Tyrathia's 'First Day of Seminars' Notes

I'm losing my voice, limping and exhausted and going to find some FOOD as soon as these are posted.

I didn't necessarily agree or disagree with any of these, but decided to give the GMs the rest of Simucon and the other seminars to convince me one way or the other. Do with the information what you will.


What's the blast range of a mango smoothie?


CRS is being reworked as it has been judged too powerful.

Clerics will be getting Target spells vs. living.

Thieves will be able to use runes again.

The Aether familiar is a sparrow.

Critters will drop rare metals again.

Bloodlust will be coming back.

The ghost will no longer support the ropes on the gondola on random occasions in protest of King Raenilar's murder of the Ferdahl.

Forage careful will be removed entirely.

Olvi will be able to roll their own cigars.

Digging will create holes. This will teach mech lore. Note: holes may cause leg injuries if left lying about. Please pick up your holes when you're done.

Pommel bashing will be released.

All pawnshops will be closed indefinitely while the pricing scale is looked at.

GM Rodrigo has reconsidered and will not allow shield to be used as secondary armor.

If you have enough perception you will be able to find thief passages and ranger trails.

There will be bandits on the north trade route.

Thumping familiars will be coming back based on animal lore.

Weapon Enchanting will be out next Monday.

All creation systems will be scrapped.

Traders will be rolled into the Paladin's Guild to simplify the sale of justice.

The Empath's Guild is being disbanded and combined with the Barbarian's Guild.

Empaths will be able to hunt undead starting Tuesday.

Capped weapons will only be available from hidden and guarded shops.

Empaths will require 3 ranks of Target Magic per circle if they choose to hunt undead.

Paladins will require 2 ranks of stealing per circle.

Ranger animal trapping will be out next Friday.

Moon Mages will only be allowed utility spells.

Bardic Hypnotic Chant and other combat chants will be out next Friday.

Ressurrect will be out tomorrow.

37 GMs will be resigning over the next two weeks.

3 GMs will be finishing training next month.

The Mentors' Program is being eliminated except in Plat.

All GHs are being transferred to the Fallen.

All Clerics are invited by King Raenilar to participate in a mass effort to ressurrect the late Ferdahl Kukulakai.

Climbing and swimming can only be learned in combat areas, and you cannot be holding weapons or shields at the time you are training.

All stairs will act like the Crossing Temple or Aesry stairs.

Rakash will now be able to transmit lycanthropy while in moonskin.

Brawling is being rewritten to simulate WWE tactics. Bodyslams will be the prefered attack mode. Bitchslapping will be added.

Halflings will have access to two new weapons: sweet and sour tarts.

The Olvi have gotten three new racial champions: Larry, Mo, and Shemp.

Bards have acquired two new GMs: Harpo and Chico.

Moon Mages have gotten their new GMs: Bud + Lou. They are still arguing about who's on first.

Togball update: It's been discovered that we've been getting all wrong. It was the togs who were the balls and the gnomes that played.

Due to the influx of bugs in DR2, all Prydaen must now wear flea collars.

Raenilar is going to be evicting Melear at the end of the week.

Empaths will have to fish at least once a week. However, they will be able to use nets to catch them humanity.

Eating on a regular basis will now be required.

Shifting Race is now in QC.

Shifting has been declared a non-issue. Do as you will with it.

Player-to-Player tattooing has been approved.

AFK scripting will be allowed, but only two hours a week. It is now also considered consent.

Holy magic will be merged with moon magic.

Schools of magic will be rolled in at the end of the month.

Permanent moongate portals between major cities will be opened within 3 weeks.

Vault size has been increased to 1500 items per character.

DR2 is going live on Monday. There will be a 5000 kronar charge to transfer characters from DR to DR2 in all instances.

Wednesday will be the first annual bakeoff.

Player owned shops will be in by next Friday.

Crossing rooftops will be open next Saturday.

The only way to learn stealing will be CvC. Shops will no longer be stealable.

DR and GS are merging.

Only traders will be able to sell bundles to the tanners.

Players will have to reject their own alterations.

Piercing will be introduced next week.

2 days after the con there will be 2 new sets of peccarries that will teach all the way from bristlebacks to 150th circle.

Stealth is being rewritten. Again.

Backstabbing is being opened to all guilds.

All guilds will be able to carve lockpicks.

The Crossing Moon Mage Guide Observatory will be closed.

Kssarh's on vacation. Reports of him being seen being removed from the guild in a straightjacket are totally unfounded. However, an investigation is now underway as there have been rumors of him being seen on Pokemon beach in a bikini.

Trails will no longer teach scouting.

Fire shard and Gar Zeng will no longer teach TM past 100 ranks

Rangers no longer have access to magic until 10th.

Familiars will no longer be able to carry items.

Snipe will no longer teach hiding.

Disarm will no longer apply to Ranger survival requirements.

Rangers will be required to have a bow type as main weapon.

Loading crossbows will now make clicking noises.

M'riss' volcano is going to erupt and the entire island is going to sink. The Merelew will take over.

Having a thief title will no longer be an applicable offense.

Empaths will be able to switch to the Necromancers Guild at their current circle if they so choose.

Commoners joining the Necromancers guild will be told they must forget their past lives and lose all accumulated skill and TDPs.

Character transfers between Prime and Plat will be available for a surcharge of $200 per character.

Speed of familiar travel will be relative to the animal.

Samatak will be reintroduced.

Random frogs in Haven will grant a spell slot if kissed.

Moon mages will be required to speak shadowling.

Bards are getting songbirds and monkeys.

Barbarians roars will require vocal skill and will be based on intelligence.

Dancing will be introduced as a skill.

In the future players will have diplomacy and will be able to affect politics.

The court system will be changed to player-run judge and jury.

Skipping jury duty is considered mechanics abuse.

Bards will have bonus to lawyer career.

The new guild will be Mages. They use both lunar and elemental magics and will be able to use all spells using both powers.

Crossing superguards will be removed.

Smelly cat will be skinnable.

Smelly cat will be smellable and anyone smelling him will lose board posting privileges.

Passersby will be huntable.

Aesry will be a new starting city.

Ranger companions will be able to hunt people.

Enchant resistance is now based on musical theory.

Player made boats will be out in a month.

Board Monitors will be voted in by the players.

Royce is coming back to control the Trader's Guild.

Instead of releasing elderly companions, Rangers are now required to eat them in order to gain their animal lore from the deceased's knowledge.

Warrior Mages have been approved.

All male warrior mages who now get a GM assisted wedding will have to wear long elothean lace gowns.

All male moon mages who get a GM assisted wedding will be required to wear corsets. French trim is preferable.

Sex changes will now be permitted but will be counted as three items.

Marriages between two familiars will now be possible and will be legally binding for the owners of said familiars regardless of the owners' genders.

Origami stars will now be usable as light thrown weapons. It will be possible to papercut something to death. Finally!

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