etched onto the weapon is cleaned, metal shavings can contaminate the end product.

    Two ways to add various ingredients to the pattern
    essences lose potency over time

    embedding or infusing the pattern into the weapon
    the last step
    Mend spell
    the more complex the sigil and the manner in which the igil is etched into the weapon all determine how much the weapon is damaged.
    the mend spell is better cast once to mend as much as possible rather than repeat.

    permanent enchants will be rare
    will have charges or require powering of some sort
    option to to add ground up cambrinth or gaethzen to the pattern
    siphon some of the enchanter's attunement
    using enchanted weapons

    the pattern will slowly fade and eventually disappear
    this strips all enchantment info from it leaving you with a normal ordinary weapon that can be reenchanted

    Miscellaneous other beans to spill
    size does matter.
    armor enchanting is not included
    Cambrinth weapons are already functioning in DR2

    elemental arcana will be learnable before final release.

    first release will likely be two new spells. This will allow time to get the spell slots necessary.
    Then follows elemental attunement stuff so you can learn EA

    Runesmithing is a separate thing altogether.

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